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Wild Hosta- out in Nature

Wild Hosta- out in Nature- Natural Landscaping

Out in nature, landscaping is done at the whims of Mother Nature herself. Wind, water, waves, storms, natural progressions of time and growth dominate. Disorder and mayhem appears at times.  Natural disorder.  We may perceive natural landscapes to be imperfect - trees with broken branches, perhaps fallen trees,  decaying logs, moss, detritus, holes, long grass, wild bushes,  weeds, wildflowers and other flora and fauna. It may appear to be trash, but in fact it is perfectly natural --in disorder. The fact is, natural landscapes  may not satisfy our  contemporary 'expected' vision of civilized perfection,  but in reality, what you see is a fine piece of artwork, the result of thousands of years of nature carefully at work. That doesn't mean you cannot alter it to suit your own taste. Go for it! In our 'civilized' environs we tend to 'create' what is thought to be beautiful at the time--what may be considered 'trendy' --hence the fine art of landscaping the back yard on Saturdays, the timeless collections of driftwood, old wooden wheels and artistic rocks laid in 'natural patterns and piles'.  Human-made 'landscaping'. Here in "Landscaping" you will find out about retaining walls, building patios, laying flagstone walkways, solve drainage issues,  grow grass in problematic areas, and perhaps even find a few interesting and inexpensive ideas on how to feature landscape that back yard without breaking the bank.   *Do check back from time to time, this section will continue to expand.  Enjoy!   Is that Incoming I hear? photo credit:  © 2009 rakukkee +Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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