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Major issues: Harper SELL-OUT of Canada

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The Harper SELL-OUT of Canada Continues

NOT AGAIN?   YES, AGAIN!    The question must be asked,  "Is there some kind of "Destroy Canada as quickly as Possible"  chapter written in invisible ink  in Stephen's  top- secret "Hurry Up with the Sell-Out of Canada "  book?  Are the opposition Liberal and New Democratic parties doing anything about it?  Are Canadians fully aware of what is being done to them?  You jest. Let's see...

The Canadian Wheat Board Sell-out 

Canadians are AGAIN being sold out by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's majority Conservative government with an announcement that Saudi-Arabia -owned Global Grain Group is being allowed to  purchase  controlling interest of the CANADIAN WHEAT BOARD for a mere $250 Million dollars.  Should "loss of control of the sale of Canadian wheat " NOT be a question? The controversial deal privatizes the Canadian Wheat Board and will be consummated in June, just in time—of course! Before the Federal Election, we may add,  so Stephen & Co. can run around happily like giggling children with $250 Million,   opportunistically buying votes  in electoral ridings where  his favourite voters, less than stellar Senators, groupies and friends reside, in  a desperate attempt to remain in power. 

Harper Enabled Oil Sands Sell-OUT of Canadian  Energy to Communist China

Remember?  Our readers with long memories will recall that in a controversial and sudden deal, CNOOC,  the Chinese STATE-controlled Petroleum giant,  was allowed by the Harper government to purchase NEXXEN, another petroleum giant —which 'conveniently'  controlled  approximately one-quarter of the Alberta Oil Sands.  It's a no-brainer —the NEXXEN sale to CNOOC sale sold out Canadian sovereignty of Canadian energy to the highest  bidder. With that outrageous sell-out of Canada and loss of sovereignty in the energy sector, it immediately became apparent that:
  •  Stephen Harper and his Conservatives will EXPORT Alberta crude to China at ANY  environmental cost, having gutted Canadian environmental regulations governing the tar sands operation and allowing unlimited expansion;
  • With secret deals, also negotiated by Harper, China holds legislative power greater in some areas than the Canadian legislature, and China can sue Canadian governments for losses incurred if they are not allowed to do as they please with the oil sands;
  • Stephen Harper will force the construction of the Northern Gateway Pipeline to the pristine BC coast, across salmon rivers,  and increase west-coast tanker traffic exponentially putting the whole west coast at risk including unique wildlife habitat, the fisheries, vital salmon spawning rivers and the Spirit Bear forest;
  • Stephen Harper is arrogantly pushing the USA  to accept the Keystone XL  pipeline down to the Gulf to enable export of Albera crude oil, even though the President has vetoed the approval of the pipeline, it is well known that Harper favours Republicans who will eventually have it approved;
  • Stephen Harper will attempt to force Trans-Canada's ill-devised  "Energy East pipeline* across Northern Ontario through re-purposed, already failing, rusty 40-year-old natural gas pipes  at a rate of more than a MILLION  barrels of diluted, dirty crude each DAY, crossing more than 1,000 sensitive  waterways, creeks, rivers, and marshes,  including the Great Lakes watershed  area. 

*As a special aside for Canadians,  the Energy East Pipeline project will put  Lake Superior at risk, which provides drinking water to millions of people. This ill-conceived project is worse than foolish, it is criminal.  The uninformed public actually "BELIEVE" Petroleum industry lies and propaganda that declares serious oil spills which may contaminate  thousand of hectares can be magically "cleaned up"  hundreds of miles away from 'civilization'  via helicopter—which is totally false, unlikely, and virtually impossible. The truth is, " remote, out of sight, out of mind" comes into play.  Of course the imaginary cleanup effort  will be claimed to be "perfect" if  crude oil is  in a location "visible to the public"  flowing downstream toward Lake Superior. 

We do wish Mr Harper  and Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario lots of luck, however, with that first multi-million barrel disaster  as they  don trendy white  teddy-bear Hazmat suits for the Photo-Op at many potential environmental disasters  and "pretend" cleanups.  Worth noting, this project is NOT for the benefit of Canadians, but for EXPORT to China and Asia.

 Harper Proceeds with the  Sell-out of Canada in the Automotive Sector

Everyone should be delighted to know the great automotive sector the Canadian taxpayer bailed out in the manipulated global crash has been successful and profitable enough to begin moving operations to Mexico. Canadian taxpayers were further rewarded by the Harper government and ever-clever Finance Minister Joe Oliver with the sell-off of GM shares at a  ** loss of  "only"  some $2.3 BILLION —just in time to help tired old Joe "balance the federal budget" coming on April 23rd.  Isn't that encouraging? Eh, what? You ask?    Yes, a $2.3 Billion dollar **loss for Canadian taxpayers, "We got good value for Canadians" according to the Harper Conservatives. By any standard other than the Harper& Co delusional  measuring stick ,  the accomplished "financial guru" responsible for that loss would have been fired for total incompetence, —but Stephen Harper, in hurrying the sell-out of Canada prior to his coming loss at the polls, cares not; —for he is all too well aware  the automotive sector is destined for Mexico.  Sombreros, Siestas,  Nachos.  Cheap labour. No matter.Good-bye, Toyota Corolla, the first of many. That corporate move has already been announced. Imagine that., Mr. Harper.

 Mr. Harper does not seem to recognize a problem with the sell-off of Canada.

 Perhaps Stephen should retire to Mexico, or as soon as possible, and appoint himself  to the Senate, where  more "Good value for Canadians" can be garnered in the Senate self-entitlement hog trough  with every-day  "Senator-get-rich" rules;  "at the discretion of the Senator until you get caught"  is standard practice and currently  being discussed extensively at the  "Crooked Senator Mike Duffy" trial. In the Senate, "Sell-out-Stephen", like  Duffy et al —could happily  pretend to "earn" an obscene, fat salary and retirement pension 10 times larger than any normal, hard-working, honest and retired Canadian senior living or dead  can ever expect. Mr. Harper would enjoy the added bonus of  the  sleazy company of  less-than-honest Senators like Duffy, Brazeau, Wallin,  and many others under investigation—people  he himself appointed  after promising Canadians he would ABOLISH (oh, remember that?) the wasteful, dishonest, self-entitled, useless  'house of second sober thought' Senate which has been suffering from orchestrated theft systemic rot.  Have Canadians forgotten his promises and  lies? No. "Good value" and "democratic governance"  and a 'hard on crime' agenda  (think Senators, again, shall we laugh raucously now?)  are lies Canadians are being asked to swallow as Harper proceeds further with his personal agenda—and sells uranium— nuclear materials —to India,  a country which previously, and dishonestly, built a nuclear arsenal. Additionally,  in this election year, —according to our suddenly  warm and fuzzy  Modi-hosting- Harper, India will now suddenly  be a "great trading partner".   Really. With the tradition of the Harper sell-off of Canada, we can hardly wait to see the additional outsourcing of Canadian jobs about to occur, more exploitation of the poor in India,  and hidden sweet-deal sell-off deals for more Canadian resources to India— including oil.

And..er....Canadians, in return,  will  receive... just...what...exactly?

We shall leave that very difficult list to the astute reader to ponder, but corporate access to cheap labour, importation of Hindu-Sikh  tribal  and religious warfare, poverty, slums, the caste system, less than stellar Indian justice, misogyny, suttee,  barbaric forced marriage, illiteracy, human rights issues and other "barbaric traditions" all come to mind. Take your pick. Canadians with genuinely-founded concerns and traditional Canadian values are not impressed, Mr. Harper;  your endless sell-out of Canada and betrayal of Canadians  is  questionable, stained, unacceptable leadership on any level. You have earned the loss of our trust and  loss of our  votes.   What will the "honourable"  opposition do about it?  "The same abuses and betrayal of Canadians under a different political banner" come to mind. Are we skeptical? The bell tolls....Canadians are not asleep. Think about it.

P.S.       Which part of  "The abuse and corruption of political ideology and tradition is the downfall of Nations"  do Canadian politicians not understand?

 **Update note:   Contradictory media reports. Either a loss OR a profit. With the smoke and mirrors used by the Harper "government", to "balance" the 2015 budget, it's anyone's guess. The reader is encouraged to clarify....   Is that Incoming I hear?
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Life: Climate-change Liars and Deniers

©2014  Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_2739" align="aligncenter" width="448"]Winter Sunrise ©2013 by r.a. kukkee Winter Sunrise                                ©2013 by r.a. kukkee[/caption]    

The Climate-Change Conundrum

I don't know about anyone else, but it seems to me we have been fed more than  enough lies, deception and denials about climate change. We're interested, open-minded,  and we try to keep up and stay  informed to enable reasonable conclusions.  We weigh facts,excuses, lies, crap and creative discussions. One thing is clear. Extreme weather change is obvious, but acid reflux continues to flow unabated from political and corporate  lobbyists  and climate-change liars and deniers.  Common sense evaporates.  

 "Let's pretend political ideology is  responsible for bad weather"

  Dreamland suburbia. Neighbourhoods shredded  by tornadoes,  homes flooded to the rooftops. Disasters.  Nations shattered, seemingly  irreparably by  extreme  'events', earthquakes, Mother Nature's best. She is clearly becoming increasingly testy with our blatant stupidity and foolishness, yet politicians, lobbyists, liars and deniers brazenly continue to explain away reckless  agendas of exploitation and destruction. There must be a more intelligent explanation for disasters than political orientation and partisan ego, but ask  "average Joe'  who somehow confirms  the agenda of the  "other" political party or ideology is responsible for the destruction, mayhem,  or environmental disaster. We jest . Perhaps not.   "Is it really global warming?" You ask naively. "Oh, no,"  smartass wise lobbyists, climate-change liars and deniers offer; profusely, deviously, incredulously,   "that's not warming, 'they' have done studies, it's proven".  Profiteering corporations "do studies" to promote, 'prove the safety of '  and enable their agenda, but let's not go there, not today. Today we're watching everyone  play games. Alas, even political  liars and corporate CEO's will have to breathe deeply in in choking smog and bring themselves up to speed with reality.   That's worth repeating, 'bring themselves up to speed with reality.'  Gasping for air does that.


Deluded Liars and Deniers

Politicians, lobbyists, liars and deniers,  apparently,  do not require food in  la-la-land. Devastation and floods are encouraged to miss homes of partisan  liars and deniers. A tradition.  Flood waters part where there's a BMW,  and  "tornadoes go round and round"  the house of The Three Little Pigs.  Cute. In la-la land, that is.  No kidding. Get real.    

The Coffee Shop

But let's not inject climate panic into favourite coffee-shops. Behind the counter  the apocalypse is only  "tree-hugger coffee-talk" — tornadoes in coffee mugs,  you get the drift.  Real issues are disguised like a grandé latté with plastic foam on top, expensive ideological whitewash camouflaged  with  pre-purchased   political decisions gleaned from official corporate reports. Nice.   We the 'ordinary', passively entertained, get real coffee, double-double.   We are supposed to believe LL&D  rhetoric, and unbelievably, we are encouraged to  want to believe it.  Logic suggests we pick and choose.  We`re encouraged to disbelieve  "scientific fact or base-line scientific data that our  leaders have stupidly and arrogantly dismissed  like a stale doughnut. We, the Timmy's crowd, after all, know stale doughnuts.       The Harper government ignores historical,  scientific baseline data at their convenience,  eliminating meaningful comparative data. They gut environmental legislation.  Never mind that.   The government wants YOU to believe  "shiny new, modern scientific data" gathered from operating sites by corporation should be used to enable, unnoticed,  "wise puppet policy" recommended by endless corporate reports printed on shiny paper.  Uh, huh..quite a cool show, isn't it?     Loyal readers and thinkers may ask why would average Canadian coffee-drinkers  concern themselves? After all, " hamburger jobs" are created and  the economy is "under control".   Yes, we are  controlled by  'the wise', manipulators, the political, the 'corporateaucracy', the elite, the rich, the profiteers, the exploiters. The corporateaucracy  controls everything including pulling the strings of  their political puppets. We, the ordinary, are —on a 'need to know' basis.  We get it. Gag the scientists, the real ones —and offer lies from  partisan politicians, paid lobbyists, liars and deniers instead.  "Oh, yes," we whisper at Timmy's. " the elite and rich know, that makes them qualified to run everything to a state of disaster."   Really?  No. There is no alternative world to live in after "the wise" destroy this one.   Yes.  Average global temperatures swing wildly, and centuries-old glaciers are melting; the Arctic is melting, unprecedented weather events proliferate,  carbon dioxide levels are higher than they have been in 800,000 years. All are proven, scientific fact, yet are labeled partisan rhetoric, Houdini magic science, and  scare tactics.  Coffee-shop people need oxygen to breathe, clean water to drink, and food to eat,  do we not? —or is that just another scare tactic  to be  ignored at the clever advice of devious lunatics?


Liars and Deniers Persist

No matter; partisan or not,  every human being on earth is playing catch up with reality which approaches quickly.  We're told to vote for a profiteering corporateaucracy.   Stubborn egotistic leaders insist we must be satisfied with hamburger jobs and  silently allow international corporations trillions upon trillions in profits as they exploit finite resources, destroying the environment we need to survive. "Cars in China now produce oxygen?"  "Contaminated, condemned  oil lands now produce food?"  "Oil spills are good for the economy"? The liars and deniers keep at it. We laugh raucously. Lobbyists, climate-change liars and deniers passionately dismiss humanity itself. They are the partisan ''wise". Something is amiss in the coffee-shop. We can do better.  Yes, that we agree on, we need a refill. What do YOU think? Have you had enough of the reckless corporate agenda, destruction of the environment for profit,  political puppets, and  climate-change liars and deniers?    Is that Incoming I hear? ©2014 all rights reserved
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