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The Liberal Way: Deceptive Marketing?

©2016 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee     [caption id="attachment_3773" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Alice, your understanding of 'Liberal' is wrong... Alice, your understanding of 'Liberal' is wrong...[/caption]

Liberal:    Adj.   1. Having social and political views that favour progress and reform  2.generous 3.tolerant 4. abundant   *(1)

Liberalize:  Verb  1. Make laws less restrictive *(1)


The Liberal Way Takes Over

The Liberal way.  Perhaps we don't understand the word 'Liberal'. We may be confused.  Bamboozled.  Misled.  Misinformed.  Sorry, Alice, it's early, we haven't had enough coffee yet.  That must be it. Perhaps we just didn't "get it" back in public school  when we learned to spell  L-i-b-e-r-a-l .  Or the dictionaries of the world  have the definition of  "Liberal" wrong. Maybe that's it.  None of the above being likely, is the Liberal way true to the definition of the word,  or is it deceptive marketing?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised Canadians  a Liberal government would be different.  Canadians are still waiting.


The Liberal way, with Liberal ideology: Is it deceptive  political marketing?

The Liberal way infers free and liberal application of  logic, liberal thought, Alice;  liberal actions,  liberal tolerance,  and most importantly (which the foolish may have incorrectly assumed,) the liberal  tossing of tight-bunged Conservative shackles.  Why, sure...Conservative and rather destructive Harper-controlled  conservatism  with its preconceived, limited and restrictive tight-bunged control-freak ideology, was  supposed to be tossed into the dumpster.  You get the idea, Alice?

The Liberal way takes over. Or does it?  Is the Liberal way  actually liberal, or is it just creative window-dressing, a political scam, liberal in name only, deceptive marketing to perpetuate the same old, same old political crap jargon and make voters believe governance somehow changed,  magically got 'better'?    Worth repeating. Deceptive marketing.

Let's see...Umm... We happy, smiling Canadians now have a "Liberal" Government...does it live up to its name? Only You can decide.


Canadians are all too aware we  have the same old, same old, stuffy bureaucracy;  Conservative or Liberal. Nothing new there.  Falling back  into the same  old rabbit-holes dug by daddy in the old days,  Justin? More senators for the corrupt, incompetent  senate?...Oops. Abolish the senate. Nope...

Alice, how good is your memory of the old rabbit-hole?... The one before 'because it is 2015', yes, that one...  the "Progressive Conservative Government rabbit-hole. Mad hatters galore.       Yes, sadly, for ten years we had  a "Progressive Conservative" government that was anything but 'progressive'.  In fact it was   destructive, self-serving, corporate-enabling, and regressive Harperism.  Hello?   Anybody home?  Anyone still down there?  Is that an echo  we hear?  Oh, right. Nobody's  home.  No matter,  Alice, isn't  it reassuring to know that for ten years, there was nothing new in that neighbourhood either?

 The Liberal Way: Showmanship

We have a younger,  popular Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who loves taking gaga cozy- selfies with the ladies and desperate, equally ga-ga  Ontario premiers,  installing equal-gender cabinets, wielding punchy  red boxing gloves, and hugging lame duck U.S. presidents because it is popular to do so.  Justin also bravely masters  canoe-paddling in glass-calm waters, and pays much attention  to trendy and 'politically-correct' public events;  grins and waves flags at happy Pride gyrating rainbow parades, meets Syrian refugees at airports with parkas when he is not  enabling Muslim celebrations of various sorts,  visiting ancient Europeans, royal majesties and attending summits of various sorts —among other  potential and  glorious photo ops.

Alice, we are almost tempted to offer one point to the Liberal way here,   #Justin has #oldPierre  beaten by a Liberal mile, but— is  'popularity' genuine progress in governance or merely feel-good Liberal opportunism and demonstrated social manipulation?  Lucky reader, you alone get to decide.  Think.

The Liberal Way:  Legislation

Dabbling in legislation is a sure sign there are insufficient photo ops in Ottawa on any given day.   Setting up  dabbling, double-speak-babbling Liberal-loaded committees which study and guarantee legislation is set up the Liberal way is palatable proof the inner workings from #oldPierre's era have not changed. No points awarded here  for imitating #JeantheChoker, either, Alice. Why, you ask?

Liberals know what is best for everyone, no doubt,  so we must allow such 'governments'  to inflict their meaningful solutions to serious  social issues like 'Legal Right to a Medically-Assisted Death' legislation.   With the Liberal way, however, some very ill patients living in agony are excluded  and do not qualify because the patient simply  hasn't met the Liberal way criterion, being dead in the near future.  Apparently Justin's fine, intellectual  and informed committee members collectively believe  it is acceptable to continue to inflict pain upon desperately-ill, suffering patients, and to ignore rulings  and deadlines from The Supreme Court of Canada — and have simply passed another law which cannot  pass scrutiny of the Canada Charter which guarantees equal treatment of ALL Canadians--including the human right to choose when to die, and to legally request competent medical assistance to die when and if that choice is made. 

Smoke and Mirrors, Alice?

Never mind considering  the legalization of marijuana, as promised, Trudeau's "a carefully-loaded" committee of persons "concerned with the health" of Canadians,  ex-law enforcement officials,  and other individuals previously committed to the continued prohibition of cannabis  ( hell-bent on keeping pot illegal") are 'studying' and temporarily ensuring  the status quo, the  continued arrest and ridiculous prosecution of individuals  who simply choose to possess, grow or purchase their own cannabis plant for any purpose. Decriminalization of marijuana is not on the books until new 'liberal' rules, controls, and shackles have been installed —which clearly remove choice from Canadians, and cast into doubt  the definition of "liberal".

Perhaps that pre-programmed committed group should instead consider  the consequences of  the illegal drug trade, big Pharma chemical drug profiteering, the cost to Universal health care,  tobacco, cigarettes, and vaping of equally-poisonous chemicals.  Alice, we fail to see the logic  of perpetuating a foolishly ineffective, and costly  'war on drugs' which has been a complete failure.  

You get the idea.  Bottom line, No points offered for the Liberal way here,  either, Justin.  It is apparent that "Meaningful legislation is NOT the Liberal way' .  "Control  of everything including the lives of Canadians comes to mind. Lying and broken political Liberal promises come to mind.

Alice, at the next party in La-La-Land,  do you think the Mad Hatter could pour some common-sense , wake-up logic down the old Liberal rabbit-hole?  Would that help? 

Perhaps Canadians should give some thought to whether  the Liberal way has simply been deceptive marketing  of the narcissistic new, 'same old, same old'  —and let us know.

Is Justin's Canada still suffocating in the same old Liberal straight-jacket?  You decide.

Tea party, anyone?


*Hint: Check out the definition of "Liberal", unless Justin's committees have ordered the burning of all dictionaries.  


Is that Incoming I hear?

    (*1  HarperCollins  Publishers   Essential Canadian English Dictionary & Thesaurus   ref. Bank of English  )               Save Save Save Save Save Save
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What they Don’t Tell You

©2016 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee  

 It's a good thing you dropped into reality, Alice                                                           What they don't tell you, Alice...


Uninformed? What They Don't Tell You

Do you ever get the feeling you are going through life  uninformed?  Playing catch-up? Suffering from a lack of information?  The remediation for being left in the dark   and  discerning what they don't tell you (for whatever reason)—should be quite simple.  Clarify known  facts. Recognize and classify  observable anomalies and contradictions. Develop alternative models , including  an understanding of all relevant facts within reason. Question everything —as advised by Albert Einstein, then draw conclusions and re-question both the effectiveness of the deductive process and the value of the answer.  Repeat as necessary...yada yada.  Simple? No.

We wish it was simple to accurately discern and discover what they don't tell you,  but logic suggests deeper issues may be involved;  seemingly insignificant but nagging  little white lies of convenience, half-truths,  secrets,  and  fast-growing deceptions...all  of which may be selective wool drawn over your eyes, manipulation, coverups,  or attempts at avoidance meant to interfere with progress or mess with your mind.

The Path to Discovery

The path to discovery and enlightenment may be long and arduous  enough on the straight and narrow, but with adequate dilly-dallying  it seems  wide, wandering and easy  paths  more closely describe the typical status quo.  What they don't tell you  is that even  otherwise intelligent, resourceful people meander, glance this way and that, accepting,  adding and even promoting fanciful,  constructs of their own in their sketchy attempts to relay information to you, the lost.

A simpler approach  should be: Ask. Discover. Use logic.   Deduce.  Listen to honest folks only. Follow the straight path to discovery. Truth is just around the corner behind the white picket fence.   Let us try, but, alas...gaze down the rabbit-hole, Alice.

Wishes, Lies

With  a bird's-eye view  you now optimistically  dream up the right question.   Do facts line up within logic? Was the apparent response honest, or  clearly suspect?  If so, ask againCreative liars and miscreants and crooked politicians become nervous when questioned.  Complex webs of creative lies may have already been  proffered in a state of panic—a moth-eaten blanket full of holes,  further details of deception essential to hide the truth.   'What they don't tell you'  may soon become an inescapable quagmire of perpetuated  lies and distorted facts. Not simple to  remember or escape from, 'half-truths' become essential prompts.

Half-truths:  A plague

Interestingly, half-truths, political correctness and  'what they don't tell you'  are all signature fallout from the  modern  degradation of honesty.  Our  compromised,  deceptive but slick world suggests ' a plague of half-truths' and practiced political correct euphemisms are now more acceptable  than truth, as long as  feel-good 'success', status and wealth are achieved.  Half-truths are  manipulative  tools,  twisted fact, deception with  intent,  and imagined, childish  justification —the means to any devious agenda and further decay.  

Revelations of societal decay should not surprise;    traditional values are ignored; sterling values are increasingly seldom taught, are even less frequently practiced, and now, upon occasion, may no longer even be expected by anyone.

In an observable, vicious cycle, offspring  quickly learn  lessons of instantaneous gratification as opposed to being carefully required to observe, learn and understand values.  What have they not been told?    The young may not have been advised  that learning,  morals,  hard work, independent thought, charity, understanding and tolerance are essential.  Blind acquiescence to  the media, corporate power, greed,  and the dark side of human nature with  instant gratification are default lessons—at any cost.

What they don't tell you   is that  we have willfully failed to stem the flow of genuine humanity, wisdom and civility from our veins. We are complicit as we cheer and  emulate the 1% and somehow vote for  future generations of devious feel-good social manipulators, even the corrupt. In the media, we  listen spellbound to insatiable,  greedy, thoughtless, powerful, destructive,  and short-sighted ideologues posing as potential leaders.  What they don't tell you is changing everything for their benefit.


As we know , perfection  in humanity is not possible, nor is it simple.  We get that.   But why? What they don't tell you, Alice...may also be the ultimate answer you seek...

Is it any surprise  they don't tell you to think for yourself?


Is that Incoming I hear?

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