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Garden Fresh Carrots

Garden Fresh Carrots


We take pride in growing our own vegetables, create our own food supply, and invariably  enjoy the freshest food possible, so the mad gardener is at it again. Do you garden?  Gardening is one of the most enjoyable hobbies that can be participated in--and offers you the opportunity and good fortune to eat well in the process.  It is a lot of work, so Why bother?

Fresh food is healthier, and tastes better. Fresh food from your garden in the back yard is not harvested four weeks ago --and trucked 3,000 miles in a transport with other commodities.  Fresh food growing in your back yard costs less --and reduces energy costs for transportation, so is good for the environment.

Table-ripened tomatoes

Table-ripened tomatoes

So--whether you want to grow a few carrots, a potato or two, some flowers and a tomato plant, --or produce enough food for your family for a whole year and have enough left over to share and sell to others, this is the place to be. From basic requirements to soil enhancement and gardening tricks from the best,  we will have them here.

IN our own location in Northwestern Ontario, we have a number of varieties of apple trees, cherries, pears, grapes, raspberries, honeyberries, and can grow a wide array of vegetables from carrots to tomatoes and corn.  We even grow our own spices.  Whether it's grafting of apple trees, pruning or methods of propagation,  you can find it here in our gardening section.

We are located in growing Zone 3-3a.  Which zone are you in?  Gardening Zone, what's that?  To simplify, North America is divided into temperature/growth season zones;   the higher the number, the warmer the climate--and a longer growing season.

In Gardening, we'll have a wide variety of gardening and growing tips. This section will be under perpetual construction--evergreen as it will be continually updated with new and exciting gardening ideas and techniques.

I also grow bonsai, 'trees in a pot'  using indigenous species and experimentation. I experiment using different techniques.

This section is always expanding. Feel free to explore and enjoy!

Is that Incoming I hear?

Photographs by rakukkee  all rights reserved.



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