The written is Upon You


©2009, 2014  Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Three BlackEyed Suzies in Hand



Heed not whispered foolishness from sands

Or dry, vulgar voices upon winds

When messages may be spied

Intent in letters from my pen

Interstellar slashes written in darkened ink

Declined in black fury upon impact

Left to fly alone among the stars,

Far across the universe with the heart of winged lion

Cherish leading edge and wonder not at fire brighter than the sun

Sharper than jeweled Excalibur of old

Black knight in shining armor at your bidding

White horse thundering beyond silent bed

To master lightning, harken, beck and call

To belay wretched soul, awake from restless sleep

For you have witnessed messages unspoken,

The written is upon you

But from my pen, and yours to keep.




Is that Incoming I hear?


photo “Three BlackEyed Suzies in Hand”  ©2014 r.a.kukkee All rights reserved

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