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A Clarion Call: Defending Canadian Values

©2017 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_3981" align="alignnone" width="600"]The inverted Maple Leaf flag of Canada --a symbol of distress, dfending Canadian values Canada in Distress[/caption]  

Choices: Defending Canadian Values

Genuine and meaningful choices concerning defending Canadian values are few.  There are only two—Two choices that must be considered by citizens of Canada, past, present, illegals,  refugees, economic opportunists, freeloaders,  or otherwise  incoming.  One stands defending  Canadian values, or  not.

We Stand on Guard for Thee?   Which shall it be? Tough choice isn't it? 

There are many 'circumstances' which must be considered, so many fragile feelings which can be hurt by blinking. Scolding and insults are  hurled back in discussions simply for asking questions. Or demanding answers. Oh, yay.  The indignity of a sweating, tongue-tied, ill-spoken  politician, social manipulator, or "traitorous liberal" parrot  asked to answer a question.  Asked Politely.   We stand on guard for thee and all that.  Why sure, we believe that and will buy a spare swamp in Florida too.  Right.

Warm and Fuzzy Platitudes: Not Genuine Canadian Values

Bleating warm and fuzzy political  platitudes are not genuine Canadian values. They will not help the   'we don't stand on guard for thee because Justin said not to .... crowd.

Well, er... we can't say that, we don't want to upset anyone, it might hurt their feelings.

We are all too aware of the trendy, popular offerings;  'tolerance of,'  'inclusiveness' and 'understanding of cultures '  social rules for other assorted, over-used to the point of  meaningless trash rhetoric  about racism and hate speech now so often  spouted by politically-correct politicians and their minions.   Parroted by less than honest, whining social manipulators and MP's who prefer their demagogic leader's Islamic and UN agenda be followed slavishly no matter how insulting, illogical, hate-inducing, socially damaging, treasonous, or dangerous  it may be to Canadians and  Canada;  Let's all play Truth, dare, and consequences. The new play. Act II...

From  bad to worse, those same empty platitudes are repeated endlessly by apathetic, mesmerized voters who clearly do not understand why "Islamophobia and Bill M103 " is a manufactured farce,  or bother to think for themselves—and still haven't connected the dots between votes  inspired by gushy ga-ga giggles,  hormones and outrageous stupidity.  ( To the logical, it IS  no  surprise that voting for the arrogance of "skin deep attraction" and slick talking  dramatic  narcissistic egos  always has been,  and always will be, a wasted, misplaced vote for little but drama...  But we digress...this, too, shall pass...when the curtain drops. )

Subsequently,   nasty rhetoric and rebukes emanate from the collective dysfunctional and disagreeable  'majority';   a  recalcitrant, Liberal  'we must be right or else' childish mentality.  Even when reasonable, alternative points of view are  offered by neutral observers with no other  intent than to open minds.

  Is it offensive to clarify, and  encourage thinking that may  prevent the destruction of Canada in the future? I think not. Not here at IncomingBytes. Grow some spine. Speak up. Here at IncomingBytes.com we will continue to practice Freedom of Speech regardless of "governance", ideology, or personal whims of dictators.

Be on notice that defending GENUINE Canadian values is not a Liberal 'game';  it is not a high-school drama or some lunatic's social experiment. To treat it as such is dereliction of duty.   The very future of Canada depends upon  choices carefully made now.

We Stand on Guard for Thee.  Even for YOU.

We stand on guard for thee,  in defense of GENUINE Canadian values  for  all. — Yes, even for YOU the most stubborn,  the completely  misinformed, the incredibly gullible;  and YOU too, as disagreeable as you are. —For YOU, who have chosen Canada for a new home  even if Canadian laws, customs, dress, tradition and religion are not to your 'liking',  and  —For YOU,  #Justin Trudeau,  who are so willing to sell out Canada, mislead, and  betray Canadians with your Sunni ways (wasn't that dramatic?  You thought nobody noticed)  —For YOU especially,  a misguided, unhappy elitist child with no self-respect— who has apparently  never been taught what the core identity of Canada has become.  Something you will learn;  that the True North— Strong and Free—is, above all, Canadian FIRST.

So it shall remain...The True North will remain Canadian first, and strong and free.

Calling all Canadians; it is time to MAKE A CHOICE and stand in defense of genuine Canadian values. Either you believe in defending genuine Canadian values or not. Which is it?  

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  


Is that Incoming I hear?

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Ex-Prime Minister Lobbying: Opportunism and Corruption?

©2016 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

  [caption id="attachment_3872" align="alignnone" width="688"]Harper leaves a trail of destruction behind him Is Stephen Harper's destruction of Canada Finished, or just Starting?[/caption]      

Resigned Politicos and Lobbying :  Opportunism and Corruption?


Harper Now On Pension —As a  Private "Consultant" Lobbyist?

Is political lobbying opportunism and corruption? If CANADA'S   Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is foolish enough to ratify  the TPP "free trade' deal as it exists, AS it was so "deviously carefully" set up in such a rush by  Conservative ex- Prime Minister Stephen Harper, —foreign national corporations will not only gain control of Canadian resources, but with potential lawsuits and damage claims for "potentially lost profit".  Such threats, lawsuits and claims will essentially dictate, hamstring, and limit Canadian environmental regulations and standards.  Worse yet, the "tribunal" to be used for settling such legal cases is clearly loaded against Canada. 

Having now resigned, and going on *pension, has Stephen Harper set himself up to be Canada's richest and most successful consultant-lobbyist?



Has Harper Resigned  with Opportunism and Corruption  in Mind?


Mr. Stephen Harper recently resigned as an MP,  and is starting his  new "consulting" (read lobbying) business; Canadians have every reason to be skeptical and very concerned.  Is Harper's future  plan opportunism and corruption?  How about a sell-out of Canada, and even treason?  Mr. Harper will 'consult' with foreign corporations and governments.   Why would he bother to do that, you ask? 

Clearly, as a 'private' consultant,  he will be in a position to enable foreign national corporations and states including Communist China  to further take advantage of the Canadian TPP with insider information, timely advice,  choice contactsshady contracts, through questionable "friendships" established during his reign as Prime Minister of Canada.  He will be exploiting working within the massive, sloppy, corporate-enabling  and very questionable  'free' trade deal he himself RUSHED through parliament for approval prior to his resounding election defeat. Imagine how convenient...


A Prime Ministerial Legacy?


Is the T.P.P. a "Prime Ministerial" legacy for Canadians?  We think not.  The T.P.P. is closer to willful destructive entrapment and betrayal of the Canadian economy and loss of sovereignty.  Mr. Harper is all too aware of what he is doing.  Does that potential arrangement encourage kickbacks, sweet deals, or does this deal border upon  bottom-shelf-quality treason?  YOU, loyal reader, must decide. And soon.


The Instantaneous Reward


As a result of Mr. Harper's "resignation" from public office,  there is little doubt there  has been an instantaneous reward,  a  creative, devious and GREAT opportunity established for exploitation and further sell-out of Canada  —an opportunity—created by Mr. Harper himself—*as he collects his $170,000 annual MP PENSION from CANADIANS—AND an additional $58,000 "Prime Minister's Pension"  when he turns 67 years of age.

As an 'aside', we digress,  dear reader, but cannot help but do the math and point out that  Canada Pension for Ordinary Canadian retirees, seniors, all hard-working Canadians —is  less than ONE-TENTH of the greedy, completely unwarranted, excessively FAT pension  for DEFEATED, FAILED politicians,  'ex' Prime Minister or not.  The reality and arrogance of political self-entitlement  never fails to amaze, disgust, and anger ordinary Canadians.


A future Lobbyist at the Expense of Canadians?


Please do tell us if we're wrong, but we suggest any future involvement  or lobbying by Stephen Harper will merely add insult to injury.  Is consulting with foreign national corporate interests  in matters where  the Harper -devised TPP   is involved—nothing but opportunism,  corruption and worse?  

It is a serious potential conflict of interest, overt hypocrisy,  immoral,  and at the very least,  devious, poor ethics and un-Canadian.  Canada CAN and should be able to DO BETTER FOR Canadians!


The Solution

Let us be helpful  —as is our Canadian tradition,  wish everyone the best of luck, —and suggest that  "Canada's friend"  Stephen Harper  be prohibited from "consulting" or lobbying  in any deals  between foreign interests and our government in Ottawa  —which include  any and ALL  resources including but not limited to free trade practices,  the labour market,  the energy sector, mining and minerals, water, food,  transportation, pipeline construction, communications,  or intellectual property   in  provinces or territories of Canada for the COMPLETE DURATION of  Mr. Harper's  shady "free trade deal"—however long it takes.

Are you listening, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

  • A special note......By the way, Americans should be paying serious attention to the T.P.P. as well --President Barack Obama is pro-T.P.P.  The question must be WHY—when it is so clearly NOT for the benefit of average Americans or Canadians either.  So —WHO is the beneficiary of the TPP?   Think, people....


There. That ought to do  it....


Is that Incoming I hear?

    *Creator of photo meme unknown.  Here at incomingbytes.com  we thank you.     .
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