A-Z Challenge: I is for Integrity

"Time is Broken"

"Time is Broken"   photo    © by r.a.kukkee

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'I' is for Integrity, one human characteristic that is universally and silently respected.  It can be quietly, and kindly maintained in the soul without fanfare,  or equally, may be boldly displayed on your sleeve for all to see. Integrity is a universal value.

An incredibly valuable personal virtue, as precious to a young man or woman as an unblemished name, integrity in practice can graciously evolve into stellar credibility and an excellent reputation.

The Importance of Integrity

Why is integrity so important?  It allows people to believe in you. Trust is established in your methods, your opinion on critical matters, and judgement.  A better understanding of what your chosen path will likely be in any given set of difficult   circumstances is offered directly to anyone that believes in your character.  Integrity is a highly prized personal asset when used in ethical management, business practices, and dealing with friends and family on a personal basis.

What do you think, loyal reader? Do you practice the art of personal integrity?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Time waits for no one.

A hard lesson if ignored, even the dedication and demonstrable  will to establish integrity is a personal characteristic highly prized by those surrounding you –a worthy goal to be attained with diligence and purpose. In social environments increasingly questionable and unstable, the search for integrity is a worthy goal.

That’s why 'I' is for integrity.


Is that Incoming I hear?


About Raymond Alexander Kukkee

A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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6 Responses to A-Z Challenge: I is for Integrity

  1. Red Dwyer says:

    I do not believe integrity is innate. It is learned behavior. Further, it is a choice. Fewer and fewer people demonstrate it. It is hard work for most because it does not cut corners or rush for the short term payoff. In all honesty, it is far less work to be intregious than it is to be dishonest and malfeasant.

    • Red, I could not agree with you more. Although children can be trained by their parents to display integrity, it is a struggle at times to overcome the natural tendency to selfishness, just as one example. Integrity IS a tough choice that must be made, however reluctantly at times. Thanks for commenting on that aspect.
      Great observation, by the way….strange, isn’t it–it’s actually a lot harder to be dishonest than integritous–and a better memory is required. It’s far easier to remember the truth than lies built upon lies. Perhaps with some people it takes a lifetime to learn the value of integrity –through the school of hard knocks…. “:)

  2. Ida Chiavaro says:

    Trust is a huge reward, integrity is a word I have thought about often, almost did a post on it for i too – I’m glad I didn’t you honoured it’s meaning better than I could have dreamed of.

  3. buddhakat says:

    Excellent post for “I”, Raymond! I couldn’t agree more about the import of integrity. It filters everything we think and do, or at least it should! Like the seven deadly sins – their opposite would be 7 mindful virtues… integrity would surely be on that list, IMO!


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