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Winter Solstice, S.P.S.R and Snowbanks

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The Time Continuum and Winter Solstice

I’m either rattled, or excited,  perhaps both, rest assured.   December 21st,  Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year passing always does that.   The days get longer from now on, but it’s weird, and I think they're only teasing, the days don't seem to get longer until late January or so.  Maybe it just seems that way, but every year I wonder if somebody got it wrong tripping over snowbanks. That’s a digression. See what happens?  Winter does that.  Winter equinox? To the optimistic, we’ve got winter whupped already.  We won’t waste our time complaining. It’s almost Christmas too!   Merry Christmas everyone!

So —it’s almost Christmas again, and time seems to be going faster and well, faster. Will Santa come faster?   Do you feel it?  Where did this year disappear to?   Last I checked my space-time continuum, the inner metronome was ticking away—you know the  one  keeping 'orderly progression'—and everything seemed to be working normally, but this last couple of months have raced by at an incredible rate. Is the world busted?  Did we  wind some important clocks too tightly?  Is time accelerating? Where are we headed? Strangely enough, that may be a valid question.

Shoppers, and S.P.S.R.  —eh?  What’s that?  

Only a couple of days left before Christmas,  traffic congestion is upon us,  ice everywhere, solid, slippery, nice and cold, -25C (that’s cold  “F” too, but  let’s not go there) parking lots are full, that’s shopper retail-madness enough not only to empty every bank account in North America, but bless everyone with S.P.S.R.  (Shopping Parking-Spot Rage) too. Let's avoid that if possible.  Be nice. Be polite.  Ice, snow,  frozen windshields, crowds, and winter- hurry  causes  short tempers, arguments, slips, falls, minor bumps, and even dents in automotive accessories.  Be careful out there.  So far the sleigh  Lambourghini  ancient Jeep 4x4 is still in one piece, no unintentional major modifications. Yet, that is.

Out in the Wilds -The Snowbanks of Northern Ontario

Piles of snow block, crowd, at times even fill sidewalks completely.    Ladies, shoppers all, sporting  warm and fuzzy faux-fur hats, lug brightly-coloured  packages piled high to their one-horse open sleighs waiting cars. The rushed, the crabby, the  blocked and indignant  squint and peer  through foggy spectacles, sniff and complain, studying the great banks of snow, clearly impediments to a great and speedy spending shopping experience.

After all, northern snow banks, formidable obstacles indeed,  are better left unchallenged wearing dainty boots or shoes. Some people smile with much dignity,shrug, and waste little valuable time complaining.  Seniors trundle their walkers the long way around the same predictable, cold, and unforgiving obstructions they've defeated for decades; quickly, efficiently, without complaint, but rather with wonderful smiles,  purpose and good cheer.

Long-legged younger types wearing snow suits, toques, mittens and Canadian snow boots  (the warm felt-lined kind with grips) are brave enough to take the direct route, up and over, straddle the snowbanks and risk being hung up on the peaks.  Giggling. Laughing all the way. Jingle Bell Rock  fills the air.  Get out the snowboard. Where's the toboggan?  Why not?  After all, we're northerners.  Canadian too. 

Merry Christmas, one and all!


Is that Incoming I hear?

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