Let’s call it what it is: Covidology out of Control


by Raymond Alexander Kukkee  © November, 2020


Covid-19, the Root of Covidology and the Pandemic of 2020



Covidology Out of Control


The virus.  A pandemic. Lockdowns. Economic disaster. Closed, failed, never to re-open  restaurants,  mom& pop shops, stores built by dreams and hard work and sacrifice.  Now it’s  unemployment. Stay home…yada-yada.  Fatalities.  Psychological and social damage.  Let’s call it what it is, covidology out of control.  As an old guy I have to remind myself that every year is tough in its own way,   We survive one way or the other. The year 2020 is no exception. Covid-19.  The year of Covidology.


Word of the Year: Covidology

How shall we describe 2020?  Shall wordsmiths try   words, the tools of the trade? Perhaps spiced up with a few  references to epic occurrences?  Events in progress.  Not fully developed, undefined. Even experimental.   Words for the pandemic? Try maskavitus. maskometry, vaximaxi,  Covidoctor. maskahoarding,  maskamatics, facefences.  snotballs,  moisty speech,  ad nauseum   Plandemic has already surfaced in the wake. Or the ‘awakening’, take your choice. Let’s try Covidology.  For example, let us use that in context in a question.  “Is  Covidology out of control? ” Yes it IS.


The Use of Words

Words should be assigned a limitation of scale and other meaningful, defining characteristics.  Let’s think briefly about this. For example,  could 2020  be called a Pandemax (sic),  say,  if a billion cases, and a  million  arbitrary deaths are unhappily recorded?  That approach could be stressful and problematic. And fearmongering.  For example,  statistics can be used like an aerosolized can of political malice and bureaucratic influence. Fear-mongering by inferring an inescapable, odiferous pandemoanium (sic) rabidly  sprayed at  everything by jack-booted authorities in thin erratic coatings or  thick, dripping layers —upon young and old alike.

Does the current Pandemic not smell enough already? Admittedly so. Would masks stop it?  We doubt it.  Do chain-link fences stop dust on gusty wind?  Guess.
Yes, chain-link fences do stop large sheets of paper and  plastic bags blowing in the wind.   Tree branches. Escaping kites.  But not the tiniest particles of dust.  With logic we digress. 


Use Time-Proven Ideas

Therefore, let us remind ourselves to  boldly focus upon and invoke   time-proven ideas.  To wit:  there are new words minted as special every year.  Phrases unique, memorable.  For example,  how about just describing specific events from 2020?  Too simple.

We suggest. No, let us  insist. The word of the year must be based  on science and the advice of experts,  trendy journalists as a new, large, and collective field of expertise both real, stretchy,  and imagined.  There, that ought to make everyone feel good,  even the incompetent, their tails being wagged by dishonest political control freaks.


The Shining New Word:  Covidology (Out of Control)

The shining  new word for 2020  should be Covidology.  Perfect.   Imagine the possibilities.  The Ministry of Covidology.  Covidology 101.  A post-graduate Professor of Covidology.   Numerous  Departments of Covidology.  Novels based upon  approved  Covidology.  Public school indoctrination for  little kids based upon the fear of Covidology.
Old-fashioned rural fairs, and global seminars alike, once cancelled for social distancing, now promoted to celebrate and advance Covidology.  There ‘ya go…that ought to do it. 

A Quantum Leap left to Approved ‘Experts’.

How about a quantum leap from there?  Shall we shall leave that to approved,  scientific ‘experts’,  greedy politicians,  vaccine billionaires and  the pay-as-you-go herd ‘immunity’ achieved by untested, unproven  multi-billion-dollar vaccination programs?


Let’s Call it what it is…Covidology out of Control.

Better yet,  let’s call the trendy mess what it already  is: Covidology out of control.  Go figure. It’s only just begun…  

Stay safe. Be well.  In spite of  the sad, confused and hollow voices and echoes of Covidology ringing across the land….






Is that incoming I hear?



About Raymond Alexander Kukkee

A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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