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Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol now in PRINT

© by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   GREAT NEWS --another MILESTONE!    Morgidoo is in PRINT! Here at IncomingBytes I'm  always excited when  presented with the opportunity to write about something good, something new, or  announce wonderful milestones and achievements of all sorts. Well, ....this is a special one for which I've been waiting!   I've been holding my breath. Wow!  Bells are ringing.  I wonder why? How much more exciting could life be?  ANY book launch is exciting for both the author and publisher, but it's even more exciting when it's MY own book! 

Thank you, Robin Tidwell at Rocking Horse Publishing-- for having such faith in Morgidoo and his unique story.   See what happens? Our new cover is already approved and Morgidoo's on the move!

[caption id="attachment_2358" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Morgidoo's Christmas Carol cover Artwork in Print Morgidoo's Christmas Carol   Print Edition  -- Cover artwork by Rocking Horse Publishing[/caption]

ROCKING HORSE PUBLISHING  announces The launch of the PRINT edition of


We are MORE than delighted to tell you  that Morgidoo's Christmas Carol will be available at fine bookstores everywhere AND online for your convenience--just in time for Christmas.

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  is also available online in KINDLE eBook format   About  Morgidoo's Christmas Carol Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is a unique Christmas Classic for all ages. Meant to be read by children and adults  alike,  Morgidoo's is an epic Christmas story, but not 'Santa-oriented'.  Based upon an original tale of a legendary bell,  Morgidoos expresses joy, wonder, the incredibly creative imaginations of children, and --just a little magic.  Above all, Morgidoo's celebrates determination, hope, and ultimately, triumph of  the human spirit.  The story begins so long ago, when snow was warm as popcorn.....

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol cover Artwork in Print Morgidoo's Christmas Carol 

© by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

  ISBN  978-0-9910695-1-4

About the Publisher

                 Rocking Horse Publishing is an imprint of:

All on the Same Page Bookstore,

11052 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur, Missouri 63141  U.S.A.


Robin Tidwell, Publisher

Contact:      314-825-6860 publisher@rockinghorsepublishing.com @rockinghorsepub on Twitter www.rockinghorsepublishing.com

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