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Writing Life: Time Frittered Away

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Somehow, deep in the procrastinating mind we come to a default conclusion it is more satisfying, fun and entertaining to....


Time Frittered Away- Unawares, too...

Every  content-maker, fictioneer, scribbler, keyboarder paperwaster -writer on earth does it. We  eventually realize at some point in time --that a whole hour, day, or week--even a month-- has been frittered away unawares.  By simple distractions. A succinct instinct for self-preservation draws us ever further afield.   Without negligence, per se,  without thought, pre-planning or malice.  Without prejudice or casting negative dispersions on the pressing labour  at hand, which is, for all  interested, composing, creating, and yes indeed, even writing stuff.  Should we be worried? Panic?  Blame writer's block? No. Let us instead contemplate, wink at work in inner peace with a smile and mollify the disturbingly itchy, unrequited urge, nay, the obligation to write something, anything right now.

Where would YOU be?

Sadness may be close at hand --but best ignored--when we discover we could have  been famous,  incredibly rich, more productive to get into practicing a different profession, like brain surgery, dog whispering, pizza delivery, or rocket science, but let's ignore that. We're the driven.  Writer-driven, muse-driven, pen-to-paper-nose-to-the-keyboard-driven,  --the satisfied driven.  Driven Writers R US.  So with satisfaction, let's consider what lost time did to us. In overview, we probably could have written another satisfying paragraph, chapter, blog post, poetic verse, brilliant article  or song.  Somehow, deep in the procrastinating mind we come to a default conclusion it is more satisfying, fun and entertaining to have guests, drink coffee, play with pets, diddle in the garden, sort stuff, or fiddle old songs out in the fog whilst admiring the potatoes growing.   No, actually, fog and serene gardening and potato rows and bagpipes go together better, everyone knows that.

Make a Note of That

I always wanted to learn to play the bagpipes. There's an aside worth thinking about. I'll make a note of that.  1-Get bagpipes, 2-don't forget earplugs.  See?   I get distracted easily, and that's how time frittered away. Well, this morning, that is. No matter. We blog, pause, play with the pups and admire the sunrise on fire  instead. Much better. Today, at least. I smile and hit the keyboard again.  I'm making headway, 'knowing thyself' and all that. #   Is that Incoming I hear? photo by author  ©2013 +
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