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NEW Review for Morgidoo's Christmas Carol

   Every author waits with much trepidation for reviews of  those long-coming and special projects called books.  Why?  Books contain dreams, vision, and at times, the authors very heart and soul. We have great expectations. It can be nerve-wracking, waiting for reviews, but it can also be very exciting.  Writers never forget their first book review, but excitement blooms and  builds with each NEW review. We just received a beautiful  NEW review for Morgidoo's Christmas Carol the Christmas classic for all ages. Read on.  
Morgidoo's Christmas Carol   cover Artwork in Print

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol         Cover by Rocking Horse Publishing

Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol: by Raymond Alexander Kukkee.


“A hundred years ago”, thus begins a journey where sound travels upon snowscapes toward the center of humanity. To follow the story of this silver bell is to dwell in the lost-and-found of goodness.

The classic language holds the voice of childhood through Morgidoo’s words. It is also to trust wisdom in the enduring love of Mr and Mrs George Blister. The text depicts each exquisitely detailed scene as the plot evolves along magical suspense. Original artworks illustrate each step along the pages of this tasteful volume.

Young or adult can pause for a sustaining reading or thoughtful perusing of this contemporary classic; indeed a classy little present in a season of casual excess. This book is a mainstay of the return to the essential purpose of literature through the author’s vision.

Morgidoo’s mindful pursuit aims to enlighten living, to entertain with art, and most of all to strengthen the core; in this celebration of sound and spirit: a bell and a boy.

                                           (Nadine S.  Nov. 2014   Last Known Nest)

  Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  is available in eBook and print at Rocking Horse Publishing, and also online at Amazon, B&N,  and at fine bookstores everywhere. Don't you just love reading book reviews?   I do!   Is that Incoming I hear?FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

About Raymond Alexander Kukkee

A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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  1. Excellent review and well deserved, Raymond!! I adore the book! You reminded me that I will have to give it a re-read in December 🙂

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