Political Promises and Lies of Convenience


©2019 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee




The inverted Maple Leaf flag of Canada --a symbol of distress

Canada in Distress …Election 2019: Political Promises and Lies  of Convenience






Political Promises  and Lies of Convenience: Do Politicians Ever Learn?  No.


Since when do Canadians actually believe  political promises and lies of convenience ?  Offered by goofy, squirming,  grinning politicians paddling pink plastic canoes just because  their daddy tried to wow stupid and gullible voters the same way to impress fools  forty years earlier?   “Improve the lives of the middle class and those working so hard to join it.”?   What unmitigated CRAP.  What a crock.   Do Canadians never learn?

“A new opportunity to smarten UP every four years” comes to mind. Perhaps public belief in political promises,  and  lies of convenience, blather and election rhetoric  are planned stupidity.*sigh…

The  2019 federal election has once again cultivated a huge crop of political promises and predictable, expensive  but meaningless claptrap. A huge crop of lies of convenience.  Potential debt offered by whispering snakes. Hidden by smoke and mirrors glinting in the sun, polished by political liars.  Promises of benefits  “in the future”, promises sure to cost Canadians billions —and return nothing but loss of faith and higher taxes.  For many generations to come.

The politics of spending. Dictated, planned delusion,  deceptive,  contrived costs that politicians know are foolish, unwarranted,  delusional and implausible, and yes, essentially stupid. Disturbingly dishonest.  

The eventual, ultimate  cost of dishonest politicians pandering for votes to save their OWN skin  is impossible to calculate, and even more  impossible to remedy —or repay. Ever.





Unfulfilled Political Promises are Political Lies of the Past


Let’s be REALISTIC and  call them what they are. Unfulfilled political promises are creative political lies of the past. Politicians selling their cheesy souls invariably happily imagine, yes  bank on it —that voters will conveniently ‘forget’.   Unfulfilled political promises; the sleek, slippery lies of the past,  false hopes offered,  previous gaffes, scandals, corruption  and treason…

Surprise!  Canadians  do NOT forget. Did we forget the SNC Lavalin scandal?  No. Trudeau’s breach of ethics? No.  The Mark Norman scandal?  No.  Trudeau’s international gaffes and  lewd personal behaviour, groping, public displays of sleaze?  No. Other nasty criminal things rumoured and verified?  No.
But we digress.



 Political Promises  Based on Easy Deficit Spending


Any  fool individual  with a new, shiny plastic  credit card can outspend  a limited income, no matter how large…. Exhaust a marginal  money supply quickly and  foolishly. And run into red ink immediately .
Here’s how you do it.  Economics 101.   Spend money you simply do not have. Simple isn’t it?

Equally, any sleazy  political crook or political wannabe can make promises to operate government  in a happy-go-lucky deficit.    Dishonest politicians  overspend the money supply of taxpayers.  YOU Will be required to pay more interest, more taxes.  The projected future  economic security of your children is destroyed.   And that of  your grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Clearly, once again,  Canadians should know better;  political promises and lies of convenience made by incompetent fools pandering for votes  —do not make a wise or reliable government.






Spending Canada to Bankruptcy


Spending foolishly is easily accomplished when pandering  away the future for votes. Promise utopian la-la spending.  Hold your breath while blathering politicians promise   free camping, free education, free transit, free energy,  free housing, ‘affordable housing’  make-a-baby benefits, make another baby for family support payments,  tax-free maternity benefits, tax relief, tax credits, tax cuts for everyone. Post-secondary grants.   Free, unlimited support for unlimited immigration —  free entry,  free welfare payments, free support, free housing in hotels.  At a cost of billions. While Canadian vets live on the streets in poverty along with with thousands of homeless, impoverished Canadians.   “What can go wrong with that?” Is obvious.


Wow...and political Liberal Trudeau and his sheeple hacks have  the nerve to say “Let us all choose “forward”   when clearly,  it has  already been demonstrated and proven, we will go backwardever deeper into debt, even bankruptcy for DECADES.
And backwards socially. And backwards in the eyes of the international community and our allies.
Got that?   Right. How Trudeauesque.  Just like ‘daddy’.   How “encouraging’ —in political-speak, Trudeau’s multicultural  language of LIES.




And that’s not all…

And that’s not all.  Trudeau promises to plant billions of trees. Check.  (He planted ONE in a grand photo op.)  Check.  Build 5,000 new charging stations across Canada. Check. No more pipelines.  Check.  Bought a dying pipeline. $9.3B taxpayer dollars.  Check.  Invest all tax revenue from the dead Trans Mountain Expansion project in green stuff.  Check.  Isn’t that a contradiction?  Check.  Provide Indigenous communities clean, safe water with no ‘boil water orders’   Check.   Right.  Another epic FAILURE.  Endless epic failures.

And Trudeau promises interest-free loans to upgrade homes . Check.  Making  energy-efficient homes. Check.  For people who cannot even afford homes.  Check.  Wow.   Get that?   Check some more:  Free PharmaCare.  Check.  Free Dental Care. Check. Check.   Thirty-seven(?)  Billions. Check, check, check check…   er….hello?
Check please...(?) Where will all of that money come from?   Nobody wants to “suggest” the rich will pay more. Endlessly. We wonder if Justin, Elizabeth, and Jagmeet know what the rich will have to say about it, other than “bye-bye”….






Let’s Pretend…


Let’s pretend we “get to enjoy” those  ‘free’  magic offerings and promises;   every garish, frivolous  free-for-all  promise that Liberals, NDP and Greens  have sworn see to to fruition. The fact IS, no matter how promises  are handed out by cunning political snakes,   voters  WILL  pay for them later with higher taxation.

Politicians promise YOU the vision of a gift, tax relief, action on the  environment,   five thousand baskets of bread and fishes,  ONLY available at the hands of  THEIR individual parties.   They offer  potentially responsible and ( well, they DO promise after all )   – honest governance.   There is only one problem.  Their promises are fabrications, lies, and deception.  Their promises are NOT honest.  Never have  been honest.  Never will be honest.

The problem is, the proceeds are usually messy political drool, arrogant snot and drivel offered by less-than-honest politicians looking for power, long holidays, fat salaries, fat pensions, self-entitlement, and with NO exceptions, the successful  illusion of power.    And that is  whether  they be clad in black tie, top hat   and red silk,  green environmentally-friendly felt,   white shirt , blue collar, white cashmere, blue jean jacket, exotic costumes of silk  pyjamas,  birthday suits, or the trendy and lewd faux rainbow deluxe  costumes with Eid socks, turbans  and blackface accents.





A Plethora of Political Promises and Lies  of Convenience


Have you ever noticed?  If so, you are aware that political promises are always promises for the future, that would be “if and when”,   and two, three, four or more years down a damned rough gravel road with potholes, washed out bridges and traffic jams. Never when forming a new government, never close at hand, never reasonably ‘soon’.  Why?  Because such promises are invariably placed in to a time slot far into the future based upon impossible planning, lack of forethought,  wishful thinking. And it’s all based upon SPECULATION… i.e.  (…if we win) or even projected to the future, ie.  following a second, let’s pretend, ‘successful’ election four years in the future. (Yes, that would be if we win AGAIN,  twice in a row, suckers... )

Imagine that. in reality, promises offering nothing.  Not even hope.  Political promises and lies of convenience are  LIES.   NOT good enough for Canadians. Canada deserves BETTER.  Do politicians ever learn?  No.


Get out and vote.  Something has to change.






Is that Incoming I hear?





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The Infinity Particle


©2019 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee







                        The Infinity Particle   Five Infinity Particles in various stages of deterioration.                              Photo ©2019 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee All Rights Reserved.


Note:  This ©2019  Photo  by R.A. Kukkee was taken by iPhone from  a monitor displaying  a frozen, single frame  of a video originally recorded at a standard speed of 30 frames per second.





“The defining mark of all worthy scientific discoveries is traditionally  incredible, elegant  simplicity.”



The Infinity Particle:  A New Key to the Unified Theory of Everything?



Let us NOT pretend the discoverers of the new Infinity Particle cleverly  created the particle itself, or invented the manifestation of  the phenomenon displayed  in this unique photograph.


We did not.   We merely identified the phenomenon on screen as significant  and  subsequently  photographed it for the record.
With my handy iPhone.


Then  we personally named the curiosity because of it’s specific, unique shape and possibilities.

The Infinity Particle is born.    Now what? Is the Infinity Particle a new key to the Unified Theory of Everything?  Imagine…




The Defining Mark of Worthy Scientific Discoveries.


Within any specific field of research, whether it be physics, chemistry, materials, mathematics,  astrology or biology,   the most important and defining mark of all worthy scientific discoveries is traditional,  elegant  simplicity.
Perhaps the Infinity Particle really is a new key to the Unified Theory of Everything and should qualify as a fascinating and worthy scientific discovery. That  conclusion itself may be elegant and simple.




Researchers.  Inventors.  A finding.  Is the Infinity Particle a New Key to the Unified Theory of Everything?



Inventors and researchers do not make significant discoveries every day.  Discoveries may occur, but not automatically. Working on  our ongoing projects helped.
We have had various projects  with specific  goals  in mind for some time.  One primary goal is the exploration and elusive development of alternative energy sources. Less expensive fuel.

We both  have modern geothermal (ground source) heating/cooling.   Good start.




Understanding Energy

An understanding concepts of how energy  works is required.  If over-unity energy is even possible. How alternative energy sources relate and interact.  How they are manifested. How to apply them. How to scale up existing and new energy ideas and sources. How to control them all safely.   Examples include solar, wind, thermal,  electricity, energy storage, battery alternatives, hydrogen and HHO,  ecology-friendly, sustainable biofuels like biodiesel and  cellulose ethanol.  Geothermal energy.

Interestingly, all are ultimately dependent in one way or the other upon solar energy —from the past or in the present. “Light, camera, and action” comes to mind.






Curiosity, Toroids,  and Vortex Based Mathematics


The *two* discoverers/researchers/inventors  simply follow curiosity and instinct.    Extend  and question ideas.  Einstein said question everything. He may have also suggested everyone should hatch and stumble upon  other worthwhile ideasRecycle old ideas, like overunity, creation of innovative ways of  creating free fuel.  Safely.  Winning the Nobel Prize for Physics, Science, or  having the essential tenacity — to invent or discover something new.  Anything newThose would all be exciting.

Borrowing, adapting ideas and re-evaluating  concepts encouraged and encountered from  dusty, long-term,  energy  projects showing promise —from 2005 —helped.



*P.D.K.  ( researcher/inventor) was experimenting with electronics,  permanent batteries, electronics,  alternative fuels, power generation,  HHO, energy, and magnetism.      

 He went looking for, and found the phenomenon  hidden in a video…based upon  increasing  curiosity about Toroid energy structures, space, singularitiesRodin coils, magnetism, and the exploration of Tesla’s Vortex mathematics.   Connecting dots.  Yes, it was that simple.  And unbelievably elegant.

**R.A.K  ( author /writer /blogger /researcher/inventor) had previously experimented  with HHO, biodiesel,  coils, neodymium magnets  and sparky over-unity devices, primarily exploring the unknowns hidden in the  long-understood relationship between magnetism and electricity.

He conveniently photographed and happily named the Infinity Particle,  having being—most fortunately,—in the right place at the right time, — having an iPhone handy. A phone with a camera.

(***  For further information and email , see contacts below) 



Perhaps we  happened upon  what may currently  be essential, irrefutable  proof of  a  unique, unmatched and important phenomenon? We had quite a discussion.

Implications and ideas eventually derived from this photograph   may be one of the single most exciting developments in physics today.

The Infinity Particle.  That’s what we called it.  We  found it photographed it,  and recognized the importance, elegance and beauty of this unusual particle. Because of it’s  manifestation in a unique, clearly defined shape,  we subsequently  named it the Infinity Particle.

Albert Einstein, now out traveling the universe, riding his famous theoretical  bicycle beside a theoretical ray of light and  examining the true nature of light —would have been  interested and delighted.   If only because the photograph of the Infinity Particle  above  is indescribably  beautiful, elegant, and simple. Specific. Almost musical, perhaps even in harmony with everything in the universe.

The famous inventor Nicola Tesla  would also have been very, very pleased. The universal implications of the Infinity Particle and it’s  connection to Tesla’s vortex-based mathematics  currently being studied by Marco Rodin and Randy Powell  and others,  appear to be enormous.




Identifiable, Consistent and Unique Markers


Interestingly, the Infinity Particles have accurate and unique features displayed on all three particles. Clearly visible in the main photo field. Identical  points and features  can also be noted in two particles barely observable in the light-flooded section on the left side of the photo.  It is not a coincidence.  What could be more elegant?

The Infinity Particle clearly displays common, specific points and markers on the elegant, precise particle design,  even in the advanced deterioration of the particle displayed on the right.   Note the  tiny bits of super-heated metal  from the shattering magnet(s) are  clearly following  different trajectories and obeying gravity.

The Infinity Particle displays measurable Frequency with virtually identical distances noted between the particles shown.  Any difference may be attributed  to photographic distortion or perhaps the curvature of  the magnetic field (magnetic lines of force) they may be following.


Quantum Physics, String Physics,  Theoretical Physics and Quantum Field Theory  research  recognizes the unique behaviour  and movement  of numerous particles, strings, and light energy  packets.  Worth repeating, unique behaviour and movement  of particles‘.  Various types.

Each specific field of endeavor reportedly also has  missing,  a  key,  to link, to unify  string theory, quantum particles and energy fields?

Infinite, massive amounts of energy have already been attributed to singularities with the Big Bang Theory. But isn’t a perfect solution to  string theory unifying everything  made possible only  by creating extra dimensions?   If so, what is the essential, but missing  key to simple unification?

The Infinity Particle  phenomenon appears to be a unique, universal design.  Is the Infinity Particle the universal key, a critical link, the great unifier, perhaps even the  blueprint of energy itself? 




Note:  We do not profess to be theoretical physicists or scientists.  Some interesting observations made however, have certainly  promoted curiosity.
At this time we  can only offer questions.  Unanswered questions, with  suggestions, ideas, or possibilities:


—Is the Infinity Particle with it’s unique key signature design a manifestation of pure energy?   Good question!

How was a unique signature of light or a specific packet of energy captured at a video speed recording of 30 frames per second?  

—Observe the size of the Infinity particles compared to the photo frame size. The particles  are HUGE. Could the same manifestation also be  sub-atomic tiny?  Small enough to fit inside quarks or  other particles?

—How was that photo even possible when light travels at 186,000 miles per second?  We thought   magnetic containment of the energy suddenly released in the event may have been a factor.  How about  gravity? Was instantaneous  buildup of energy and acceleration and increasing mass  a factor? Did gravity or magnetic fields slow the light down?

—Were the Infinity Particles the result of the conversion of magnetic lines of force to pure energy —displayed as light?

—Matter can be converted to energy.   In the photograph, the Infinity particles are clearly fading.  —Since it is long believed that  energy cannot be created or destroyed:  To which unknown realm  is the energy dissipating? Invisible space? Another dimension? The  realm of dark matter? The zero point energy plane?

To what are the Infinity Particles being converted? Are   Infinity particles visible after being converted? Do they become dark matter?  Do they return to exist as invisible magnetic lines of force?    Or is pure energy being absorbed back into  the shadows of the universal aether?

—Let’s rephrase that…Is the fading of the unique structures visible in the  photograph irrefutable proof that  pure energy,  a.k.a.  the Infinity Particle — is being returned to the aether? Being recycled to the aether? To another dimension? To another time?

Perhaps the most important question might be:

  — Is the Infinity Particle a manifestation of  the universal pattern and behaviour of pure energy?

Are the infinity particles simply becoming invisible, —remaining in the same elegant designbut simply migrating across the zero point energy plane to invisibility? In the opposite polarity?  That would be interesting…


Can currently-acknowledged problems of relativity and quantum mechanics regarding energy emanating from  inside singularities,  complex issues of dimensions—which cannot currently be explained,  —now be resolved simply and elegantly?  Shall we also suggest  vortex-based mathematics  links directly with the Infinity Particle, and is a  new   key to everything?


—Was Nicola Tesla right when he suggested the aether is a universal, single, infinite  source  of energy which could be tapped and harvested ?  Does the Infinity Particle  also suggest that the concept of ‘overunity’ has simply been misunderstood and ridiculed?

We suggest …these concepts warrant much further exploration including the implications inferred by the Infinity Particle and it’s manifestations —wherever they may be found.


The Infinity Particle may be a new key to the unified theory of everything.  The pipeline to energy freedom.  The clock is ticking…


We hope  theoretical physicists,  mathematicians, scientists, astrophysicists   and interested people everywhere will explore and research the  new and amazing implications offered by the  elegant Infinity Particle.

The Infinity Particle,  a New Key to the Unified Theory of Everything.




Is that Incoming I hear?


*Please enter comments in the box at the bottom of this article.





Contacts ***


  *DPK   Daniel Paul Kukkee  may be contacted  by email :   danielkukkee@yahoo.com

**RAK   Raymond Alexander Kukkee may be contacted by email:  rkmywest@gmail.com

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