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A Clarion Call: Defending Canadian Values

©2017 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_3981" align="alignnone" width="600"]The inverted Maple Leaf flag of Canada --a symbol of distress, dfending Canadian values Canada in Distress[/caption]  

Choices: Defending Canadian Values

Genuine and meaningful choices concerning defending Canadian values are few.  There are only two—Two choices that must be considered by citizens of Canada, past, present, illegals,  refugees, economic opportunists, freeloaders,  or otherwise  incoming.  One stands defending  Canadian values, or  not.

We Stand on Guard for Thee?   Which shall it be? Tough choice isn't it? 

There are many 'circumstances' which must be considered, so many fragile feelings which can be hurt by blinking. Scolding and insults are  hurled back in discussions simply for asking questions. Or demanding answers. Oh, yay.  The indignity of a sweating, tongue-tied, ill-spoken  politician, social manipulator, or "traitorous liberal" parrot  asked to answer a question.  Asked Politely.   We stand on guard for thee and all that.  Why sure, we believe that and will buy a spare swamp in Florida too.  Right.

Warm and Fuzzy Platitudes: Not Genuine Canadian Values

Bleating warm and fuzzy political  platitudes are not genuine Canadian values. They will not help the   'we don't stand on guard for thee because Justin said not to .... crowd.

Well, er... we can't say that, we don't want to upset anyone, it might hurt their feelings.

We are all too aware of the trendy, popular offerings;  'tolerance of,'  'inclusiveness' and 'understanding of cultures '  social rules for other assorted, over-used to the point of  meaningless trash rhetoric  about racism and hate speech now so often  spouted by politically-correct politicians and their minions.   Parroted by less than honest, whining social manipulators and MP's who prefer their demagogic leader's Islamic and UN agenda be followed slavishly no matter how insulting, illogical, hate-inducing, socially damaging, treasonous, or dangerous  it may be to Canadians and  Canada;  Let's all play Truth, dare, and consequences. The new play. Act II...

From  bad to worse, those same empty platitudes are repeated endlessly by apathetic, mesmerized voters who clearly do not understand why "Islamophobia and Bill M103 " is a manufactured farce,  or bother to think for themselves—and still haven't connected the dots between votes  inspired by gushy ga-ga giggles,  hormones and outrageous stupidity.  ( To the logical, it IS  no  surprise that voting for the arrogance of "skin deep attraction" and slick talking  dramatic  narcissistic egos  always has been,  and always will be, a wasted, misplaced vote for little but drama...  But we digress...this, too, shall pass...when the curtain drops. )

Subsequently,   nasty rhetoric and rebukes emanate from the collective dysfunctional and disagreeable  'majority';   a  recalcitrant, Liberal  'we must be right or else' childish mentality.  Even when reasonable, alternative points of view are  offered by neutral observers with no other  intent than to open minds.

  Is it offensive to clarify, and  encourage thinking that may  prevent the destruction of Canada in the future? I think not. Not here at IncomingBytes. Grow some spine. Speak up. Here at IncomingBytes.com we will continue to practice Freedom of Speech regardless of "governance", ideology, or personal whims of dictators.

Be on notice that defending GENUINE Canadian values is not a Liberal 'game';  it is not a high-school drama or some lunatic's social experiment. To treat it as such is dereliction of duty.   The very future of Canada depends upon  choices carefully made now.

We Stand on Guard for Thee.  Even for YOU.

We stand on guard for thee,  in defense of GENUINE Canadian values  for  all. — Yes, even for YOU the most stubborn,  the completely  misinformed, the incredibly gullible;  and YOU too, as disagreeable as you are. —For YOU, who have chosen Canada for a new home  even if Canadian laws, customs, dress, tradition and religion are not to your 'liking',  and  —For YOU,  #Justin Trudeau,  who are so willing to sell out Canada, mislead, and  betray Canadians with your Sunni ways (wasn't that dramatic?  You thought nobody noticed)  —For YOU especially,  a misguided, unhappy elitist child with no self-respect— who has apparently  never been taught what the core identity of Canada has become.  Something you will learn;  that the True North— Strong and Free—is, above all, Canadian FIRST.

So it shall remain...The True North will remain Canadian first, and strong and free.

Calling all Canadians; it is time to MAKE A CHOICE and stand in defense of genuine Canadian values. Either you believe in defending genuine Canadian values or not. Which is it?  

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  


Is that Incoming I hear?

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Refugee Impasse

©2015 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_3512" align="alignnone" width="640"]Refugee Impasse: Desperate Syrians at the Turkish border Refugee Impasse: Desperate Syrians at the Turkish border[/caption]    

The Refugee Impasse: A Lack of Humanity

  The lack of humanity in the Syrian refugee impasse  is failing not only the refugees, but all of civilizaton.   The  appalling clash of circumstance the global community has allowed to fester is unacceptable to any reasonable observer.  Let's be frank and very, very clear about that, being a kind and long-time observer of humanity  I do not like or accept what is taking place—nor should anyone like or accept  the status quo of the refugee impasse.  

"Stories emerging and images of the growing refugee impasse, incidents of abuse of helpless families and individuals  are disturbing, disgusting and inhumane."


A futile Escape —to Another Prison?

Syrian refugees are desperately attempting to escape civil war, bombs,  death,  ISIS fanatics, and the resulting impossible living and economic  circumstance.  Thousands are risking their lives crossing the sea toward Europe--and walking hundreds of kilometers —in a desperate, futile bid for life. They have no support, no food, or water. No shelter from inclement conditions whether they are man, woman, child or infant. They are being blocked, delayed, and abused and sometimes fed like animals by uncaring officials,  border guards, police, and upset, scared  populations, jurisdictions both unable and afraid to shoulder the incredible  cultural responsibility and cost  of taking them in —or even  allowing them to simply pass across their territory northward into Europe. This unprecedented  refugee impasse grows worse by the day.  Hungary closed, flee to Croatia, closed,  then on to other escape routes that may end up in buses or trains —deviously scheduled to go back to Hungary. We must ask if  these innocent people  are caught in a futile escape trap,and will end up hauled to a different sort of prison.. A seemingly forever refugee camp. Somewhere If they are lucky to survive dangerous water crossings and other challenges. The news and images of the growing refugee impasse, incidents of abuse of helpless families and individuals  are disturbing, disgusting and inhumane.  

What is the Real Problem?

Europeans are overwhelmed by the prospect of such a huge commitment and are building fences of fear. Economic refugee overload has  taken place so rapidly, borders have now  been  tightened to choke off the influx of desperate Syrians. The unknown.  People of a different culture and religion.  Which is the weightier  problem, inhumane fences of razor wire, pepper spray and riot control-equipped police battling an influx of the poor, or the global perception of Islam?   Brutal incidents have flooded the media, flashing around the world in shocked airwaves. The body of a young child tragically found drowned  on a beach both enraged and  temporarily touched collective hearts. For a few days.     Doors and travel corridors are now being slammed shut.  European Union countries are embattled in disagreements for quotas of refugees.  North America is reluctant to accept more than a dribble of refugees, citing security issues.  Rich Arab countries are reportedly not accepting refugees If not rich Arab nations, who? And why?  Questions must be asked. Uncomfortable questions.       Is it the immediate cost involved, the long-term obligation required, racism,  ignorance, apathy,  or is the worrisome shadow of Islam a root problem?  You get to decide.  In fact, we all get to decide,  and if nations fail to act, we  all get to  hang our heads in shame.  

The Time is Now

Regardless of individual and collective opinions, allegations of racism, or political convenience,  civilization must do more.  Human decency demands immediate solutions. Food, shelter and security is required for these people now,  not tomorrow, not after big important meetings  next week, not next month, or next year.  There can be no excuses.  Think about it.  


    Is that Incoming I hear?        
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