Communication: the Bizarre

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Complexities of the Mind

  Preconception:  One of the Bizarre Complexities of the Mind


Let's try something.

We better have a serious talk, maybe you're confused. Are we communicating? Maybe you inherited a defective gene or something out of the bizarre.  No?   All right,  I'll tell you everything I know first. It's that woman, I saw her again today. You know the one. She was walking down the street in front of the Tagleomonte Hall on Grand St. with that same group of people. You know who I am talking about. Yes, and that tall, very beautiful girl from Mumbai, she was with them, that's the third or fourth time I've seen them together now, with another woman I haven't seen before, maybe her mother. I haven't seen that one before. What a beautiful woman though. I recall you told me she comes from the same city, the same background as you did? You have told me a lot about her, how you know she thinks the same things you do too; how she knows all too well what you are thinking and what you are going to do. You said she must be almost psychic in nature; that was some time back, remember, and you even wondered if she might be you, maybe from another life except for the fact that she is here now, she's female, and much better looking. I can see why you think that. When you told me about her the first time I laughed. You forgot.  I thought it was impossible, something from the shadowy land of the bizarre,  but I can see it now, I've seen you look at her before, like when she was standing right in front of you with her friends a few months ago. In the line at the show. Remember? You got red in the face. You told me you get embarrassed when she winks at you and her friends laugh and smile like they all know something you don't. You smile back, and almost start to wave at her when she does that, but you don't because it makes you feel like a silly boy. I remember, you did that before, too. I was with you a while back, remember ? I remember our discussion too. Maybe you shouldn't be seen in the same social circles all the time. You know, being modern compared to the old ways, the customs. It's 2008, remember, some people would raise their eyebrows at you and think it's not appropriate at your age. Everyone thinks you're living with her.  So what if she's an older woman? You do not tell her you love her, but you do, I can tell. You almost keep it to yourself but I've known you for a long time. You don't pay attention and you even pretend not to hear her speaking to you sometimes. I think you just pretend to ignore her, but it is obvious you exist in the same space-time continuum, so here's some advice, be polite and maintain appearances, you should at least acknowledge her, don't you think so? She said she was always your best friend, she tells you everything. Besides that, I bet you talk to her every day on the way to work too, and you've been seen chatting on the sidewalk or drinking take-out coffee, sitting in the park, smiling knowingly. She pats you on the cheek too. Why pretend? Last week in the park you were not sitting on the same blanket, but you had the same kind of sandwiches, she made them. She gave me one, remember? You think nobody notices that? White bread, lettuce and tomato. I noticed, others will too. She told me you take the same taxicab downtown and even use the same garage to store your bicycles. You said you have never been officially introduced to her; to even talk about that is somewhat strange, but you know her well; you told me you knew she was going to order fettuccine Alfredo and white wine at Albattini's Bar and Grill even before the eager waiter tripped on the way to the table. She attracts attention. He was admiring her. She watches you when you're not looking, too, and she looks jealous at times. She's concerned about you, I can see it, do you ever feel that? I don't think she liked you talking to that Judy Moranzinni and her momma at the restaurant either, they're Italian too you know. You're spoken for, I would bet; Mrs. Moranzinni already told me before, you're a handsome man and a good catch even if you're not an Italian boy. I saw her pinch your cheek. She's got plans for her daughter too. You think I don't notice? I think she makes you nervous. Being a bachelor, you should be confident and you better enjoy your freedom while you can. I think you are afraid to get married maybe? As your best friend I think I should tell you that's normal. That woman knows more about you than you care to admit, doesn't she? Perhaps she even asks her friends to watch you when she's busy. You know, keep an eye on you, make sure you don't get into any trouble. By the way, I heard by the grapevine she's been busy setting up one of those arranged marriages, a big wedding , those things are a nightmare. She's been asking a lot of questions. What's the matter, you look like you are trapped —all of a sudden.. How do I know? Don't worry too much about it. I have my ways. Well... all right, it's against my better judgment, but I will tell you. You blinked. You held your breath. Your face is getting red. Some women do that, -ask questions, I mean. They do, they are full of curiosity. Cats with nine lives. Your problem is that you get suspicious too easily. Mind you, it might be a set up too, do you think that's a possibility? What do your instincts tell you? Run? Has your father told you anything? Is he involved in it too? Who is really doing all the asking, making the arrangements, you have to wonder. Maybe he's in on it. You feel like bait sometimes? I can see that, I don't blame you; what is being planned? Maybe that's a good question. Maybe you better find out before you go out with Judy again. Okay, now I told you everything I know. Think about it. I told you, just like I told you before, you don't have to listen, but you should think. What do you expect her to do, she loves you. Someone has a lot of interest in your future. What are you so worried about, she's a planner that specializes in prearranged marriage, so no matter, it's perfect, nothing can go wrong, can it? Can you trust that woman with your future? What is really happening? Human communication is part of the bizarre at times. It seems the mind is almost hard-wired incorrectly. Perhaps it is an ingrown fault of yours too, maybe you inherited it from your parents. Perhaps you do think about defective genes again, too, but that won't help. Details, that's it. Could it be that you haven't been paying enough attention to details, to what was transpiring? Give yourself a break. You suffer from a bizarre human fault called preconception. You allow your mind to collect facts and use them to construct various scenarios that are not necessarily true, or even relative. With the assumption that all statements are true, a vivid probability is constructed and offered by the mind. The most likely. When that occurs, you can even suffer physically and emotionally from a non-existent trauma, hold your breathe subconsciously, perspire and  raise your own blood pressure. The heart can pound. Preconception is only one of the complexities of the mind. Lack of information is no problem; if the information is scant, the mind conveniently fills in the rest of the blanks in the bizarre form of communication to complete it's own program. Regardless of reality, we connect the dots in the mind.  The fact is, "that woman" is your mother. I bet she knows you like Italian too. Bizarre, but you can breathe easier now. She hasn't planned your life for you —yet. # Is that Incoming I hear?   Tags:  the bizarre, communication,  humanity,  human mind,  weird, preconception, complexities of human nature,FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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