A-Z Challenge: G is for Gold

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Gold Nuggets   Photo by Rob Lavinsky

Gold Nuggets                           Photo by Rob Lavinsky

  G is for gold.  Precious metal. The shiny stuff  of crowns, coins and legends.  A noble metal that historically has turned men into fools, thieves, murderers.  A metal that can turn normally  thinking  men into  secretive,  greedy, eccentric, and dangerous individuals.  From the beginning of time men have moiled for gold and paid for it with their very lives. What does gold do to you?   Would you spend years wandering deserts in Australia, climbing mountains in wilds of Canada, or prospecting and  panning for gold in  icy rivers world wide?  Would you tunnel thousands of  feet underground, risking life and limb for wealth?  Have you seen an inanimate lump of metal become something so beautiful in your mind that  it became an obsession?  How can mere metal blind, remove logic, and even invoke insanity? You cannot eat gold. It is just metal.  Think about it. Gold offers economic choices, but out of control, guarantees rewards of  madness. Does ordinary change  to obsession when influenced by the wealth, promise and excitement offered by the shiny metal?  Does this precious metal and others like it influence, or does it become the beauty traditionally held to be in the eye of the beholder?   Does skin  ordinary on the outside become beautiful  if gilded  with gold?  Is the Midas touch real?
  • How does gold affect you?
  • Do you think you have become obsessed with wealth?
There's only one way to discover gold, and how it will affect you. Go prospecting. Find some. That is why G is for Gold.   Is that Incoming I hear?  .    FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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6 Responses to A-Z Challenge: G is for Gold

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m not obsessed about gold of any kind of wealth though it’s better to have money than not.

    • Hi Susan, welcome! It is surprising how few people realize the only thing gold or wealth actually does– is provides you with extra choices in life. It is certainly better not to be obsessed…. Gold or wealth in itself is worthless, it cannot be eaten. Thanks for commenting. “:)

  2. ah, the word gold is evocative of search and acquire..yes i have seen the gold vein, toiled by cold weather and high sun in search of gold..never to get rich, but to provide for my family in dire times..gold is only a symbol of wealth..or greed.
    for me, it is the powder in the tube, the placer nugget on the desk, awaiting its worth of dollars for the months of back-aches and the hardships in arid lands.
    i cherish these memories..will indeed write of them..thanks for the –memories.

    • Nadine, you have it exactly right. “A symbol of wealth or greed”. In the desert you were searching, but never got rich except in memories. That perhaps is the only genuine worth of gold–the lessons learned in the struggle to find it…thank you for mentioning that! ~R.

  3. I am not obsessed with wealth (you know this likely!!) but I do know people who really only care about money.. it’s sad to think that one day they will have regrets about the parts of life they missed out on… Great reminders here. Incoming…!

  4. Christyb, it’s called ‘having your head screwed on correctly’ and realizing what is important in life. Obsession with wealth is a terrible waste of humanity. Far greater returns are achieved by kindness, generosity, love, thoughtfulness and sharing. Your wonderful poetry at PoeticParfait.com illustrates that quite often! “:)

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