How to Become the Next Einstein


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Question Everything to use YOUR Genius

Question Everything to use YOUR Genius

“Is society ready to accept the possibility, even the reality of total genius, or do we have to keep “stupid” people in society as pawns to be used at our will?


Perhaps you wish to be the next Einstein. Congratulations! You are open-minded enough to challenge the status quo.

Being the next Einstein is a noteworthy goal or project for anyone that thinks. Hopefully, with enough effort, you could achieve that status. Always remember that virtually nothing is impossible given the right conditions.

Most people can improve their ability to think, but apathy and wishful thinking will not help reach that objective; it takes effort. You can improve your ability to think, but first you must clearly understand and accept that it takes effort to learn. You must learn HOW to learn. One must learn how to think and use all of the information that is available at any instantaneous moment or given time, and how it interacts with all of the possibilities that exist.

The contemporary understanding of the human brain and humanity itself is that human beings use only a fraction of the true capacity of their brain. Average use is variable, anywhere from 10% to 40%. No matter. You can learn to use more of your brain successfully. What are you doing with your brain capacity today?

You have a choice, either you can allow it to collect dust, exclude all thought with the iPod pounding in your ears, or you can consciously improve it by putting your mind to work. Initiate some thought processes that are difficult. Follow them through. You are smarter than you think.

Albert Einstein, the eminent scientist and thinker, apparently used a lot more of his brain than the average person ever does. What exactly did Albert Einstein have figured out that everyone else had missed? He was a genius. Why is that even possible? What makes a person a genius? People of genius category are rare.

Does that curious fact intimate that the majority of people are not using the other 90% of their brain for anything? Is it because they do not realize that potential exists? Are ordinary human beings too lazy to bother to try to initiate all phases of brainpower? Is the education system “dumbing down” students ?

Is society ready to accept the possibility, even the reality of total genius, or do we have to keep “stupid” people in society as pawns to be used at our will?

It is logical to hypothesize that ordinary people merely have not learned to access the information that already exists within their minds. The human brain is a powerful tool.

When you need to solve a problem, the brain can be put on “slow search” much like a computer can be used to search for data. Often the answer will be returned to you without any further active thought on the subject. Where does the answer come from?

It is a well known fact that “savants” exist; people that clearly cannot communicate in some phases and normal methods, yet can do incredibly difficult and surprising things, like performing difficult mathematical calculations, speaking unknown languages and conducting other “apparently impossible” feats. It is evident that the abilities they display, the knowledge or skills they seem to possess, exists somewhere in the brain, since their various abilities seem to exceed and preclude the sole use of memory.

The discovery of the answer, at times even extremely complex answers, without any further outside influence or data input, suggests that the information indeed has been retrieved from the subconscious mind.

What does that happening imply? It could be suggested that all of the information we will ever need has been pre-programmed to our subconscious; we merely need to learn how to access it, identify what is required to solve any specific problem, and use it.

Perhaps the genius employed by Einstein was merely the ability to access the information he had in his brain. Perhaps all humans are already party to that information which can be accessed in a controlled, logical manner.

As an aside, perhaps total insanity is uncontrolled exposure to all of that stored information and data, or perhaps a network failure, the sudden envisioning all of that data in an erratic, uncontrolled manner. It is interesting to note that extremely detailed work, if not controlled, can create instability of the mind and emotional problems. Information overload can cause health problems and seizures. Why?

If you begin thinking about this hypothesis now, you will immediately become more aware of your abilities and be smarter, because you are putting your brain to work  Any time you concentrate on solving a problem, you are exercising your brain and thinking process.

The question then arises, -can we become the next Einstein by the process of recognition of the fact that everyone has hidden, innate abilities that may be accessed at will? Does curiosity and an open mind play a part in the process?

If you wish to become the next Einstein, you must open your mind and question everything. You must observe, absorb information endlessly, build on existing knowledge, deduce, and establish probabilities. Most of all, you must rely on your instincts, curiosity, and do not give up trying to expand the ability of your brain matter. You must challenge the status quo.

Perhaps you already are the next Albert Einstein. Give it some thought!


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