The Garden of Earthly delights (Bosch -Hieronymus)

                   The Garden of Earthly delights (Bosch -Hieronymus)


This page is dedicated for the purpose of encouraging the writing of original songs.   Music from the soul.  Lyrics written from the heart and  melodies snatched from the universe of sound that surrounds us.

Songs herein are original works written by R.A. Kukkee.  Songs are much like poetry–with rhythm, voice, jewels in words— that shall be  recorded as jewels in sound.

My parents were musicians and songwriters at heart. They wrote and recorded hundreds of songs, publishing them under the labels “Fireside Music and Records”  and Willow Music. I am a musician and love music. I play guitar, piano, and violin.

This page is under construction, but sooner or later should have not only lyrics, but recordings of the songs themselves.

As they say, “poke around, you never know what you shall find.”


Is that Incoming I hear?



Photo:   Wikimedia Commons:   Bosch, Hieronymus – The Garden of Earthly Delights

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