Children’s Poetry

"Let us make music and poetry together"

"Let us make music and poetry together"

Children love music, rhymes and poetry. The amazing poetic observations made through the eyes of a  child include the  musical lilt of rhyme and time combined with --and enhanced by visuals, the feel of colorful objects close at hand, pets, nature,  toys and surroundings, but  are magnified a thousand-fold by the incredible capacity, endless curiosity, and unfettered imaginations of children everywhere. Children's Poetry may be based upon many things. We shall therefore include many things, including questions, such as:

How, When, Where, and Why?

I wonder how a cow says "wow!" when all they say is "moo"?

I wonder when That big red hen will lay an egg or two?

I wonder where That teddy bear Has hidden my old shoe ?

I wonder why All birds just fly Instead of walking, too !

© r.a.kukkee 2008

Is that Incoming I hear?   This page is dedicated to children and will keep on growing, just like children do!



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