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Writing Life: Ethics in Content Marketing


Here at Incoming Bytes,  we are more than delighted to  announce an exciting, brand new development at  Mandy's Pages.   

Come one, come all to  Mandy's Market!  A writing market with ethics.

Is this good for the freelance writer?   The tag line on Mandy's banner says it all --uniting writers, encouraging dreams.   The practice of ethics in the business of  marketing content has become more important than ever with the trend to increasingly unethical word mills that pay mere pennies to writers, but charge big dollars to publishers buying content. 

CEO  Amanda Dcosta  tells us  the goal of Mandy's Market as a custom content publisher is to  provide attractive, custom  content that 'attracts and captivates readers and website visitors" with ethics.


The high quality of unique, written content is assured by careful research and custom writing, producing  tailored articles specifically designed, SEO-optimized for the needs of individual  clients.


If you're a publisher in  need of well-researched, top SEO-enabled,  top-quality written content for any purpose, come to Mandy's Market !

If you're an excellent, dedicated writer, stay in touch with  Mandy's Market for  excellent writing opportunities in your area of expertise!

We at Incoming Bytes offer our heartfelt congratulations to Amanda for her dedication to writers everywhere--and ethics in the business of writing.


Is that Incoming I hear?

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