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Challenge Traditions, Merry Christmas and…

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Challenge Traditions

It seems trendy  to be 'offended'  if individuals wish you the wrong 'Holiday greeting'  and/or  challenge traditions.  We do wonder about that.  Even if it's just an attempt to be traditional and crabbier than old Ebeneezer Scrooge himself,  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  remains our default, standard greeting for December 25th  —every year!    We persist.  So....to everyone........

   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

WE  wish each and every one of  YOU, whoever you may be, wherever you may be --an absolutely happy, safe, warm Merry Christmas, —or whichever Happy Holiday (by definition)  you may choose to substitute,  celebrate, —and/or not celebrate as YOU wish.

Please feel free to wish US  a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well, or "Happy Holidays" in the version, within your understanding of,  within your comfort zone, in the translation of, and in any language you prefer!

Trust us on this, the muse and I shall not be offended.  

Have a heart instead....Have a candy cane. Bring life and your heart back into focus.

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We also wish you a safe and  Happy New Year

Onward and upward, may your dreams materialize, and may the world and civilization itself prosper with peace and goodwill toward all people. May  happiness and understanding  replace the current global instability caused by war, opportunism, greed, fanaticism,  ideology, politics, the  increasing lack of logic,  the surreal and unnecessary wish to challenge tradition and beliefs,  and significantly, the failure to  use common sense.  Most notably, we sense a failure to respect the world itself, the environment,  and all human beings, wherever they may live.

Humanity can do better. That's usEvery one of us. We can do better.  Here at Incoming Bytes we wish the Best of the Season to everyone.

Is that Incoming I hear?

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King Henry and the Box

© 2010  Raymond Alexander Kukkee 744px-Jacob_Jordaens_-_The_Feast_of_the_Bean_King_-_Google_Art_Project It is time for civilized society in North America to recognize where priorities should be placed.  Poverty in the United States and Canada is systemic and pervasive, with homelessness and poverty at an all time high,  while our leaders spend hundreds of billions on warfare, grandiose projects of ego, destruction of the environment, horrific waste, and luxury.  Fact is, if history is any  teacher,  the blatant abuse of power,  arrogant self-entitlement and privilege  in any political system is the ultimate cause of the  failure of that system, whatever it may be. Ideology itself is no longer enough to maintain civilization. To believe otherwise is to live in delusion,  as fascinating as it may be, exempt from reality.  The surreal attitude of contempt expressed by the privileged and powerful  for average people, the environment, and the world around us  is unacceptable.  That concept  reminded me of  my old short story-which applies universally and to all seasons.   The Feast The massive oak door to the Great Hall was opened for him by a smiling servant. “Good Day, and welcome, King Henry”. “ 'Tis a good day for the Great Fest” he said, pausing. “The North wind doth carry a sorry chill, this day”. “Yes, your Majesty”. The doorman nodded and waved King Henry through the door into the warm room. The group at the head table in the Great Hall spotted the king simultaneously and stood, merrily raised their glasses, and said, almost in unison, “Hail, King Henry!” then laughed. He saluted them and sat down with them. The banquet tables were loaded with pastry, buns, breads of all kinds, and fruit. Apples, oranges, and even grapes. ‘Not bad for the cold season’ he thought to himself. “Every morsel of food must be imported into my kingdom” he muttered. The servant poured coffee and loaded his golden plate with great slices of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, assorted vegetables, and jewels. Red jewels. “Cranberries are jewels” he said out loud, and tasted one. He ate them all quickly. “My kingdom for some more jewels!” he thundered. “More jewels!” he said to the servant. The smiling, pleasant young woman placed more red jewels upon his plate, and some green ones. “Peas are emeralds” he said to her, “ a treasure unto themselves”. She laughed. The cranberries were tangy when he chewed them. “Pour the golden Elixir” he said, pointing at his mashed potatoes. “Fill the lake” he said, forming a depression in the potatoes. “‘Tis a royal  lake, is it not?” He carefully sliced off a piece of white meat and carefully dipped it into the gravy. “Tis a fine little lake, and we are pleased, this bird has been roasted to perfection by our fine chef.” The girl smiled again. “Yes Sire. Would you like some more cranberries, King Henry?” “Yes” he said abruptly. “A king can never have enough jewels, can you not see that?” “I have to get some more” she said, backing away, and bowing graciously. He waved her off and concentrated on the roasted bird. It was delicious. “And how be the kingdom today, King Henry?” the wizened man at the end of the table asked. “ ‘Tis well you be looking” he said. “Is the drawbridge at the castle working properly?” King Henry jammed the last piece of turkey in his mouth to avoid speaking. He gulped down the mashed potatoes and gravy and stood up abruptly. “Kings tarry not long with common folk” he said loudly, and turned from the table, as everyone in the Great Hall stopped chattering. There was silence. Just before he got to the door, he turned, and bowed, and said “Good Christmas to   all! Enjoy!” The doorman nodded to him. “Good day, King Henry”. King Henry pulled his collar up tightly, walking into the cold northerly wind. He turned up Main Street and up Henry avenue toward the bridge. He climbed through a gap in the fence, following a worn path that led under the bridge. He crawled into his cardboard box. “Tis good to be home. Good Christmas to all” he muttered to himself, covering himself with newspapers. “Good Christmas to all”. ## © 2010 Raymond Alexander Kukkee Is that Incoming I hear?   Photo: Jacob Jordaens - The Feast of the Bean King      Wikimedia Commons
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