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Writing Life: Reflections: The Quieting

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From Havoc to The Quieting

It seems the world is in havoc -a state of unquiet, turmoil  as usual, war, tensions, environmental disasters,catastrophes -no matter what we do.  Eureka.  A revelation? Not. But clearly it seems worrisome to say the least. I've been  obsessed preoccupied  thinking about it. Everything is relative. How else would such magnificent facts or inner peace, for that matter, be discovered without relative values? Does the constant observation and  engagement with real-world complexity challenge creativity? Is havoc bad for the creative mind?  Should we go head on, pedal to the metal? Although encouraged to do so, lately  the erotic erratic muse clearly hasn't been cooperating or paying attention to the details required to compete with obsessive observation of humanity.  We (collectively and individually) tend to distraction.   Admonished or not, the saucy muse is stuck in neutral, caution flag raised, "what'll you write about if I go on strike?  "Pay me", $95 million bucks a' la 50 Shades of Gray -or something close to that would suffice"    Yes, it seems at times, genius persists, but only with bankable reasoning. The better kind of green. We resist, challenge, and argue negotiate.  It's hard to get good help isn't it?  Do you pay your muse? Politely, in magnanimous  retribution we smile outwardly, but resolutely refuse to play the game or pay the muse. We go at it, head on. It doesn't take a whole lot of genius or regular confabulating  with fools to figure  some things out, --the world turns endlessly,  regardless of what we do,-- but it does take patience, honesty and wisdom to accept the fact. Life is what it is.  We only participate. Life goes on as it is, frenetically. Therein lies the dig. We don't do frenetic well. Let's not push that too far. We're  quiet types. As in --we like quiet. We like peace. Think about it.  The world does not rotate at our command, nor does it wobble, pause long enough to enable a sun tan at our command.  It does not avoid big crashes with interstellar objects simply because we think that would be somehow better. It does not stop --should we wish to get off. The reality is,relatively we're smaller than atoms in the Milky way. Spinning. Frenetically. Listen to the roar of the crowd.  Wait, Didn't  I just say I don't do frenetic well? The muse is initiating discussion on the concept that civilization would benefit from  the quieting of the  universe, Milky way, terra firma, molecules and monkeys balancing on the back of elephants under the big top.  The muse and I finally agree on something. We are applying for the quieting. Head on.  We do serenity well. # Is that Incoming I hear? +
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