Christmas 2019: Merry Christmas to ALL


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Christmas 2019


Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas to all, what else can we say?  It is traditional,  it is 2019, after all.  Wow. Where have you heard that catchy phrase before?  Who can complain about Christmas? Or Christmas wishes?

There are persons who do not care to be hailed with “Merry Christmas“.  Or Happy Hanukah,  or  Bon anything,  or  Happy Festivus.   They wish to be hailed with nothing  of the sort. Bah, humbug.

Holidays,   Merry Christmas to All, a  Personal Choice

That must be  personal choice, so let us not wish Merry Christmas to all, or anyone? Or hail  too loudly  to those  who object too strenuously?  The Scrooge factor, you know.  The knotted shorts.  Bah humbugPious Christmas-dissenters.  Grumps and frumps.   Humans are complex critters,   we get that; so holidays are a personal choice?   How about that?

Merry Christmas to All,  Like it or Not.

Some persons admittedly  do not even  like the idea of Christmas. Or Christ, for that matter.  They like shopping better.   That’s self-explanatory isn’t it?  Here at  IncomingBytes, we dare to say —So what?   It is our duty to make Merry. To share the Joy of the season. The reason for the season.

Everyone has a personal choice whether to wish Merry Christmas to all or not.  To listen, to accept,  to identify with joyous greetings.   Or not, though?    Airing Festivus grievances  a la Sienfeld  will get you Happy Festivus instead.  How about that?  

To be inclusive, Merry Christmas to all is offered.  Go ahead, turn green with envy and be a Grinch.  If you must.

Turning green, are you?  Feel better now, Scrooge? You look like you’ve seen a ghost…shouting Merry Christmas to All…



Is that Incoming I hear?


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3 Responses to Christmas 2019: Merry Christmas to ALL

  1. Merry Christmas Raymond, thank goodness for ? Santa and his happy team of Elves who delivered your plight via email post.
    Which was quite the Christmas Present ?
    Have a wonderful Holiday, from a long lost traveller of WordPress ?

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