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Abuse of Power

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 How Quickly things Change

This very morning I wrote about  the phenomenon we call  the  'calm before the storm', typically  the dead quiet that occurs before a heavy rainfall,  not a poplar leaf moving, the sudden downpour, and power outage. Lights out. The seeming absence of power,  the power vacuum, and then, above all,  the abuse of power.  The eerie sensation, the  unease that sits heavily on the mind.

 Pacing and Shadows with Teeth

The dog T.T.T.  was psyched out, pacing back and forth, sticking to my heels like a nervous shadow with many teeth.  She does that, (that would be typical  Tilly the Tall  dog stuff )    No problem, the deluge came and went, the poplar leaves once more began trembling as they usually do, and the the sky was still dark, dull, heavy,  you know the routine. The dog fell asleep.  No matter.

 The Calm before the Storm

This reminded me of the silence out there  that typically takes place before the SHTF, and yes, I despise unnecessary 4-letter invectives do not like that term as it seems unnecessary, but it is a fine visual description of what happens with the abuse of power. Just as there are increasingly strange and dangerous events in global weather, there seems to be an inexplicable increase in the abuse of power at all levels of authority. Whether it be at the level of local authorities, police, politicians who are supposedly elected to represent the people but do as they wish,  or the "leaders" of  dictatorships "democracy".  The abuse of power,  self-entitlement,  corruption, and the pursuit of private agendas  is clearly on the rise. Read the news and weep for the trodden, the upstart, the undeserving masses, the silent, who will wake up  and see what is being done to them rather than for them. Apathy is the calm before the storm.  Meantime, abuse of power continues unabated. Another maniacal social science experiment in the making. We smile painfully  and watch the predicable,  as those who have learned nothing from the past inexplicably  insist upon making the same willful  mistakes. What about empowerment of the incompetent?   What about the fanatics, the greedy, the corrupt, authoritarian abusers, big money, the corporateaucracy,  political power-mongers and the pathetic and ridiculously failed leaders?

Which part of "The abuse of power ultimately causes the failure of government  and authority"  do these people collectively not understand?

In observation, we generally may be at peace of mind,  but what about them? Can apathy be offered as an excuse?   Are we, instead, responsible for their failures because we enable them?  We do what they tell us.  We buy their products. We vote them into positions of power and responsibility they clearly cannot  shoulder.   We allow them to make terrible, illogical decisions, empower and fatten their slush funds, and exacerbate their incompetence.  We remain toothless, unlike the shadow.

Bottom Line...

Are we guilty? Of course we are.  Smile kindly, be generous of heart —and think about it. 


Is that Incoming I hear?

photo credit 'fire eye'  © 2013 r.a.kukkee  all rights reserved.
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