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America Must Face Reality

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Does the Future America offer Peace?

Another Needless Massacre

Once again, the United States of America must face reality. Americans are in shock with the most recent mass shooting occurring in a  gay nightclub in Orlando,  Florida.  Another unnecessary tragedy, a horrific killing of  49 innocent people  by one  unstable, radicalized Muslim;  an extremist  born in the USA  but influenced by ISIS and the challenge of living within a complex, confused North American society .   This tragedy is another event which must, at some point, be taken seriously, like it or not,  as difficult as  only can be imagined, —and  politically-correct or not.  

To ignore the reality of fanatic extremism is to invite more fanatic extremism and ever more deadly events. How sublime it seems, then, when each occurrence is followed by foolishly ineffective discussions, knee-jerk  political responses coupled with bold but meaningless  rhetoric and statements of position, copied,  seemingly verbatim, from previous horrific mass shootings, bombings,  or other horrific events.  America must  face reality regardless how difficult that process may turn out to be.

America must face reality,  look inward and face both the  guilt and results of willfully and inexplicably allowing sales of assault rifles and weapons to deranged racists,  lunatics and fanatics of all kinds on watch lists,  to unstable individuals, radicalized by brutal foreign influence or not.   America must take ownership and  responsibility  for a society so immune to reason that disgruntled opponents, both foreign and native-born Americans themselves , see no other choice but to lash out and kill; turn assault rifles and other weapons against unprotected, soft and innocent civilian targets in their predictable,  hopeless rage.

America Must Face Reality

Yes,  everyone knows politically-correct society insists:  "a mentally-disturbed individual did it."  Regardless of  description,  those who are angry kill,  mentally-deranged individuals kill, radicalized fanatics kill, extremists kill, and religious zealots with sick obsessions, motive and questionable agenda kill.  Equally guilty are political and religious  leaders who kill by failure to lead governments which  kill by failing to govern with reason and common sense,  and  all organizations and religions which kill by failing to teach peace, tolerance and understanding instead of brutal demands for compliance to  narrow-minded theology, barbaric idiocy, revenge, blood-letting and execution.  In the minds of desperate zealots of all stripes, no solution or path is offered but that of hopelessness of  violence or death itself.

Yes,  America must face reality; the hard  truth that fanatic American mandates and 'rights' are  cast in bitter, brittle fundamentalist self-righteousness, right-wing Republicanism, or equally bitter Democrat blather. It may be observed there is little separation in terms of stubbornness, intolerance, or mindset from that of  black-robed, preachy, AK-waving ISIL extremists,  bitter, delusional and fanatic jihadists, or Islamic criminals on watch lists,  global or home grown.

The  common operating  madness is the narrow, bitter interpretation of  ideology,  self-declared 'righteousness'  void of  respect for others or any responsible, reasonable social response. Politics and religion, now equally unappealing globally, are  based upon the unacceptable, deadly,  narrow-minded intolerance of others.   Justified by quoting verses from the Quran, chapters from a Bible, or 'rules of the  self-entitled' from failed, corrupt and out-dated political platforms, the evil  dwelling in the  unstable minds of radicalized, angry lunatics  has but one purpose; a mandate of intimidation, revenge, and fear by mindlessly killing  helpless human beings in crowded venues.

Because of  a long history of  arrogance, greed, endless warfare and exploitation of other nations,  elements in America can be held equally responsible for  poverty, prejudice,  bigotry, injustice, intolerance, and racism  resulting in predictable  radicalization,  terrorism, and fanaticism, all of which are desperate responses of protest and revenge.  Events like the massacres  which have occurred in Orlando,  the Boston massacre, 9/11, and countless other events will continue to happen. When will you get it?

Name them.  You know them all. Make excuses.  Declare war. Recall the blood, the horror, lifeless bodies, the maimed.   Recall broken families,  tears, the dearly beloved,  injured or lost forever. Mass murders are  happening with increasing regularity.  The politically-correct  may say "Yes, but, innocent people are killed daily by accident too."   So sorry, but we must ask; how do YOU not  'get it' ?  

The difference is that these events can be stopped.  Is it that we simply cannot face the necessity of accepting responsibility for creating ideal conditions for the import of evil, and the generation of home-grown terrorism?

You need not worry about the insanity of religious and political ideological struggles half-way round the world  over there, out of sight in the Middle East.  The brain- worms of ideological hate, rot, and violence  have clearly been imported to North America. 

How predictable. Now you, too, can hustle victims from back yard massacres to emergency hospital rooms in the back of  pickup trucks. How long will it be before little black pickup trucks are racing everywhere with machine-guns  mounted upon them too?


America must make very difficult choices, and soon. Not choices between  gun control or the NRA.  Not playing political games,  refusing to call  horrific events radicalized Islamic terrorism  by  labeling them acts of insanity.  Not by choosing to label perpetrators as 'deranged'  or 'lone wolves' or Islamic or  ISIL -inspired, when they may be all or none of the above.  Building fences and banning immigrants from the USA or not doing so, whether red, yellow, black or blue-blood, and being politically-correctwill not resolve the growing problem.

Voting for billionaire Donald Trump and his fence-like brash, careless, racist rhetoric,  or  alternatively, voting for Hillary Clinton's  suspect, pseudo-hawkish,  "I can be as tough as Donald Trump"  corrupt and  meaningless blather about gender-driven 'historical occasions' will make no difference.  It is not about choosing  male,  female or transgender  washrooms or same-sex marriage.   It is certainly not about choosing Republican or Democrat, with equally ridiculous, equally greedy and equally narrow-minded partisan ideologies —and equally presumptive intent.

It IS a choice between  awaking to choose  common sense and unity,   or choosing apathy, enabling this social disease further,  only to watch the shattered American Dream crumble and fail completely .

America must face reality.  Reason and common sense have always been  stronger foundations to build upon than  bitter, mindless, delusional ideology cast in greed, and arrogance. Now is not the time for stupidity.

 Simply observe —and think.

 That's how we see it.  Difficult choices or not,  the right choices must now be made for humanity instead of waiting for the inevitable chaos.  For the record, peace and hope are that simple.



Is that Incoming I hear?

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Issues: Plea for Anarchy

©2015 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_3118" align="aligncenter" width="388"]The Liberty Bell Cracks The Liberty Bell is Cracked....[/caption]

Status Quo, A plea for Anarchy?

Scenario:  With the current brutality and lunacy of ISIS (ISIL) in Afghanistan and Iraq, civil war in Iraq, and rebellions and outright war  in Syria, Ukraine, and in Africa,  it is not too difficult to imagine, understand,  and agree that  lawlessness, brutality, and unprecedented events and mayhem can easily occur. Let us hypothesize and imagine ultra-right fanaticism has spread like systemic rot across the United States of America. "Oh, but it's not the same thing. "  You may be tempted to object strenuously, and with conviction. You may even be right, but so what? Notice we did not say taken over by ISIL,  or ISIS, religious control freaks, or camouflage-toque-sporting Canadians with hunting rifles,  taco-bearing Mexicans, or flocks  of mobilized, angry infidels did I ? the concerned?   Neither did we suggest  illegals in rusty buses, highly-feared boogey-man socialists,  spiffy antique-car driving cigar-smoking communists newly arrived from Cuba, pip-pipping  Brits wistfully wishing to reclaim  the glory of the British Empire, or disenfranchised but  well-educated  Buick-owning Baby-Boomers from Miss Putzley's  senior home economics class of 1957. Notably missing also are finger-wagging miscellaneous religious fundamentalists,  do-gooders and the feared tsunami of Asians in all shades of yellow.  There is no need for a plea for anarchy yet, is there?. Let  us imagine they are simple, ultra-right fanatics.  Again, we are reminded,  not  sun-glassed hippies at every intersection who want to wash your windshield for a buck, panhandle with bad guitar-playing in the subway,  or those pesky rabid zombies that amble along so beautifully, but bite.  They don't sneak across the border bearing backpacks, unexpectedly knocking  at  Aunt Lily's  door at midnight smoking pot, or offer free car washes by Joey's   so they can swipe your cell phone and hijack the car too. Not exactly a poignant plea for Anarchy, is it? Let us imagine instead the anarchists involved already own the show in North America including the popcorn stand.  Why invade when you can buy and control everything including political souls? They are the insatiable, unethical, secret, hardened Uber rich. Let's not bother with statistics of the distribution of wealth;  the 1% factor is already shocking enough. Anarchists live well in ivory and gold towers.  Well, okay, in walled, exclusive multi-million dollar estates. They call the shots for all political parties,  buy national and local lawmakers,  lobby for corporate-friendly laws that arrogantly justify and benefit the cultivation of corporate welfare, and equally, encourage public outrage at  health care unless they can profit from it,  the food stamps programs, child care, and welfare assistance for the poor and homeless. blah blah. You get the idea. If you don't get it, the alarm clock just rang, or was it the busted Liberty bell? Anarchists exploit precious resources at any cost to the environment, again, as long as it is profitable, and discourage the development of clean energy because they own the infrastructure for dirty, profitable fossil fuels,  lock, stock and barrel. Shutting down North American manufacturing is high on the agenda, cheap third world labour is hired so increasingly trashier goods can be imported ever more profitably. Outrage is expressed if asked to pay fair wages for the remaining North American hamburger-burning jobs while CEO's reward themselves multi-million dollar bonuses for "profitable operations" and profits are secreted off-shore to avoid paying taxes.  The high cost of corporate-run medical care and over-priced education are outrageous, maintained as such to groom customers for big Pharma and maintain the population as  common serfs, working poor,  flocks of ill, ignorant toiling slaves;  uninformed sheeple. The pot boils. The bell tries to ring... Armaments industries owned by anarchists  demand a foreign policy of  constant warfare to ensure they remain rich. War against the unwilling, you ask?  No problem, there are equally greedy arms manufacturing corporations in the lands of foreign hostiles.  If not, North Americans cooperate and sell bombs and other armaments to the enemy too. Why not?  Terrorism, fear, and war are all happily used to generate fear. Populations afraid are easier to control . Where are we going? Is it time to plea for anarchy, is it time to ask the rest of  potential anarchists  to reclaim North America?  What do you think? The unthinkable? Surprise, the 1%  Uber-rich and ultra-right are already anarchists living by their own rules in the #corporateaucracy  (that would be defined as governance by the rich owning and controlling the political talking bobble-heads )  —a carelessly pre-calculated State of Self-Entitlement and insatiable greed in which they claim everything as their own. Since logic determines and history demonstrates that abuse of,  and corruption within any ideological /political system ultimately causes the demise of those systems, it seems the inevitable must be  residual anarchy,  the uprising of all;  the elderly with their canes,  the homeless and disenfranchised vets with sick, hungry children, the  working poor, the so-called 'middle class' and students with big dreams but a lifetime of debt incurred for a useless ticket to ride on the uber-rich anarchist bus headed for destruction. Wait. Wait for the ultimate lunacy and brutality that accompanies such events. Somehow, though, it seems that in North America, the richest lands in the world, ordinary, hard-working people somehow deserve better. A plea for anarchy?  It is not even necessary to ask.  Wait until the old guys that built this country by honest, hard pick-and-shovel work get mad. There's nothing quite as scary as P.O'd  angry seniors with long memories, and justice-seeking people with sticks —who have just discovered the Great Deceivers. Hold your breath and think...can we hear the Liberty bell ringing?   # Is that Incoming I hear?      
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