Trudeau Drawing Fire on Canada Once Again

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Ivanka Trump with President Donald Trump at the 2017 G20 summit   Photo credit: Getty Images


Trudeau Drawing Fire on Canada —Again.

Once again, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau has done it. It has become a bad habit.  Trudeau drawing fire on Canada has almost come to be expected.  What on earth will he do next is heard on street corners and mumbled loudly in coffee shops across the land.

Justin raises the ire of Canadians, who expect an orderly sound stage, logical governance and at least a minimum standard of protocol displayed by their chosen  rock star, not  a three-ring circus  complete with a clown.

Too bad for Canadians....  That stodgy old protocol called Canada  is not to the liking of this Prime Minister— not enough gender-bending, not enough drama.  Trudeau is not only raising the ire of Canadians, he is drawing  fire on Canada from abroad.

Patronizing Arrogance

The patronizing arrogance required to create such chaos is not a surprise. The rock star -sized ego thrives on attention, drama, and the pseudo-act of "teaching the world how to sing in rainbow colours."  You know the song, 'I'd like to teach the world to sing'... but in the dramatic, twisted Trudeau sock puppet parade version?

True to form, the confused Trudeau has been carrying his message with rainbow-coloured coals to other world leaders Newcastle.  For example, to Chancellor Angela Merkel  of Germany, who at one time, perhaps,  may have been the last chance for sanity and  democracy in Europe but no longer. She is now appearing confused and long overdue for a nice old 'chancellor-lady'  retirement after destroying Germany with her delusional immigration policy.

And as for the new child-President Macron of France, he, like Trudeau—already being similarly confused,  believes he is too intelligent to be understood by ordinary French folks. Alas.   Do tell.  Just imagine. Macron and cheese. The New World Order(ed) diet of  Islamic France. With champagne.  Scratch that. No alcohol or fun allowed.

Trudeau  drawing fire on Canada obsessively may have even caught the attention of President Donald Trump at the G20  (19 + 1 and a bit ) summit recently. As if a stabbing terrorist attack from Canada wasn't enoughDo tell again.  Worth repeating, a terrorist attack from Canada.   A Muslim knife thrust repeatedly into innocent victims; and Trudeau's rainbow-stained  thumb thrust up the nose of  Trump and  Canada-US relations. Wow, meeting with the US Governors behind the back of the President glows brilliantly...the backwash is predictable as the governors discover they, too, have been duped.

That was almost as unpalatable as Trudeau's obsession with his sock fetish,  his bright pink socks, Eid Mubarek socks , the promotion of  open borders and incidental, anger-inciting and contradictory fashion statements like the self-serving  M103 'Islamophobia'  evil, and paying terrorists $10.5M apologies.  Wow.

Those were 'almost'  as laughable as Trudea's insistence upon dramatically wearing Indian turbans, Muslim hats,  First Nations feathered headdresses ... and  white cowboy hats— promoting world poverty, donating Canadian millions to the corrupt Clinton foundation, and trying to impress Albertans. 

Alberta, of all places,  became invisible or floated up to la-la land, nowhere to be seen on Canada Day,  For Trudeau, it was  far, far away... Happy 150th to the New Republic of Alberta.  Trudeau has yet to sent Alberta a $10.5M  apology like he paid Omar Khadr,  but that's understandable, Albertans are not Muslim, Islamic co-conspirators,  or  convicted terrorists.

Trudeau heads for Calgary. If he can find it.  How about a signed, grinning cardboard cut-out  selfie of Justin in a knockoff white cowboy hat instead of  a few pale-face words, Mr. Forked Tongue? And that hat....white, how inclusive, and innocent.  "There, that ought to make Albertans happy and keep Alberta entertained for another couple of weeks."  Albertans will be impressed with THAT bull...chute,  or is it shyte?   Oops,  that was one for Scotland.

International Flack is Back

International  headshakes were not long in forthcoming either, considering the failure to achieve unanimity on the Paris climate accord, trade and other issues at the G20.  Confusion reigns.  Perhaps President Trump was jet-lagged or rattled. He typically tweets exciting crap that's even true sometimes but misspoke as he recently described  Justin Trudeau as doing a fantastic job.  Well, you can't blame the old boy... It is true in context, after all;  Trudeau's world-class achievement, establishing the life-saving importance of  his influential sock fetish raises the international bar of something... political how-dee-doo.   It has even inspired President Macron in France to be similarly flamboyant and sock-boy foolish. To hell with traditional European anything;  the new social gastronomie for the poor of France shall be  Macron and cheese  instead of 'let them eat cake.'

There 'ya go.  19 + 1 and a bit.

Back to the for the lone hold-out Donald,  the problem of standing alone in Europe at the G20 and the embarrassment of praising Trudeau  was resolved by getting Ivanka, his attractive daughter,  to distract and sit in.

Undercurrents akin to aloof jealousy reigned at the summit. Social mores were stiffly observed. Justin attempted to convince everyone that international cooperation and  globalism is better by showing everyone his socks.

We might contemplate that Angela Merkel the Chancellor  was  deviously attempting to persuade the Donald  to join the majority, helpfully  keeping Justin  separated from the beautiful fashionista  Ivanka by judiciously wedging herself between them as  any hired, scowling chaperone might do.

"I —just ah...ah... was just going to show her my socks" Justin explained, grinning foolishly.   

''Who needs socks? Ivanka, she doesn't need socks!"  Angela the Chancellor was heard to whisper, displaying a mischievous smile."How about showing me instead?"

Certainly the German chancellor hasn't displayed hers yet. As a woman in her self-altered, already-problematic Germany, she may never be allowed to do so.  Nevertheless, Angela displays heart. Perhaps for different reasons,  like  the ulterior and evil  Islamic motives of Justin.  At least she honestly wants to save women and girls. Even Ivanka—  from Justin.   We may deduce that Donald Trump should be eternally grateful . Keep an eye on her. There may be hope for Europe yet...

Like  Trudeau drawing fire on Canada, international echos may  prove to be contagious.  Rock star wannabes, drama teachers and grinning, deceiving ideologues and lying sock puppets should never be ignored.   Why?   Disarming, quaint, and childish distractions like Kim Jong clapping at the success of his toys,  Trudeau drawing fire on Canada with ga-ga selfies and red herring sock fetishes— may ultimately prove to  be dangerous. 

After all, like innocent, grinning babies, with bad hair, they both may appear arrogantly "cute and innocent" —but sooner or later, will grow teeth. They will also  have to be changed.


Is that Incoming I hear?

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It is Time to Choose, Civilization or Not

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The Flag of Great Britain


 It is Time to Choose, Civilization or Not

Here at IncomingBytes,  we  offer heartfelt condolences to grieving families. We offer  positive thoughts and prayers for  innocent victims of tragic events, regardless of location or cause.   As such, people everywhere mourn with the civilized  people of Great Britain who have suffered incredible losses in three more recent tragic, brutal  events.  Three more terrible, unbelievable events.  Worth repeating.  Once again, civilization or not it is time to choose.  We stand in solidarity with YOU, the civilized in Great Britain and elsewhere. Always have, always will.


Political Correctness, Sacrifice, or Reality?  It Is Time to Choose


 Are you satisfied with political correctness demanding sacrificial lambs,  or would you prefer to  face reality?  Let us make that distinction thoughtfully. We once again attempt to make that selection. Why? There have  been more innocent lives sacrificed to political correctness with ever more to come;  memorials must be built, candlelight vigils must be held,  blood must be washed from barbaric sidewalks and shattered venues. Tears must be shed. Political correctness maintained... Really?

"World leaders are resolving the issues with grand statements, are they?  No. Let us all be mollified, blinded,  'dumbed-down' by hollow, meaningless political words, blathering electioneering promises, and remain  'politically-correct' with open borders; and wait. For another week or two—or another day—or another hour —until the next  horrific attack. 

Shall civilization remain spineless and silent, and  simply prepare the next batch of innocent lives for slaughter?   Is that the price "civilization" is willing to pay for political correctness,  warm and fuzzy, "inclusiveness"?   Must we willingly offer the blood of innocents to be shed in the name of "tolerance" to satisfy the narcissistic egos of  incompetent leadership?    How many innocent lives are a sufficient "voluntary and suitable sacrifice" ?  How many lives are to be willingly offered,  'volunteered' by the spineless to appease  ideological lunacy that yes, is clearly 'derived' from  archaic, murderous and brutal  Islamic teachings straight out of  a ' book' ?

Tough call isn't it?  Will  you  deny fact—and  naively  offer the  blood of  one,  three,  ten,   or a hundred more innocent lives next time —so murderous Islamic lunatics can claim success for a sub-human cult of death?  Are you prepared to offer sacrificial children, parents, brothers, sisters, friends... so YOU don't have to stand up and say NO?    Worth repeating, it is a tough call, but YOU have to make it.  Either sacrifice more innocent lives —or grow some spine and make the call to deal with the problem by removing it. THAT is the reality of the choice being made.

You decide...  It is time to choose, civilization or not.


We do not tolerate, but neither do we capitulate"

Recently one of my friends on Facebook  who happens to be British, and was only a few hundred meters from the  attack  (7/7/05 on the Aldgate tube station) commented on the mind of the British regarding terrorist and other brutal realities;  with stoicism, great resolve, and  the old stiff upper lip  of Great Britain.

'We do not tolerate, but neither do we capitulate'.

"We do not tolerate"  and "neither do we capitulate' being the key phrases. "Well said.  "

We, here at Incomingbytes say  "Hear, hear!"

We suggest that much of the  civilized world has been deceived;  ALL western leaders, elected politicians must no longer longer tolerate OR accept as inevitable  these barbaric atrocities.  The civilized world must refuse to give in to ideological and political demands of fanatic extremists, so-called 'refugees' AND  'friendly', deceptive Muslim ideologists and expansionists who knowingly  practice takiyhya (tactical deception) to take  advantage of the civilized world to gain power and inflict a foreign, devious, and much-distrusted  ideology upon the world.

It is time to choose, civilized or not;  the civilized world must refuse to offer any more blood of sacrificial lambs to a cult of death, which notably,  also attacks its own with equal gusto and rabid  insanity.

Politically-correct, egotistical, feel-good and treasonous leaders will scream about "racism", being non-inclusive, " being intolerant "  and accuse us of "lack of understanding of  cultural differences''  and above all, scream "Islamophobia!" — And then will proceed to gasp in disbelief when even more attacks occur,  will hold more candlelight vigils, and will offer 'words of wisdom about 'division of society is  bad'  and "it was a lone wolf attack of an insane person," justifying anything and everything...  and once again offer  condolences to victims and parents of sacrificial lambs  after the next attack..and the next one... and the next one...endlessly... Somehow...expecting 'different results' —the new improved kind of la-la expected by the delusional.

Interestingly, if an opinion which does not support their own Utopian naivete' is offered, the disapproving arrogant —will smugly and smugly  inform us that we are wrong.

Frankly?  With the blood of innocents being spilled, again and again,  clearly with no relief expected, it is time to choose. Bottom line,  people with common sense  no longer  give a damn what fools  think. The solution is obvious.   Don't like that? Too bad. Offer something 'wiser' and better. Something that works.


Is that Incoming I hear?

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