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DNA -a building Block

DNA -a building Block



“To science and it’s inherent wonders, benefits, and dangers are we inexplicably tied by God”

Science is a huge field of endeavor, from the application of the most basic scientific principles such as mass, gravity, heat, and electricity — to the exotic; solar power, electromagnetic anomalies,  rotation of planets, and galaxies.

Into the macro world of nano-particles,  atoms, quirks and quarks,  or out into the universe we go with the wonders of dark matter, black holes, and even the warp of time itself.

“Beam me up, Scotty” comes to mind as we watch the space station and satellites whiz by in the velvet black of midnight,  or react in wonder when meteorites hit the earth, like the most recent catastrophe in Russia, where  reportedly,  thousands of people were injured by an exploding meteorite.  A relatively small one –and within a day, a much larger meteorite passed to within 17,000km of earth–much closer to earth than some of our man-made satellites.

 To science and it’s inherent wonders, benefits, and dangers are we inexplicably tied by God, — from DNA building blocks to galaxies distant,  dark matter, and everything in between.

Such will be the subject matter one may find in this eclectic collection of scientific wonders –now under construction: Science: A, B, C…..




Is that Incoming I hear?

Photo “DNA”   Wikimedia commons

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