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Books: The Fires of Waterland

© by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

 Only  limited numbers of signed copies of the first edition of The Fires of Waterland are available from the author.


[caption id="attachment_891" align="aligncenter" width="450"]The Fires of Waterland .                                             * The Fires of Waterland[/caption]   See?  It does work!  Persistence pays. Dedication works. Time stops.... Are you  a writer of books?  If you are, you are all too aware it  can take seemingly  endless, difficult months, even years to write a novel. How long, you say?  Ten years?   Maybe not that long, but the fact is,  some books take even longer.   Until the story is told, time warps, reverses,stops; the mind is  floating, going down the drain with useless prose,  questionable dialogue,  mundane tasks,  terrible ideas tossed,  trips to town, flat tires, boring company, and missed appointments, -- so back to the grind at home instead.  "Is it done yet"?  Is the question of the year. Dull, tired, uninterested....  have a snooze instead, scraps of paper balled up, tossed at the half-empty coffee mug.  The absent muse smiles  wickedly from a nice holiday in Hawaii  as  fat from  the  floating cream on the stale coffee wicks up into the paper wad, making it interesting, translucent and  yeccht...,oh, man.  I'll get back to that. Maybe.  Write some Flash in the Pan for a bit instead.  Hot stuff. Short. Only 100 words. Maybe 150. Maybe only 50.   I don't mind short stories. Back to the novel... Don't forget writer's block, blank screens, oh-oh,  why is the monitor smoking,  tired eyes, now the coffee tastes like paper,  emptying of the mind into the keyboard, hopefully not  onto,  like that sticky coffee with double cream.  IT tastes terrible. --Oh, I forgot, it's cold. It's got paper floating in it.  Out it goes.  Stare at the reflections in the Zen rock garden.....Snooze.  Ah....new, hot coffee.  the new hot fiction shapes up About 310 pages or more.... . Time stops...... The END. The Fires of Waterland is historical fiction.   It is edited,  formatted, printed and available in  ePub, Kindle, and  PDF so you can read it on your computer.  Best of all, worth repeating,   it's printed.  Softcover!   Limited, signed copies of Edition # 1 are available from the author.  Want to get it?   You can do it right now!   You can use PayPal ! UPDATE:   The Fires of Waterland 1st Edition is available only from the author until further notice. Contact the author at  rkmywest@gmail.com  for further details.        Is that Incoming I hear? +  
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