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A-Z Challenge: Q is for Quizzical

© by Raymond Alexander Kukkee [caption id="attachment_1310" align="alignleft" width="300"]Questioning everything may lead to Quizzicality The quizzical mind questions everything[/caption] Quizzical R US Q is for Quizzical.   The very nature of the successful  writer is to be entertaining,  quizzical and inquisitive;  for, pray tell,  if we were not, what would that do to our written word?  Striving for a unique voice in creative writing is a good thing. How do you make your writing stand out? Be quizzical. Can you create a comment in the mind of the reader so unique it  will remain not only in the mind, but instigate perpetual motion,  generating, welding and activating new synapses in the brain endlessly  to resolve issues,  solve a problem, equate and correlate facts, or adjust to an unbelievable wonder you just invented in their mind? When was the last time you created an endless question, even a weird, unexpected question--in your writing?  When last did you write something that  identified your mind as a destination, a veritable island, an oddity in a world of apathetic, mindless, shopping corporate-trained but brain-dead consumer sheeple on vacation? Do you boldly  tease and challenge your readers?  Do you ask them to think, draw their own unique conclusions that may be in turn challenged to expand the mind?  Do it. Exert some influence, drop a few unique ideas. Plant seeds. The concept of perpetual motion of the mind and endless expansion of the synapses of the human brain is born in questions;  Albert Einstein once suggested 'question everything'.     I would have liked to talk to Albert.  I'd sure ask questions.  Questions.  Reality check, Albert's not here, so I  just ask myself.   Get to be genius. That means you might  have to talk to yourself too, and people might look at you sideways and point at you too, if you're just a bit weird and eccentric.  If  you should observe someone watching, ask them the question instead. Do them a favour in the process. Start a think-a-thon.  That's not a bad start to being eccentric, unique and thought-provoking.  Quizzical.  Maybe even bizarre.  Let's write that down and stick with quizzical for now. Maybe. That's why Q is for Quizzical.   Is that Incoming I hear?
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