The Writing Life: I Am Canadian First

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©2017 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

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The Writing Life: I am  Canadian First.

Let's get this straight.  I am Canadian first, but  I am a writer,  published novelist, blogger, story-teller, freelancer and even a poet at times.  I do other stuff too, visual arts, old guy stuff, gardening, endless hobbies out in the great outdoors. Let's not lose sight of the fact that  I write because that is  what drives me, it is who I am.  In spite of all that,   I am still Canadian first. Do tell.

Writing  is special.  Writing encourages the spirit and imagination; writing tugs at the heart strings, at times explores  tears,  fears, remorse, love and  joy.   At other times  curiosity, wonder, sarcasm,  the mystery of  love and laughter.  And yes, there is the other side.  The dark side.  Observations of humanity itself, the shadows of contemporary life.  Social mores, traditions, cultures.  Which also include  anger and disbelief and unacceptable ugliness, which precipitates valid concerns  about modern 'events'   thrust upon us.  Why? Because we are Canadian first.  Not any kind of  hyphenated Canadian.  Canadian AT the core.

Let us not Go There

Not go where, you ask?  Being Canadian first, let us not collectively drift toward the loss of freedom. The loss of words.   As Canadians first, we are not referring to words scribbled  so carelessly  on paper they fall by the wayside as trash. Words contrived,  callously written by babbling, thoughtless, arrogant political deviants  with the intent to deceive.  Words written by deceivers.

How about words spoken,  civilized words, words of concern,  words used in free speech?  How can we  ever allow these words lost?  We must not allow any loss of Freedom of Speech. 

Canada is in distress. Wake up.

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We are Canadians first; I am a Canadian— but I am also  a writer.  A writer very concerned for  words , Freedom of Speech and the disquieting  direction Canada's Liberal government is presently taking. The future of Canada is at stake.  A Canada worth writing about.

Let us not go there. Ever.


Is that Incoming I hear?

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Let’s Comment on Life January 30 2017


©2017 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee


Let's Comment on Life,  January 30, 2017

Don't you just love it when you get a chance to comment arbitrarily on important and timely stuff? It's already January 30, 2017,  and time is of the essence. Let's get to it, let's comment!

Perhaps the best part, sun's out,  people, do we have winter beaten?  No, but it was close  to  melting for a few days, with some beautiful sunshine,  15C  out in the unheated plastic greenhouse.  That's a  spring-like start, or at least a nice break. A bonus;  days are already growing longer. Sun's brighter every day,  sunshine tends to offer encouragement to Canucks, the great Northerners, doesn't it?   Let's comment on this unusual weather; we don't know which is more exciting, seeing the sun shine brightly, watching the pups, Tilly the Tall  and Ebony the Short snoozing out in the sun, or seeing  snow melt around the edges in January.  Definitely a sabbatical from typical  frigid January  temperatures, and although  'climate warming' is always an issue,  we're not complaining about a break in the weather.

Canada's Birthday coming soon...on the Calendar

It is 2017, Canada's 150th !  Let us keep that in mind. July 1st approaches quickly...we hope Canada remains as Canada... but with questionable leadership and very unpopular, disliked decisions handed down, it would not surprise anyone to see cracks develop in the stable country we know as Canada.

Let's Comment on  TrudeauBoy...Up here in Canada!

It might be smarter to say "Let us Pray".  The  globalist, manipulative,  deceptive, dictatorial  and now much distrusted    Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau   was holding what might best be  described as painful social experiments and classes in Fading  Popularity and Political Illusions 101. 

TrudeauBoy: Dumb Canadians, they'll believe ME, ...I'm Tru9deauBoy...

"Sunny-ways Trudeau the Boy"  a.k.a. TrudeauBoy  is holding patronizing  'sunny ways'  town hall meetings. Across Canada, supposedly. After  duping the public and approving a very unpopular pipelines (Kinder Morgan through British Columbia and Line 3 )   and a LNG terminal on the west coast and the anger those decisions  caused, it was not a surprise to see Justin going on an expensive  vacations to hide out  with the spiritual leader of 15M Muslims on a private island.  An unpopular move, he returned, hitting the road to  justify his actions, take selfies, and fool some more voters....

Let us be generous in spirit and comment  that town hall meetings are usually carefully  scripted, planned, choreographed political excursions designed with intent to placate, test  and  sometimes cool the anger of voters, but have little more genuine value  than a popularity contest with only one unpopular entrant.

Of no more value and probably less effective than nice hair and a selfie-stick,  the public sessions are offered with touchy-feely hugs and  Trudeau ga-ga beauty-pageant photo ops.  —Photo ops with frustrated, angry, crying voters— an upset single mother of four in Peterborough, Ontario, as an example, driven to desperation and poverty by skyrocketing electricity bills  and Ontario Liberal Wynne's incompetence and  family-hating arrogance.

Questions for TrudeauBoy Abound....

The distraught mom in Peterborough asked why TrudeauBoy  has introduced  a Canada-wide  Carbon Tax which will increase the cost of living substantially.  Let's not be fools; she knows why already and  is already in poverty—she has about  $65  in her bank account with which to feed her family for a week.

Poverty certainly is not  a big enough reason for government to BE  responsible though, is it Justin? 

The crowd is subjected to TrudeauBoy's neo-Liberal double-speak...'ah' , 'ah' and blah-blah....custom-tailored to the  Peterborough, Ontario  crowd.  His consultation speech of lies  includes  pasture patties such as 'we're working hard"....and his prat-fall 'phasing out the oilsands" especially, raises prickly oil-sands hackles all the way over to Alberta...but let us pay no mind to that...TrudeauBoy will save the day by sucking up to destitute Albertans with a customized, oil-smoothy town hall b.s. session speech for them very soon. (Just in time for Trump to announce the KXL pipeline is back avoid being lynched in Alberta...but  we digress....)

The new 'carbon taxes',  blatantly misrepresented as  "revenue neutral" (now a national JOKE)  will ultimately exacerbate the problem, increase the cost of EVERYTHING to the poorest of Canadians,  to ultimately —and arbitrarily —steal  BILLIONS of dollars out of the  economy.

Trudeau's Carbon Tax will  FOOLISHLY take money out of the hands of ordinary people who would normally grow the economy by spending it for family necessities like food, clothing, electricity and heat.  (hello?  Anyone home up there, TrudeauBoy?  )

Trudeau's multi-billion-dollar Carbon Tax Slush Fund will instead be used for buying votes by whatever method the social-manipulator/teacher/dictator and his recently-shuffled, totally incompetent government chooses. 

That funding will ensure  and enable more devious, sloppy government,  more preaching of deceptive and trendy personal opinions on 'what's good for Canadians"  including more pipelines, enabling corporate interests,  importing more Islamic culture to give Canadians a 'core identity'   and let us not forget the pandering to and selling out of control of Canadian resources  to foreign interests. 

Trudeau will insist upon further changing 150 year-old established Canadian social structure to his personal bent,  ensure  extra-trendy definitions of sexuality, fund and prance in parades,  import vicious and questionable cultural values which Canadians do not want, discard core Canadian values, and continue to push the valid concerns of ordinary Canadians aside as he sets up his kingdom. 

He will continue to pursue TPP, CETA,  a "free trade " agreement" with China,  renegotiate NAFTA and other other far less-than-astute  trade agreements, further globalism, and approve secret domestic corporate-favourable legislation.      Or whatever.

Add whatever you wish to this list.

Expect anything from this Prime Minister. TrudeauBoy is out of control. Does he understand the implications of his foolishness?  Clearly not. Why?

What  would the globalist son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau,  the original Mr. Fuddle Duddle, do... if pipeline protesters object to his  unpopular decisions, decline his "trendy" social manipulation, and question his  foolish and  dictatorial methods ?—Will he simply choke them as Jean Chretien, an ex-PM (Lib.)  attacked a protestor in the street, or will he call out the RCMP,   invoke the War Measures Act, and call out the army—like dictator-daddy Pierre did in the October Crisis, 1970?  Some Canadians may not recall, or fail to see the connection:

   <<<  While Trudeau  (Pierre Elliot Trudeau)  is falsely praised as a champion of charter rights, his defense of the War Measures Act provides a different story: “There are a lot of bleeding hearts around who just don’t like to see people with helmets and guns. All I can say is, go on and bleed, but it is more important to keep law and order in this society than to be worried about weak-kneed people who don’t like the looks of a soldier’s helmet... So long as there is a power in here which is challenging the elected representative of the people I think that power must be stopped and I think it’s only, I repeat, weak-kneed bleeding hearts who are afraid to take these measures.

A reporter asked, “At any cost? How far would you go with that? How far would you extend that?His infamous answer:     “Well, just watch me.”   >>>

Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Get it? You got it. Pierre was another dictator out of control.  How far will YOU go now, #TrudeauBoy?

But wait.....

Back in  the Peterborough town hall meeting Justin '"hugs'' the distraught woman and puts on his  best, patronizing, smug teacher "there-there, I feel your pain" mask.    Oh, my, was that restrained clapping by the on-lookers for the unconvincing 'hug a peasant-act',  or was it embarrassment for the basic demonstration  of   'see how sensitive I am? ' from the Prime Minister of Canada?

TrudeauBoy babbles,  unsuccessfully  back-pedaling  furiously, offering justification, delays, making excuses and trying to disconnect and distance himself from both the outrageous,  and HUGE future costs of the Big Carbon Tax Grab and the incredibly incompetent Wynne Liberals of Ontario. Unsuccessful disconnects on both counts, of course....

Unbelievably,  the truth  goes over his head.  To this brash, thoughtless and deceptive politician it is simply   another   town hall 'meeting" a photo op event, completed  with lies, half-truths,  hollow  memorized words, hypocrisy,  paying hollow lip service to angry crying peasants and serfs mortified and he believes,  mollified by  TrudeauBoy,  master of deception —on national television.

Most surprisingly, the meeting  concluded  without a lynching.

The Observed Fact Is that...

The same old, patronizing political   arrogance oozes from  this Liberal Government superHero as thickly as it poured from previously-despised governments.  For the record, deception, bold-faced lies, smoke and mirrors have been used by Canadian political charlatans  since politics was invented.

Subsequently, the most significant lesson  Canadians need to learn quickly  is that this Prime Minister, like "old style politicians ' of the past,  does NOT  have "better or different intentions".   #TrudeauBoy' is, and  has, a huge ego, is arrogant, childish and actually foolish enough to think  Canadians believe his customized lying double-speak and rhetoric.

And, for the record, we must ask: Are  dictator trolls and henchmen  already swinging  into action, or are "Liberal supporters" losing it?   The distraught mom from Peterborough has been receiving backlash and nasty threats; —are Canadians to assume payback  for 'upsetting' Justin's  photo op  town hall meeting... Given the current atmosphere of distrust of government, why would that possibility surprise anyone?

Will Canada even REACH its 150th birthday  with this reckless leader and his government?  Now we are not so sure.

Later.......Later.....Bad **News...

January 29th.....A deadly attack** on a mosque in Quebec City occurred just after President Trump placed a BAN on IMMIGRATION to the U.S.A. from seven Muslim countries.  Panic ensues globally,

------but WAIT !.... have no fear, TrudeauBoy came to the rescue in Canada, and thumbed his nose at President Trump, promising to open the door to Canada and welcome all  Muslims caught in the fiasco.

WOW...does TrudeauBoy have ANY understanding of the foolishness of  this brash statement?


Meanwhile, south of the border in the United States of America, government is supposed to be different, new Pres. and  all.   Whiners, complainers, violent demonstrations... It  should be different...shouldn't it?

—but NO... President Trump is legally in charge, so for Democrat whiners, losers, demonstors and riot-inciters, GOVERNMENT is longer believable or  functional there either....and  needs to be reinvented. Badly. 

And soon. 

If he can't fix  Canada, maybe TrudeauBoy can fix America instead...



 **Here at  our hearts and thoughts go out to families and the victims of this unnecessary. tragic  and horrific act of terror against Canadians in Quebec City.   We believe that violence is NEVER the solution to anything.


Is that Incoming I hear?

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