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Reversal of Racism or Reverse Racism?

©2015 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee [caption id="attachment_1459" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Mimi & Eunice, “Contribution” Mimi & Eunice, “Contribution”    Yes, we're both white....but our ears are different...[/caption]  

Reverse Racism is Alive and Well in North America

Is your neighbourhood peaceful? No racism, no mask-covered hoodlums  looting, setting malls ablaze, overturning and burning cars, busting glass and trashing businesses of blacks and whites alike, bottles and  rocks being hurled violently at  jack-booted, militarized riot control police? If so, you are fortunate. For the time being. We naively  tend to believe rioting, mayhem, and civil unrest only happens elsewhere.  "That doesn't happen here" comes to mind, but in real life,  civilization  wears a thin veneer of tranquility, a mirage to placate, " to enable good governance, peace, law and order for the establishment and continuation of social order, benefit and economic prosperity".  Great political line, isn't it?  It seems the majority can lulled into believing anything. Increasingly observed, North America is a suffering and broken version of that idyllic image.  Incidents of injustice or call for change, peaceful demonstrations, but riot inciters each with their own agenda appear right on time,  and voilà, that perfect social model' is mangled. To  be kind, let us call the  'advancement' of civility  reversed. Yes, reversed. Civilization is a misnomer; perception is everything. Humanity is demonstrably rife with hypocrisy, far from civilized. Let mature minds then observe the fact of racism. Have a cup of black coffee without the deception of cream & sugar. Replace the  rose-coloured spectacles, grow up,  bite the bullet and yes, we shall grimace wryly with the often bitter facts of reality.  It may not be fashionable or 'politically-correct' to admit the existence of such things as burgeoning racism, or 'reverse racism'. No matter. Here at Incoming Bytes, as our loyal readers know,  we prefer  to avoid hypocrisy if at all possible, observe humanity accurately, tell it like it is, and push limits if necessary to encourage independent thought and proactive change.

Reverse Racism is Ignored

Politically-correct social manipulators turn on their dimmest  thought process at the very concept of racism, totally ignoring reverse racism, so here we are, big adult people,  let's flip the finger and raise the ire and  outrage of logic. Let us stir thought into the heart of everyone participating at the root of the problem. It won't be  easy, with  designated foul  invectives floating on the breeze with smoke and fire; words and controversial  ideas tend to appear impolite or worse in print. Adult people get that part and think.  Subliminal racial tension and blatant racism are not only observable in North America, but thriving instead of being reduced.  The question should be asked "Why"?  In observation of the total picture we have to wonder why reverse racism, an equally divisive problem, is seldom mentioned. The question must be asked, "Is that invisibility a factor, a misplaced key in the drive to reduce racism?"   Is that specific social problem 'unmentionable' somehow, politically-incorrect? Is the fact of reverse racism deemed ' more fuel to inflame the ugly nature of racism so judiciously 'handled'  by hypocrites of the politically-correct? In Harry Potter-land,  "reverse racism"  would be  the entity which "cannot be named".

Ferguson birthed Baltimore

Let us be candid, if civilization in North America is to be sustained, the blatant fact of old-fashioned racism   cannot be ignored. The little town of Ferguson, MO was ignited to the white heat of fury by white  injustice, fueled —and yes, exacerbated —by reckless, torch-bearing black inciters—racist rioting endlessly driven by both outside influence and the Ferguson syndrome.  More recently,  Baltimore went ballistic with the Freddie Gray wrongful death case, ensuing riots and mayhem.  Increasingly-violent race-fueled demonstrations cross the nation like a contagion.  Surprising? Hardly. As much as the sad blight of 'white' racism happens to be—reverse racism is equally involved.  Which image do you think of when someone says 'racism' ?  Of course, the brainwashed mind suggests  the image is 'whites' discriminating,slavery,  and the historical repression of blacks and other minorities.  Okay, we got that part. Now, will we attempt to understand there are 50 shades of indifference involved in racism? Ignorance persists on many levels; "white segments " continue to disrespect blacks,  if not openly, then subliminally.   Black racist elements do not bother to hide the fact they hate whites "traditionally" for "historic reasons" and "endeavor to inspire" young blacks to hate "white authority" whether that 'authority'  happens to be meted out by  black, brown, Asian or other police officers or legal system.  Hardly surprising, when social manipulators feeling sorry for them whine endlessly, reinforcing hate rooted in history, lack of education, lack of jobs,  lack of a daddy, Caddy or whatever factor they choose to focus upon —the bottom line  being "Yo, momma, whitey, the man,  caused it all, we're the wronged, so we can arbitrarily riot, burn, kill those 'bleeps', pillage, loot, smash everything in sight..."  —But what is clearly lacking is proactive common sense; humanity in its entirety continues to bleed red. Acknowledged or not, reverse racism  is decidedly helpful in  inciting angry communities and  hating whitey "certainly justifies" burning, looting, and destroying businesses —and your own community, doesn't it— in some minds. Fact is, ignoring  root issues breeds ever more stupidity, regardless of color or source.

The Highlight of the Baltimore Melt-down

By the way, Baltimore is special too, isn't it?  One black-masked stone-throwing        'riot-boy' in Baltimore was shown his comeuppance;  he certainly cannot complain about the lack of a responsible momma willing to step up, unmask, and expose his sorry ass identity.  Right in front of the police and his rioting friends, she whacked him good, and dragged him home, undoubtedly entertaining his mindless, racist  'friends'  and perhaps, in her own way, giving the world notice. Toya Graham is, in our estimation, standing tall. Good job, people, wasn't Toya Graham fantastic?  Congratulations and kudos to her, if she is any example to millions of other parents out there, black or white, there may be hope —even as other morons  continue to riot, loot, hate and threaten anyone white, in business, in uniform, in authority, living on the same street with 50 shades of indifference, or otherwise.

Reversing Racism by Balance?

As an interesting aside, —of the six police officers that have now been charged in the death of Freddie Gray,  three  were white men, and three were 'non-whites'.    Is that a coincidence, a planned  'social response',  a knee-jerk, simplified attempt to restore  a 'perceived balance' to social justice?  The prosecutor also happens to be black, young and female instead of old, male, authoritarian silver-haired, arrogant white law. Two coincidences in a row? Wow. In a city with a black female mayor yet. You decide. "Do wonders never cease?" might be asked, followed by "question every deception," including "is that another manipulation,  an experiment conjured up by social manipulators and the  politically-correct? Wow again.  The question of the day may  be "Is it necessary for society to offer child-like solutions to a dumbed-down, child-like society in a desperate attempt to regain the mirage of peace and perception of a 'balance of justice' necessary for civilization? Think about it. The working gears of  change and justice turn slowly in matters involving deceit, attitude, manipulation, beliefs  civilization and social practice.   May the world now 'assume' justice will be 'balanced'?  Will racism ever be reversed, or will reverse racism continue unacknowledged and unbridled? You, loyal readers, must decide for yourselves.  Yes, you.  Toya Graham,  one very proactive and smart parent has already clearly thought about it and made her own decision.  What do you think? Would you do the same for your child?  We hope so.  


Is that Incoming I hear?    
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Issues: The Ferguson Syndrome

© 2014 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_2739" align="aligncenter" width="448"]Winter Sunrise ©2013 by r.a. kukkee Winter Sunrise ©2013 by r.a. kukkee[/caption]  

Here at Incoming Bytes we have reluctantly  but studiously refrained from immediately  'jumping on the bandwagon' about the mayhem, arson, destruction and anger observed at the Ferguson, MO  Mike Brown tragedy  simply because it is seemingly impossible to be perceived as 'fair'.   (**Disclosure:  I am a white man. Always have been, but that's an aside.)  Clearly, there are more issues than one. There is no winning side in the Ferguson tragedy;  there is no palpable conciliation, no consolation for Mike's mother, and no immediate solution to the Ferguson Syndrome.

The Ferguson syndrome, a malignant, deep-seated problem or  more likely a derivative of a historical collection of problems, bites and picks at the thin skin of civility at every opportunity. It ignites flaming oratory at every turn. It festers and causes rot under the surface regardless of social programs, promising meds,  soothing ointments or political oratory.   Call it disrespect for authority, call it ignorance on all levels, call it disenfranchisement, call it discrimination, racial segregation-- whatever you call it will be considered wrong by one side or the other--or perhaps even both, but particularly stomped upon and damned by the 'politically-correct' manipulators of society, feel-good whiners and complainers.  Let us  just suggest the 'Ferguson Syndrome'  is a fact, whether acknowledged or not.  If you don't think it's a problem, tell me why.

The fact is, with the Ferguson Syndrome, no matter how "politically-correct" one might attempt to be, regardless of  'neutral or analytical ' opinion expressed,  again, there can be no winning side.  Right vs.wrong, blacks.vs whites,  police brutality and authority vs. civil disobedience,  murder vs justified defensive killing,  justice vs. injustice,  innocent vs. guilty,  'outsiders vs. locals,   'protesting peacefully' vs.' inciting riots'--there is clearly NO winning side.  There is little if any comfort in being "right" when blood is spilled.  The 'answer of choice' apparently is to use violence as a solution for injustice. Or perceived injustice, depending on what colour you happen to be. How sad is that?

In  place of logic and common sense which seems to be demonstrably absent, resides mass confusion, emotional pain, fear, distrust, and  the exacerbation of hate. Worse yet, the repetition of the cycle of ignorance is being demonstrated, taught, and driven deeply  into the psyche of children black, brown or white,  whether they are local, "outsiders" or sitting drop-jawed watching the foolishness on television  across North America. Children, for hundreds of years, have become adults who in turn teach their children the same defective, mindless values.

Regardless of any decision put forth by any  jury investigating the Mike Brown incident or any similar incident, peace is unlikely to be achieved simply because of  blatant prejudice  perceived bias in the majority --bias  being the common enemy of all participants and  a concern in the community at large, regardless of colour.

The  Ferguson syndrome includes a malicious and perpetual undercurrent of distrust of authority unjustified or not,  racial disparity, racial discrimination, home-taught hate and exacerbated ignorance. Economic disparities, intolerance, a mind-boggling us-vs.-them mentality perpetuates itself through the wanton and willful lack of reason, and  yes, a lack of reasonable and decent human values.

What is the answer to the Ferguson syndrome?  Let us 'feel good' and reflect. Quietly.  Practice humanity. Educate.  Practice genuine justice and society without bias. Eliminate systemic discrimination and poverty. Stop hating. Start thinking.  Blah, blah. It's endless. 

Nice try, but the fact remains, if we think of others as "them" we are part of the problem. Hollow words—without the recognition that although we may be 'colored' one way or the other both physically or in our minds, each differently, —blood is always red, and tears are colourless.  Think about it. Common ground. Let's work on that.

Is that Incoming I hear?


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