Great writing: Effort and Insight?


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Effort and Insight are both Essential Elements of Great Writing

It is inconceivable that truly great writers sit and stare endlessly at mindless, blinking screens or barren white sheets of paper. They can not possibly languish  wordlessly in cute little woody nooks surrounded with wonky hand-made ceramic mugs choked with very sharp, unused 2H pencils that collect dust and point dreamlessly and accusingly up at God himself.

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Effort and Insight ….

No. Something makes them tick. Insight. Effort. They learn to express themselves.

Self-expression is a kindness to the soul that so invests” comes to mind.

Truly great writers function by inborn instinct, investing in themselves, -keening the art of self-expression which requires knowing the mind intimately, allowing discovery of the inner soul, learning what the inner persona is; exposing the hidden, the raw, the rage, the fears, the foolishness, the childishness, the happiness, the excitability, the timidity, the truth, the lies, the instinctive attack. Insight.

Recognition of, cultivation of, and fearless encouragement of personal insight and confidence in germinating inspiration is the result. Impeccable observation of everything, the desire to know. The greening. Perception beyond the mundane and obvious.
Yes, it does take effort to do so.

Effort and insight both require work.

“Know thyself”. Many people are insecure, or even frightened by that concept. Many do not recognize the symptoms. For those souls, “Fear thyself” is their darkly hidden article headline instead of “Know thyself”. Avoidance 101 is their secret word count. Observation of the inner mind is taboo.

Honest insight is paramount. Insight into the mind of the writer and  collective psyche of humanity, civilization in all forms, instinct,  primitive culture and the exploration of all aspects of humanity including imagination, evil, good,  and even the exploration of the extremes of insanity can be productive.

It takes work. Dedication is helpful, imagination is delightful, and effort is a necessity, but clearly,  lack of  insight into ones’ self complete with fables and foibles  is not an option.



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