Kim Jong’s New Toy Missiles Can Hit What?

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N. Korean missile tests

Kim Jong-un test-fires missiles


North Korea Stirs the Pot with Kim Jong's New Toy Missiles

We must conclude that  Kim Jong-un  (# 2) , the revered leader of North Korea,  doesn't want any friends. Or thinks he doesn't need any.  North Korea has once again  stirred the pot and raised red flags everywhere with Kim Jong's new toy missiles.  Korean versions of ICBMs  have been once again been  test-fired, successfully, setting the world on edge.  Red flags were raised internationally when Kim Jong announced that long-distance launches on the U.S. territory of Guam were supposed to be his next target, which would precipitate an understandable and in kind response  from U.S. President Donald Trump.

 Kim Jong's new toy missiles can  hit  what?  Really...

The latest test was pushed to an altitude of 3700km and at that steep angle and  altitude, a range of 1,000 km was achieved.   A matter of simple physics, it hasn't taken the world long to do the rest of the math.  Toronto and perhaps half of the continental United States is now within range of Kim Jong's new toy missiles. How concerned should the world be at this time?  Very. Kim has announced that NK is now capable of mounting small nukes on the same missiles.  The resulting hit on any population would be disastrous. Is the world suddenly  at risk of a nuclear war because of this madman? Not impossible.

Kim Jong II  displays instability, a reckless abandonment of responsibility to the world of nations —and disregard for humanity itself.

Have you noticed how Kim claps like an excited child when his  soldiers are paraded past, or his toys  are launched?   **We would not be surprised if Kim  would clap equally enthusiastically sitting  in a sandbox  with Justin in Canada, both dramatically knocking down sand castles, comparing  pee-pee's, and playing with plastic pails, shovels,  toys whilst taking grinning ga-ga selfies.

**It seems Kim and Justin  have much in common; both display childish, unhappy, gigantic egos,  and appear to have equally unstable, unpredictable minds  The only differences is that Kimmy has bad hair,  a million-man standing army, murders uncooperative  relatives,   and  does not have a sock fetish.  Yet, that is. (Oops, yes, we do tend to digress upon occasion. Is it any wonder?)


Kim Jong's new toy missiles can hit what? Where? 

ICBM's can hit a lot. Far away, too.  And do a lot of damage, especially if equipped with nuclear warheads.   They can be used to strike almost anywhere on the globe if trajectory is perfected and both power and accuracy issues are resolved. Innocent populations, cities, and infrastructure can all be destroyed at the push of a button by any madman.    Try these distances from Pyongyang, North Korea,  to North American and major international cities and sites for purposes of comparison:


From: North Korea to Toronto,  it is:                10, 288 km.

From North Korea to Vancouver, it is:                  7733  km

From N. Korea to *Fort MacMurray it is:             7893 km.

From N. Korea to Calgary  it is :                               8,225 km.

*Why is Fort MacMurray included in this list?  The crippling of  major energy sources  and self-sufficiency of an 'enemy'  can be a significantly desirable advantage  in times of international warfare.


To The United States

From N. Korea to Honolulu, Hawaii it is                7,386 km

From N. Korea to Chicago, it is                            10, 205 km

From N. Korea to Washington, it is                    10, 850 km

From N. Korea to New York N. Y.  it is               10, 737 km

From N. Korea to Los Angeles it is                         9,343 km

From N. Korea to Missouri  it is                            10, 425 km



From N. Korea to Seoul, South Korea  it is                  194 km

From N. Korea to  London, England     it is                 8687 km

From N. Korea to Tokyo, Japan,  it is :                               1280 km

From N. Korea to Moscow, Russia,  it is                        6400 km

From N. Korea to Paris, France, it is                               8728 km


The all-important Chinese Factor

Can Kim Jong's new toy missiles gob-smack 'big brother in China'?  Yes.  At these distances? ICBM's  and even shorter-range missiles with modern electronic guidance can now achieve these puny  distances easily:

From N. Korea to Beijing, China, it is                               944 km

From N.Korea to Hong Kong, China, it is                      2358 km

China  is clearly and easily within range of the unstable Kim Jong's new toy missiles.  Traditionally  N. Korea's ally, it seems logical that China, now arguably a major world power,  should take responsibility,  move in and  and  immediately remove the unstable Kim's Jong's new toy missiles from his sandbox before Kim does something really stupid.

Will China act?  Not likely, at least not spank Kim in a public forum.   China and N. Korea have been allies. With Kim Jong's extreme commitment to militarism,  his million-man standing army  could come in handy in any dust-up with the U.S.A., Russia, or other major world powers.   China is unlikely to upset Kim Jong with anything other than ancient words of wisdom: "Keep big NK secrets in  fortune cookie and please, no clapping to look like Canada Trudeau-fool".

China's response, by the way,  was "If Kimmie fires any missiles at Guam that initiate, 14 minutes later,  any scuffle with the U.S. of A.,  he would be on his own. "

Isn't that priceless fortune-cookie slap-down  encouraging? 

Only time will tell if Kim Jong's new toy missiles can or will ever hit anything—or even be used to do anything other than delight fools,  help starve more of the  N. Korean economy —or perhaps shoot the arrogant Kim Jong II  in the foot.  How appropriate.

Justin in Canada must be green with envy...



Is that Incoming I hear? 

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The Balkanization of Canada and Your Neighbourhood

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The inverted Maple Leaf flag of Canada --a symbol of distress

Canada in Distress

The Balkanization of Canada

Yes, the Balkanization of Canada. To most Canadians Balkanization is a strange word  and  foreign concept isn't it? Something that belongs somewhere else,  in old Europe where countries fester restlessly, fall apart on a moments notice,  monarchies and old castles collect  dust, and ghosts fight battles of the past. Still —in Canada?— Unbelievable, is it not?

Regardless, the Balkanization of Canada is the subject at hand,  and you can believe it exists and is developing effectively  in Canada; the very opposite of warm and fuzzy  utopian multiculturalism, politically-correct  tolerance and 'inclusiveness'.

The demise of  Canadian sanitized, idealized, —and mostly  unrealized Liberal 'multiculturalism' is becoming ever more likely. Was genuine multiculturalism ever properly achieved in Canada?   Let's look at that. What about the the failure to admit the  reality of 'undeclared special neighbourhoods'  with concentrations of ethnic peoples and  unspoken cultural  truths,  foreign 'Canadians'  with far more than six degrees of separation?  Just down the street.  In a province next door, or that big city, where  do you,  inexplicably,   feel like a foreigner?  Where can you walk safely at night?    Which neighbourhoods do you feel uncomfortable passing through, visiting or walking into even in broad daylight?  If so, why not?

Balkanization may be defined as the  fragmentation or division of a geographical area, a country or  geopolitical  entity — into smaller,  differentially-defined   geopolitical units.  Territorial areas of influence, or on a small scale,  neighbourhoods.   Fragmentation at some point —and not always for the better.  Resulting  geopolitical units are not necessarily hostile, but let us face reality, decades of concentration of ethnicity,  separation with purpose or cause, whether it be cultural, language, economics or tribal ethnicity, has predictable consequences. Any subsequent 'relationship' with other 'hoods'   may  become  progressively less tolerant and even totally hostile rather than peaceful.

If unresolved differences, arrogance and  anger dominates any special group separated within a state, or country,  the outcome of Balkanization is predictable.    Balkanization of a country or the expansion of an ethnic sphere of influence the size of a small neighbourhood can be negative or even hostile.

Balkanization socially  may be  caused by language, economics,  political ideology.  A  penchant for patriarchal control, superiority and  'ethnic cleansing".  Intolerance of others.  Misplaced  loyalty to foreign lands left far behind long ago, or last week. Unwanted  outside political influence. Ignorance, arrogance, and racial discrimination, religious ideology, cult worship,  tribal pride.  Socially-contrived excuses created to justify domination, aggression, and street warfare.  Historical differences bitterly clung to by tribal  elders, endlessly  passed on to later generations, their only raison d'etre.   Delusional visions of power and grandeur, failed political  institutions.   Revolutions precipitated by  abuse of power, corruption,  lunacy of dictatorial leaders, a change of puppet governments, and/or the wealth and influence of rich globalist elite.  Huge, dangerous egos, grand personal agendas, insanity, revenge, nauseum. Justification is endless.  Get the idea yet?

The Balkanization of Canada is not only likely, it may  be Coming to your neighbourhood. Why?

Multiculturalism as practiced in Canada already contains failed elements and Balkanization, provincial 'differences',  'distinct societies',   enclaves of special racial interests are common.  Neighbourhoods dedicated to tongues other than 'Canadian, eh?  Areas where English is the 'foreign language'   It is 2nd nature. They're different.    Cast  a skewed eye upon 'them'.  Suspect the unknown, the disliked, point at the  standoffish,  the noisy, weird,  and misunderstood.    Is your city or even your neighbourhood —already displaying areas  sharply-defined  by ethnicity, economic disparity, prejudice, culture, and anger with pretentious, assumed foreign authority? Of course it is.  "Multiculturalism is a 'melting pot' with glass partitions so  politically-correct delusional are not 'offended'.

Feel Free to Admit Reality.

Please feel free to admit  reality. Admit the existence of "low income housing developments ghettoized,  concentrating the poor in slums on the wrong side of the tracks.  Blacks in  black neighbourhoods. Latinos in their own.  Somalians in theirs. Jamaicans and Haitians in theirs.   Illegals walking in and demanding political power.   Enclaves of Europeans, Asians,  and other 'special groups'.   Each includes 'appropriate'  ethnically-controlled zones for profitable  organized crime.  Do tell.


The Reality

Chinatown in Vancouver is  full of Chinese (imagine that)   and East Indian vegetable markets   flow haphazardly  onto sidewalks like in India, symptoms of the  'inclusion of quirks from foreign lands,  on and on. Dead chickens and lambs hang in shop windows.  See areas dictated by foreign street signage. There has been no shortage of examples —since the 'proper'  beginning of Canada 150 years ago. First Nations reservations are almost exclusive, impoverished remnants of a failed genocide by white invaders, French and English.    Quebecois enclaves and villages, Little Italy, Little Greece, Little Somalia, little Haiti,   Africville in Nova Scotia—ALL  remain symptoms of,  if not substantial examples of   Balkanization, if only on a small scale.  Admission of failure to integrate into one  truly multicultural country—would be closer to truth.

Should Sovereign Nations Now Open their Borders and "Conform" to the Demands of Immigrants?

The fact is, non-English-speaking immigrants have historically migrated and settled in Canada into  segregated areas, searching for their peers and countrymen,  speaking their language exclusively,  and practicing their own traditions of their old homelands. So...can the ethnic  search for comfort —away from their  foreign homelands —now be used to further justify even further Balkanization of Canada? You decide.

Let us push that question further; should 'immigrants' be allowed to demand sea changes of the very fabric of a host nation? Most recently, this question must be asked:  Should western  host nations conform to hostile demands by Muslims —or any 'class' of newcomers,  refugees or invaders?  

We say NO. 

The Problem with Balkanization

Balkanization by nature does not tend to  remain flexible and  static, but grows, increasingly more brittle, in some cases becoming unforgiving and  violent.  Balkanization contradicts the very concept of 'liberalized  multiculturalism'.

In its simplest form, traditional 'hoods' are what we have grown to accept as 'normal' multiculturalism.    Defined 'classes and colours of citizen' have been perhaps tolerated, but below the surface,  racism is increasingly evident,  and people different are less likely to be welcomed with open arms.  Non-approved persons including the law— entering 'specialized concentrations' of ethnicity are  'intruders';  in some cases are intimidated and threatened.  In some instances, their very lives may be in danger if they enter 'no-go' zones, the biggest and most difficult challenge of Balkanization. In reality, even traditional 'hoods' contradict the homogeneous nature suggested by 'overly-praised and hyped  multiculturalism.  'No-go' zones virtually forbid tolerance of other ethnic values...imagine that.    Let's look at 'no-go' zones.

NO-GO  Zones

Most notably of recent,  and now of special concern to European and western nations, are the new NO-GO zones developing with the flood of  ever-increasingly militant Muslim "migrants''.  This antisocial aberration is increasingly being displayed in Europe and the U.K.  primarily  in areas recently  'colonized' by Muslim 'refugees' .  Such 'no-go zones' may even be illegally patrolled by self-authorized  'Sharia police'.   Areas avoided by ordinary citizens,  the country's own natural-born citizens— for reasons of personal safety.

In the latest extreme, even  police and other authority figures intimidated by the aggressive expansionist deception  of Islam foolishly  refuse to enter 'Muslim' no-go zones.  Somehow the  politically-correct and trendy flood  of  invaders from Syria, Somalia  and other Muslim nations —has been allowed to become an unwanted threat.  Dangerous, demanding, and  a challenge to the sovereignty, public safety and  the rule of law, blatant incompatibility of immigrants now  threatens law and order, and perhaps even the future existence  of  traditional nations which have suddenly forced to  deal with the  'new species' of immigrants. Why?

A New "Species of Immigrants"

A  new  "species of migrants", previously not encountered,  soon locate their own 'ethnic zones of comfort' and quickly confirm and demonstrate they have absolutely no intention of integrating into society.   Little if any respect for  host populations is displayed, whether it be in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Italy,  France, the UK,  Canada or the USA.   There is no respect for other religions, western tradition, western  rule of law, the necessity of jobs,  or practicing basic tenets of western culture. How about something as basic as  respecting the population, the courts, existing constitutions,  the rights and status  of  children and women not to be raped,  abused and mutilated, or the right to practice  ancient religions such as Buddhism  Christianity? Cultural differences. An ugly excuse.

Unlike Previous classes of Immigrants

Unlike any class of  'immigrants'  seen in earlier times and being constituents of an out-of-control invasion by expansionist Islam,  Muslims of today bear no resemblance to any  refugees or immigrants of the early 1900's. People from  Asia,  Ireland, Poland, Ukraine,  or other European countries were desperate, hungry, poor and very happy to be in Canada.

As a result, a potentially catastrophic and dangerous  social issue has developed, the destruction of western culture as we have known it— courtesy of reckless open border policies and gullible,  lax, devious, traitorous, and incredibly foolish  western politicians.

Don't believe it? Decide for yourself.  Balkanization is enabled by inept, weak  governments ruling with trendy, —and willfully gullible political  blather propagated by media  spin and  weak minds.    Sorry about that, but here at Incoming Bytes  the  truth is always acknowledged, popular or not, and  like it or not.

 Is  the total Balkanization of Canada Predictable?

Yes.  Why?   Look around. Pay attention.  Watch the arbitrary, arrogant, hate-inciting, social-baiting, manipulative, entirely inappropriate and risky  decisions being  made by your government.  Here in Canada delusional political traitors are thumbing their noses at Canadian tradition while accommodating and encouraging unrealistic expectations of bitter, unhappy, newcomers.  Newcomers who happen to 'fit' the right demographics to import to and grow  bitter, unhappy, often brutal,  and archaic cultures within Canada. The thin line is becoming brittle, with growing anger from other Canadians.  The Balkanization of Canada is clearly in progress.

Bottom Line: Balkanization gone awry... 

Should  Canada have 'No-go zones' controlled by militant First Nations peoples, rich Chinese billionaire immigrants, or the new brand of immigrants, the unhappy Islamic militant Muslims?  How about Germans, French and Mexican? Somalis?  Jamaicans?  Finns? Swedes? Mexicans?  Haitians?  Brits? Ukrainians?    You want 'no-go zones and ultra-segregation?' 

You decide.

Will Canada then, by default,  also by necessity,  have 'Muslim-Free' zones? 'Islam-free' cities?  Religion-free provinces?  Christian-free zones,  atheist- zones...Millenial zones...seniors-free zones...child-free zones... 

How far do YOU want to go with segregation, Balkanization, and apartheid?

Have fun  living in your new  Balkanized neighbourhood...


Is that Incoming I hear?

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