Life: See What Happens?


© 2013 Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Candy-apple Red 1947 Plymouth

                                             Plymouth    photo © by wlk photography

See what happens? An old Plymouth.  Sixty-six years later, more or less, but she was quite likely tired, out of gas, and worn out 50 years ago. Tired old stuff, with the right care, TLC  and good fortune, suddenly becomes valuable.  Beautiful. Imagine that. Candy Apple Red yet –and probably worth ten times the original price. Is there a message to be considered here?  Let’s take a ride, baby. It’s called life. This beauty was photographed in Thunder Bay Ontario. Antique cars by the dozens. Old cars, happy old owners delighted with life, happy to be alive and revived, restored and adored. Life the way it should be. See what happens?

Life can be staid, stolid and  boring as you allow it to be. High-button boots, whitewall tires and all. Banker’s hours and dull. A new, meticulously detailed life, but old is old.

An old blue antique car with whitewall tires

                           Whitewall Tires            © wlk photography


More Exciting?

Perhaps you think life should be brighter, more exciting.  On the move. Be a genuine hot rod. C’mon, baby. Roll the dice. Start’er up. Pedal to the metal.  Life can come with color-and fire.

Yellow hot rod antique car with flames

                       Life with Color and Fire    © wlk photography

How far will you go? Pick up where you left off.  Haul stuff while you’re at it. Go far.  Fargo. Bring your tools. You’ll need them.  Get up and get moving. Watch out, world. Life is what you make it.

An old Fargo Pickup truck not yet restored

                        Fargo Pickup Truck                              © wlk photography

Don’t want to bother with life?  Spend time just hanging around playing mindless games?   It’s always a choice, but see what happens?

Old Ford Unrestored

                        Old Ford -Life Ignored              © wlk photography

Life’s a choice. Think about it. Choose well.


Is that Incoming I hear?

Photo Credits:  All photos on this post  ©2013 by wlk photography



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6 Responses to Life: See What Happens?

  1. glorylennon says:

    Justin and Tommy love seeing old cars!

  2. Mike W says:

    I wish someone would shine me up and give me a new engine…

  3. Good analogy here, Raymond. Mindless games… life is too short for them! They really aren’t as much fun as Monopoly anyways…

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