Pandemic Social Distancing: Six Feet Apart


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Covid-19 Virus under the Microscope

The Covid-19 Virus, Cause of the Global 2020 Pandemic  *


Pandemic!  Covid-19  Social Distancing: Six Feet Apart

No one on earth is exempt.  Let that sink in for a moment.  You need to be six feet apart.   Virtually every human being  on earth is at risk from  the danger being infected with the  Covid -19 virus.  A contagion with over 1.3 million cases globally at this date.  Covid-19 has cause thousands of deaths.   Any  man, woman,  or child of any age can become infected with this dangerous new virus pandemic.

We are told that we  can resist.  “Flatten the curve” is a trendy catch phrase used to describe minimizing total cases out there to avoid overloading overworked  health systems and hospital care all at once.
What can we do?  Wash our hands. Wear masks, limit visitations to seniors and those with compromised immune systems.   Stay home. Stay healthy. Self-quarantine persons with symptoms.   Remain isolated for 14 days.
Most importantly, keep your distance from others in public at all times,  a new, difficult,  and counter-intuitive  social behaviour.
Social distancing is required by law in some jurisdictions, ignored in others.   A social euphemism for “back off, dude!”

Stay away from carriers of the contagion”  comes to mind”

More important words may never have been spoken —like in the days of yore. Two sword lengths apart.

Social Distancing: Six Feet Apart

Offering  recommendations to slow down this pandemic, nouveau  experts on this disease are recommending  that  “social distancing”  be maintained between individuals in public.  The distance is  two  meters  or approximately — six feet apart.  To minimize infection via aerosolized particles of moisture in sneezes ad coughs, wet breath and snot.

Other helpful measures involve limitations on unnecessary travel. Locked down cities. Closure of all businesses except food & drugstores, essential business.  (and alcohol outlets of course) Less socialization in groups. No parties. No celebrations, No funerals.  Self isolation.  Quarantine of suspected cases and incoming travelers for a minimum of 14 days.

Social Distancing  makes sense, starve the virus of potential victims.  Here at we suggest that 

It’s better to be six feet apart than six feet UNDER.

Let that be your guide,  let that six feet be your new behavioural standard,  best social practice,  perhaps the best advice ever,  other than to “keep  breathing at all times.”
Right up there with “cough and sneeze  into your elbow” and wash your hands often and thoroughly. And use hand sanitizer at every turn. Keep your hands off of your face, eyes, and keep those fingers out of the nose. Always good advice. Sterilize surfaces, doorknobs, counters, equipment. Wash produce.  By now you’ve heard it all, but do you actually DO it?

Out in public, be six feet apart at all times.

Worth repeating.  Be six feet apart at all times.  Now social distancing is becoming expected social behaviour for the preservation of humanity itself. Most interestingly,  note that any measures are for the slowing of Covid-19, not the elimination of this deadly virus as such. More on that later.

Gatherings of people  —for  whatever reason —are discouraged, even banned by anxious governments being overwhelmed by developing cases of Covid-19.   Sports events, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo….all cancelled or postponed, take your pick.

  In some jurisdictions huge fines are being issued for ignoring this perhaps  critically-essential   ‘behaviour”— for survival.

Reduction in sizes of groups  and much smaller groups of people congregating— even in the outdoors  are recommended —or even ordered by law.   Various jurisdictions went from  500, to 200, down to   50, 10, 5,  and  even  2  persons.    The pressing  idea is “Fewer persons equal a  lower infection rate and slower spread.
“Flatten the curve” is the battle cry in this newly-declared  war.

Persons sharing  their coughs, sneezes , touch and  physical contact  with others when  displaying any symptoms of illness  are  encouraged to GO HOME and STAY THERE  at all times.

Much controversy is involved,  since little genuine data has yet to  be collected on Covid-19  a.k.a.  Nova Corona virus,   (Covid Sars 2  –a new mutated  ‘relative’ of Sars.)   Remember that one?
This one  is worse. Much worse.  This is what it looks like.

Coronavirus as seen under an electron Microscope

The Covid 19 virus is a novel Coronavirus. Under an electron microscope curious appendages can be seen.*

*Photos courtesy of


SO:    How far apart will YOU stand while out in public?  

The Covid-19 virus knows.  So do the cops.  And here you thought only the shadow knows…. 

What can YOU do?

Stay Safe. Stay HOME as recommended by health authorities.  Wash your hands often and well.  Cough into your sleeve.   Stay home  ESPECIALLY if you have any symptoms….get INFORMED and get TESTED if necessary. 


Above all,,,,

Maintain a responsible habit of social distancing  from others out in public.  Protect yourself and others. Your family, your friends and the public.  help others do the same.
Stay at least six feet away –better than  six feet under.


*How Long will the Global Pandemic Last? 

The short answer is:  Only God knows.   Any answer is simply speculation, an educated  guess. Why?  because nobody knows for sure. Researchers are on it globally.  Second and third waves may  occur. Reinfecton may occur.
Bottom line, we believe that  Everything depends upon starving the virus of victims.

Let that sink in and stay tuned…



Is that Incoming I hear?



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