Poetry: Hate Admonished


©2008, 2015   by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Hate admonished; turned to love

Hate admonished; turned to love

Hate Admonished

Hate shall not consume me
Ever shall I firmly put it behind me,  abandoned;
Walking upon  shadows, following,
Tracing every footstep,
Yet shall I deny hate reason or satisfaction
Heap scorn upon all hate
Born on the wisp of fear
Dare the soul, yet speak
And call it’s name;
Call it nothing;
Consider the nothingness,
The emptiness of hate admonished; see the work of fools,
And turn the wisp to love.


Is that Incoming I hear?


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2 Responses to Poetry: Hate Admonished

  1. Beautiful words, Ray! I choose love over hate – and it IS a choice!! Wonderful to read your new poem, dear friend

  2. Christyb, coming from a genuine poet, that is a great compliment, much appreciated “:) Thank you so much, and yes, it is a choice we make every day. “:) ~R

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