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The Liberal Government insists upon Bleeding the Life out of Canada

Canada in Distress  2021





What’s to Blog About?

What’s to blog about? Yes, we’re absent or late again? Busy? A sabbatical? Procrastinating?  A bad habit, you say? Perhaps.  The fact is, bloggers do  suffer the pangs of humanity . And upon occasion, wonder  if is there any genuine reason to keep scribbling away.  So we delay.  Rewrite.  Edit.  Into the trash with it.  Lop paragraphs. Delete pages.  Ponder life itself.  Rethink.  Start over. Take care of business. Live. Do the necessary.  It should always be easy to get busy— but it is not.  It’s easier to be busy. You get the idea.

So we must also ask busy people,   the genuine, dedicated reader types, do they read, listen, or seriously contemplate anything during a catastrophic main event like a pandemic? While suffering financially,  homeless, jobless, perhaps being totally alone, missing loved ones, being separated,  sick, even hospitalized due to Covid or other illness?  Or heaven forbid— being  locked down in isolation?


Now is the Time We really Should be Paying Attention.

May we suggest that now is the time we really should be paying attention. To everything being done to us, to the economy,  to freedom,  to the detriment of Canada —without consent or knowledge of Canadians.

Increasingly, here at Incomingbytes we have come to realize that just as writing and creativity are negatively affected by the pandemic, so is readership, interest, and attention. However, serious facts and events  do not, and should not reduce the necessity of oversight.

It is easy to agree, perhaps we should not be required to or expected to  think of anything more important to blog about, to discuss, or read about. The unacceptable, ongoing and opportunistic manipulation of society  taking place while deaths, pandemic numbers, social separation, and lock-downs distract, while vaccine delivery failures and grandiose government spending  remain  in the forefront of the news. So be it.

More importantly, however,  is the increasing disillusionment with the tightening, social straitjacket. Public anger, a sense of fear of the unknown, defeat, and surrender. Get that feeling? The status quo.  The new status quo. The new normal complete with dystopian Trudeau ‘virtues’ offered as the new reality, like it or not. 


Government Failure : Is this Still Canada?

Particularly galling is an unbelievably, totally-misinformed, foolish class of feel-good, socialist-bent and naive electorate , and the childish, corrupt, and incompetent and dishonest politicians they insisted upon re-electing to office. The endless appointment and re-election of slick, sleazy incompetents in Ottawa not as advertised  and elsewhere has resulted in a lazy, stagnant, growing pool of political  evil.  Lazy, hog-trough, do-nothing evil.   The swamp is now filled with an arrogant,  elected club of systemically-useless political persons with their own agendas.  To further foul Canada, they insist upon enabling Trudeau the traitor to do anything he chooses to Canada –under cover of one of the   worst possible  and challenging events in need of competent  leadership   in the history of Canada. Government is uncompetent,  negligent and failing in its mandate.

Is this still Canada or has it  already been transformed to a new, balkanized, post-national socialist state? Trudeau’s delusional dream.  Trudeau’s new Dictatorship.  We must wonder.


Traditional Canada is Bleeding,  Now Struggling to Exist

Self-defeating brain fog and resignation rolled  in over the swamp in the setting sun  of civility the day after  Trudeau’s Liberal  “government” was re- elected as a minority, overwhelming common sense, reason, and spurring the onset of futility. Logic has been abandoned, truth is hidden or overruled.

Traditional Canada is now bleeding,  struggling to exist –without reason, without direction, without hope. Lies are offered from Trudeau and his grossly-overpaid foreign political tongues, political machinery is heavily greased with bribes, plastic hypocrisy and depressing ideological delusions of the treasonous, self-serving puppet Justin himself. Enabled to be dictator by his ‘appointees with foreign agendas’ and his so-called “elected” cabinet and the Liberal party. Justin does as he wishes. In his delusions.  Wolves parading by in sheep’s clothing. The fraud is clearly not as advertised.

Nothing Ever Changes

Nothing ever really changes, you say? That would be the truth. Politics is dirty. It always has been dirty and dishonest.  After decency and the rule of law is shattered by arrogant, self-serving  ‘leaders’ injected with poisonous ideology,  the rebuilding of anything resembling civilization  becomes exponentially more difficult.  Almost impossible. Canadians can not hide our  heads in the sand; We must not deny fact. Systemic injection of ‘chosen’ ideological poison into society eventually kills nations. The beat goes on.


What’s to Blog About?

How exciting. No. It is devastating. An unparalleled, unacceptable political manipulation of an almost unprecedented global Pandemic is observably in progress.  Covid-19.  Yada-yada.  There is a mind-boggling flood of expert yet often meaningless,  incompetent opinion shoveled out there.   More often contradictory,   offerings from doctors, epidemiologists, specialists, their edicts and ‘the same old, boring old’  adjusted daily‘ warnings and fear-mongering emanate from ‘persons with authority’. Persons that know. More accurately, from persons that should know but more often —clearly do not.
Is ‘trust the science’ to become a meaningless phrase? Politicians insist upon  promising “we’ll trust the science” and do precisely the opposite when it is convenient to do otherwise.

Voter Indifference is another Pandemic

Conveniently, the non-vaccinated herd of confused and unsuspecting people out there shrug with indifference, make excuses for allowing themselves to be controlled like a herd of sheep, swallow the confusion and cheer and line up to welcome the inserted poison of the jab. Carefully choreographed delivery of shots of highly questionable vaccines into arms exacerbate anxiety. It is inferred accusingly — to not be vaccinated as recommended by ‘experts and politicians alike’  is to be a death-dealing pariah to neighbours and family. Fearmongering with professional ‘opinion of doom’  is the standard.

Endless additional controls,  simplistic and childish colour ‘social’  code changes,  result in  “expert assurances”,  a.k.a. justification for lockdowns, elimination of choice, personal freedoms being arbitrarily removed; destruction of  reason, jobs, lives, businesses,  livelihood and reason are somehow not questioned.

Equally, politicians choreograph opportunistic political jabs at and reductions of essential democratic human rights and freedoms. Dangerous, unwelcome and unwanted changes in social structure are now inflicted with barely a whimper in the night. The “opposition” is absolutely useless being confused and self-serving, or in collusion. Which is it?

A Predictable and Epic Failure of Sovereign Civilization?

A predictable epic failure of free, sovereign civilization is lurking in the making. Globally. Yes, globally, but the popular, observable response is Control 101, fear, silence,  compliance, and  ‘So what?’

Really? Has population mind control now become permanent governmental standard fare? Are the official policies of today’s free sovereign nations surreptitiously preparing for Trudeau’s sneaky, unwanted and corrupted great reset ? Ultra-socialism? Communism? Justin’s personal Islamic dictatorship?
Is our world to be
reset, controlled by a silver-spoon  trust fund lunatic puppet, the obscenely rich, and corrupt elite?

Do stubborn politicians, millennials and arrogant foreign invaders not understand the beast they feed? Don’t go there if you do not appreciate reality and truth. You may not like the real answer.


Political Lip Service a.k.a. Hypocrisy is Not Governance.

Politicians imitate the smirking, dishonest, fraudulent Justin Trudeau and his ilk and increasingly prefer to talk down to Canadians. Offered are childish little ideological parables, excuses, baby-thinkga-ga scenarios.

Trendy, catchy political phrases discovered in Trudeau’s sandbox at the back door of his cottage are used repeatedly by mindless, subservient ‘members’ and his “Ministers” in the “virtual” House of Commons. How robust. “We’re moving forward with a robust effort.”  “We’re working hard every day to keep Canadians safe, so  that’s what we will do.” “We’ll keep Canadians safe.” “We need to do better and that’s what we’ll do to move forward.” “That’s what Canadians want”.  “A robust effort”.  Ad nauseum….take your childish red pill and your pacifier, Justin Trudeau…move right up to the hog trough. Political lip service, also known as hypocrisy and dishonesty —is not governance.

Blather, Gibberish, Smoke & Mirrors…

Like all politicians, if Justin Trudeau is asked a meaningful, serious question, he prances semi-facts about, skirting genuine facts, twisting truth, using lies, blather, gibberish, smoke and mirrors, switch and bait, never offering a credible answer. Meaningless drivel. Have you ever noticed that problem? Have Liberal voters never observed what they have created? Is that NOT a problem?


Accountability is Now a Bad Joke

Trudeau the teacher, actor, traitor and wannabe virtue-preacher has constructed a framework of Taqiyya lies, delusions and ‘virtues’. A social order now exists, manipulated and renovated with new Trudeauesque rules that do not apply to him. Therefore,  Lies and untruths build sand castles.  Resulting in  Trudeau’s “governance” being assembled upon  a foundation of quicksand and rot upon which he and incompetent ‘appointees’, his elite ‘friends’ and Liberals guarantee themselves votes, a permanent seat of power, personal pensions for life, and accumulations of personal wealth.   Taxpayer dollars are funneled into oblivion.  To where? Guess. Organized crime?  Offshore? Numbered accounts? Switzerland?  The Trudeau Foundation? Family members? Fraudulent charities? Terrorists are paid millions.  Never mind, just Follow the money. It disappears quickly.  Accountability is now a bad joke.

Trudeau Must be Held Accountable

Loud denials, body language, and accusations of racism betray his lies, self-gratification, corruption, willful failure and dishonesty. The smirking rot of evil is apparent and pervasive. Just who whispers in Justin’s ear and yanks his puppet-strings will eventually be revealed. “Justin, let’s go take another ga-ga selfie. We’re working hard to keep Canadians safe, nobody knows what we’re up to. They all believe your robust effort and nice hair, hand out some more CERB money,  that ought to do it.”

Trudeau MUST be held accountable, one way or the other.  That’s how Karma works…

What’s to blog about? Not knowing is a  bad habit. You really should ask.



Is that Incoming I hear?



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