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A-Z Challenge: A is for Author

pictures first copy 030 ©2013 Raymond Alexander Kukkee It's April 1st, time for the A-Z Challenge. Once again, I contemplated a specialized theme but instead chose a completely random theme. Why? Because I like random. I'm a random kind of guy. "Know thyself" comes to mind. I know I like variety.   Variety is the spice of life. That may be an 'old saw' --but being interested in everything does that. Because it is 2013, The Year of the Author, you may have correctly guessed that A is for Author. This year is special--good things are happening. There is hope out there. Hope for better things. Books to be published, books to be promoted. The Fires of Waterland, my new novel, is just one example. Now published. Being promoted. I have a book signing set up. First one. A milestone. To be held at the local Eco Centre on April 12th. See the sidebar. You're invited! Being an author is interesting. We write books mostly because we are creative types. Stories percolate in the mind. Ideas flow. We harvest our imaginations. We observe, remember, deduce, interpolate, extrapolate, challenge, analyze, and above all,-- think-- about the world around us. Something drives us. Are we born writers, or do we become writers? Perhaps every author will offer you a different answer to that question. One thing is for sure. It is our duty as authors and writers to write our best, to think, to write responsibly and initiate change for the better.We must do our utmost to tell our stories, entertain, inform, and above all, create visions and dreams that challenge and improve the status quo. Sometimes we even raise hell. That's why A is for 'Author'. By the way, we seldom have 'nothing to write about'. We'll see. There are 25 more days to go!     Is that Incoming I hear?
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