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Like it or Not, Life keeps Rolling On

©2017 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee [caption id="attachment_201" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Christmas 2017             photo ©2012 by r.a.kukkee[/caption]    

In Retrospect, Like it or Not, Life keeps rolling on 

  Christmas again.  Concerned? Edgy? Anxious? It matters not.  Surprise! Life keeps rolling on, regardless what our  personal aspirations may be. What our personal posture may be.  Even during celebrations like Christmas.    It may be unsettling to recognize it matters not what we perceive or feel.  (It matters not either, what others think, feel or say, isn't that delightful?) Although such details may seem important. In time, in retrospect, absolutely insignificant.  Be advised,  be surprised. Get ready. Get out the gift wrap and unroll ribbons.  All the way to infinity, life rolls on, you get the idea.    

Life Keeps Rolling On in Spite of...Us

So, Christmas comes along,  like it or not, and life keeps rolling on,  in spite of ...well, mostly  us.   With or without  hallowed big presents, thoughtful opinions, tears,  inventions, fears,   gaffes,  genius, great writing,   work ethic or professional schmoozing. Tied with ribbons, life happens. Without our  tendency to butt in, procrastinate, advise,  or willingness to put out the lights. Acquiesce, agree, or butt out entirely.  The expenditure of effort,  Herculean or  Lilliputian input and output. Lights blinking,  elves singing merrily. Songs without meaning.  You have heard of people living but never having lived?  Perhaps fretful lives, teeter, balanced,  chained equally to an  idealistic, modern win-win, but in reality, a boring, bland existence.  Life is what happens while you're planning decorations, making naughty and nice lists, and all that.


Subscribing to Reality

You and you alone  subscribe to reality,  you set the parameters for  joy and success,  twists and turns  with inexplicable luck, happiness,  tolerance of  intolerance,   love, peace or angst.  Whether one simply, merrily defaults to sublime apathy,  twitched to the next level of tongue-biting, beautiful, sparkly gift-wrap or not.   Or without gift wrap. Schmooze peacefully in the silence of winter fog, choosing the same old —same old,  with the razor-sharp urge to willfully disregard inspiration, instinct, values, tradition, feelings.


Yes,  since we are each ultimately alone (and dispensable, ready or not, just as  life itself ) we get to choose, although we may naturally waver in cold December winds.  We may wish to shirk our sworn duty to turn on the lights, decorate the halls, get out the ribbons,  step up as members of humanity. No. Unacceptable. Our ideals and schemes are vanity, but...

Our duty is to contribute to society, to life itself, give brightness, lights and happiness to those we love and to others less fortunate. Share. Sing Christmas carols.

** We can do this.   After all, life keeps rolling on all year, not just at Christmas.




A new 5-STAR review for Mordigoo's Christmas Carol: The Bells of Blister.

Note:  A moment ago we said  "We can do this! "

Imagine that,  no sooner said than done, and  like a Christmas miracle,  another 5-star review rolled in, posted  for   "Morgidoo's Christmas Carol: The Bells of Blister "


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A unique and timeless Christmas classic for all ages that can be read every year...will the beautiful sound of bells ever be heard again?    Join Morgidoo Morgan in his search for the Great Silver Bell ...and the truth of a  timeless legend...

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]Cover Artwork for 'Morgidoo's Christmas Carol: The Bells of Blister" Morgidoo's Christmas Carol 3rd edition Cover Artwork by Whitewood Forge Publishing    [/caption]   Photo © by R.A. Kukkee - all rights reserved  Is that Incoming I hear?  


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Fear and Turmoil: The Plan

©2016 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee         [caption id="attachment_2757" align="aligncenter" width="300"]As seen through the fire eye... Fire Eye © 2014 r.a.kukkee[/caption]    

Fear and Turmoil: Predictable.

There is only one word powerful enough to describe the effect of recent global fear. Turmoil.

Fear and turmoil walk together. Hand in hand, for the convenience of terrorists fear-mongerers, power-mongerers, devious social manipulators. A new tool. The intimidation of planned fear and turmoil.

In any advanced civilization, there can be no reasonable justification for criminal, planned fear and turmoil. There can be no excuse for the preemptive murder of the innocent. In the news most recently, main-stream media included two of the most unbelievable, sickening, and video-recorded murders of two black men by police officers in separate incidents. The result? Terror. The predictable fear of authority. Intimidation. Stress. Inner turmoil.

That was not enough, apparently, so the media reported an almost-predictable response; the unbelievable, targeted murder of five police officers, dedicated family men ambushed by an unstable psychopathic lunatic trained by nobody other than the U.S. military. More fear and turmoil. A second incident perpetrated by another U.S. military-trained individual...in Baton Rouge so where does it stop? When does it stop. Does it stop?


Mass Murder: Fear and Turmoil

The additional recent, shocking and tragic killing of scores of innocent victims in Nice, France by a fringe lunatic terrorist using a heavy truck as a weapon. A killer drove indiscriminately and purposefully into crowds to kill in cold blood and maim as many people as possible another example of planned murder, death, fear and turmoil however tragic. The more recent tragedy in Baton Rouge cost the lives of three police officers gunned down in cold blood by a black man using an assault rifle and wearing body armour. Seeking revenge. Encouraging revenge. Where does the insanity of revenge stop? In the Middle East, the vicious cycle  of planned fear and turmoil never stops.


Planned Fear and Turmoil

Used randomly or planned as recommended by ISIS, it makes little difference; to generate mayhem, fear, and intimidation is the official plan of the perpetrator. Lone wolf, ISIS, Al Qaeda, or independent home-grown lunatics of all stripes and colours, ex-military or not, collectively bearing grudges, perceived or real. Murder, fear and turmoil: the remedy  of choice for all ills in disturbed minds.

The common denominator in these individuals and groups is:

Frighten as many people as possible, intimidate, bend everyone to the lunatic agenda, kill everyone who does not agree if necessary to create compliance. After all, frightened people are much easier to control.

'Devolution of humanity anyone? Are you a fanatic, an extremist, an unhappy camper, or simply a religious zealot with a pressing ideological agenda? Are you off your meds? Are you in a hurry to ‘fix’ the problem? Simple...will you now go on a rampage?  Get your Pokemon GO app instead...and find the Pokemon...'

The magic, ‘solution’ called murder is guaranteed to make anyone’s life worse. Will violence resolve any problem or sway others by killing innocent people? No. Will you be killed silenced permanently in the process? Quite likely…

With the current state of fear and turmoil now too big to comprehendand too big to easily remedy, peace is eroding, civilization is devolvingwe are becoming increasingly primitive, less tolerable, less tolerant, and nations are becoming unstable.


Mainstream Diet: Violence, Fear and turmoil

With tragic fear and turmoil in the daily mainstream media, the main course in the everyday diet, we increasingly become numb and insensitive to the fact and potential of violence, servitude , loss of freedoms, and the unimaginable, self-annihilation. The vicious ongoing loss of life in the Middle East, the wars in Syria, the proxy war in Ukraine, and the latest purge in Turkey are but examples; life seems to become increasingly worthless. Why? Is life just another ‘electronic’ game for the ‘entertainment’ of mindless self-destructive Lemmings? You decide.

In spite of the fact we create and allow these ‘developments’, it seems certain we will continue to fund, feed and encourage greedy corporate interests, power-control freaks, the greedy rich, industrialist warmongers, charlatans, deceivers, and social manipulators, who will, collectively, continue to create poverty, 3rd world conditions, suitable fear and adequate turmoil while peasants, the disenfranchised, walk around mindlessly with blank stares... playing Pokemon GoHow appropriate, how convenient, you say… it is  "too politically-correct, too hurtful, and no longer necessary to think about anything..."

We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile 1 ‘ comes to mind….

We, as eternal optimists, continue to encourage the ‘assimilated’ to think for themselves.



Is that Incoming I hear?

      1 We are the Borg. You will be assimilated...etc.is an iconic concept borrowed from: Star Trek: The Next Generation”   .       Save Save
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