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New Year Planned… Is YOURS?

©2015 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee     [caption id="attachment_2511" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Happy New Year 2016! Happy New Year 2016![/caption]  

"We'll take a cup of kindness yet, for Auld Lang Syne..."


Is Your New Year Planned?

Wow, no doubt about it,  it is exciting —the end of one year, the chance to start on a  new one—but is your exciting New Year planned?  Really?  It is that time of year again.  Res0lutions, promises, renewals,  parties, dances, celebrations,  decorations, champagne.  Let us all celebrate tossing of the old, tired, and sing, bringing in the new...There.  Done.  That ought to do it.  Pop the bubbly. Sing, hug, have a smooch or two. Enjoy.  Smile.   Here's Auld Lange Syne,  sing it, baby!  Beautiful, isn't it?


Without careful, thoughtful planning, a.k.a.   New Year planned well,  and singing aside,  what will be changed?  The same old, same old.  And perhaps, it seems we are doomed to repeat the same mistake every year.    We all get older,  but are we necessarily becoming wiser in the process?  Once-a-year friends. Once-a-year promises, best wishes, fences mended, destruction of the old in the hope the new shall somehow be a new year planned,  kindness renewed, and we shall  somehow smarter, better, richer, faster, happier, have greater opportunities, more hope, more happiness... Okay...you get the idea, better dreams all around.

The reality is, unless we have worked hard—diligently—gone all out— to have our new year planned —and do the groundwork required for all of the above to coalesce into solid progress and reality,  alas, 2016  is likely to remain more of the same.  Unless we make it so, a new year is unlikely to turn out much different. Not better. Not exciting.  Not encouraging. Not the stuff from which sparkly dreams appear.  It is up to each of us to plan...does that overwhelm you?

No matterThink about it.  For the moment, go outHave fun. Enjoy your friends. Celebrate.  Stay safe.  Promise not to drink and drive.  Decide what you'll do with the next 365-1/4 days.  Recognize that 2016 can be heady stuff!—and then go for it.  Keep in mind, a new year planned well can be an amazing inspiration, —and your dreams and plans can actually become your NEW  reality.

  [caption id="attachment_3635" align="alignnone" width="215"]Thunmbs UP, Happy New Year! Thumbs UP, Happy New Year![/caption]

As for us here at Incoming Bytes, the muse can be pretty convincing at times...so we're going for it.  Happy New Year, everyone! Stay safe!  Let's play Auld Lang Syne again...



      Is that Incoming I hear?  
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Challenge Traditions, Merry Christmas and…

©2015 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee [caption id="attachment_3606" align="alignnone" width="380"]The Author 2015 The Author 2015[/caption]

Challenge Traditions

It seems trendy  to be 'offended'  if individuals wish you the wrong 'Holiday greeting'  and/or  challenge traditions.  We do wonder about that.  Even if it's just an attempt to be traditional and crabbier than old Ebeneezer Scrooge himself,  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  remains our default, standard greeting for December 25th  —every year!    We persist.  So....to everyone........

   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

WE  wish each and every one of  YOU, whoever you may be, wherever you may be --an absolutely happy, safe, warm Merry Christmas, —or whichever Happy Holiday (by definition)  you may choose to substitute,  celebrate, —and/or not celebrate as YOU wish.

Please feel free to wish US  a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well, or "Happy Holidays" in the version, within your understanding of,  within your comfort zone, in the translation of, and in any language you prefer!

Trust us on this, the muse and I shall not be offended.  

Have a heart instead....Have a candy cane. Bring life and your heart back into focus.

[caption id="attachment_3604" align="alignnone" width="394"]Have a heart Have a heart[/caption]

We also wish you a safe and  Happy New Year

Onward and upward, may your dreams materialize, and may the world and civilization itself prosper with peace and goodwill toward all people. May  happiness and understanding  replace the current global instability caused by war, opportunism, greed, fanaticism,  ideology, politics, the  increasing lack of logic,  the surreal and unnecessary wish to challenge tradition and beliefs,  and significantly, the failure to  use common sense.  Most notably, we sense a failure to respect the world itself, the environment,  and all human beings, wherever they may live.

Humanity can do better. That's usEvery one of us. We can do better.  Here at Incoming Bytes we wish the Best of the Season to everyone.

Is that Incoming I hear?

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