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Global Warming in Action: Unprecedented Events

©2018 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee  
[caption id="attachment_4458298" align="aligncenter" width="1089"]Map showing locations of BC Fires 2018 2018 Fires British Columbia[/caption]


Global Warming in Action:  Unprecedented Events


We often  wonder why  human beings refuse to  comprehend the significance of  unprecedented events.   Is it not logical to observe, interpret, apply logic, and finally, act accordingly? Unprecedented events in 2018  such as record temperatures and perhaps  the largest wildfires in history occurred.   Destruction of homes, property, infrastructure,  habitat for animals. A record fire season in western Canada (again) this time in B.C.,   consumed thousands upon thousands of hectares of pristine forest. Thousands of  hectares in single blazes as major fires merged to become horrific beasts from hell.  Heat, smoke, fear, lives lost, major evacuations.  Reminiscent of  Fort MacMurray  a horrific  2016 blaze  that burned subdivisions to the foundations, scorched parts of that city and consumed 5,895 square kilometers of forest     (589,552 hectares or 1, 456,815 acres). The Fort Mac fire took 15 months to extinguish. Wasn't that fire convincing enough for  you?

Further east,  (2018) the Parry Sound wildfire in Ontario threatened to cut off Hwy 17,  Canada's major east-west traffic route.   California had unbelievable heat, major wildfires. with record destruction.   Here's a hint; do excessively-prolonged periods of super-hot, dry weather with no rainfall over vast areas of the continent not suggest change?

Fires were not Enough.

  Fires were not enough. Major rainstorms and floods occurred in Toronto.   Imagine that.  And unprecedented  tornadoes —including  Ottawa of all places. How destructive,  almost  predictable, with weather patterns warming and unstable.  There were no fatalities, but some might suggest ominous warnings for rotten politicians and selfish  "weather deniers" alike. Let us not go there.  Should we generously suggest  pretending such events are only the result of the capricious, playful mind of Mother Nature? Perhaps not.


 Unprecedented Events-Not Just in  North America.

More out-of-control wildfires. Heat. In Greece. Spain. Even north of the Arctic circle.   A once-in-a-century drought in Australia.  Record, unbelievably hot scorching  temperatures.  Only 40C, you say?  50C ? How hot can that  be? Very. Without rainfall, without relief,   heat can be fatal to people and animals alike.  So...  100+ days without any rain, not a drop?  Australians necessarily cull  sheep and cattle herds. No rain, no water, no feed, little hope, mate, so dig in.  On massive sheep ranches, survival of prize  breeding stock is essential.   Ensuring recovery, when and if the rains come. The Australian way of surviving difficulty, mate...


Hurricanes. Typhoons, Earthquakes...Unprecedented Events.

Now for the hurricane season.  Florence , a deadly  hurricane became a massive tropical storm, sweeping up the eastern seaboard of the USA. Wreaking havoc, flooding, massive  destruction from deadly winds and other nasty hurricane stuff. Awesome to watch. On television.  In real life, not so much.  Unprecedented, massive evacuations of millions.  Dank, dirty, contaminated water already metres deep from the storm surge,   aggravated by record rainfall  . As much as  1.27 metres ( 50 inches) of rain were dumped upon some parts of the Carolinas  —pouring  into rivers already washing away homes , streets, highways and lives, flooding reaching  record levels, water trying to return to the sea.

        [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="976"]Volunteers in a small boat rescuing flood victims from Florence Flooding in N. Carolina. Volunteers rescuing victims from  Florence.  Photo by Getty Images. [/caption]    

Harrowing rescues by exhausted rescuers. Deaths. Forty-four fatalities  at the latest count.  And the tally may  not finished yetWhy?  Havoc  and death can remain undiscovered in vast areas of massive flooding. Repairs to homes and businesses are calculated in the billions as waters recede.  Slowly. Repairs to some  flooded homes and infrastructure may be possible; for others, loss is catastrophic, total.  Americans will rebuild. For next time. Repeat.

Do we change our minds when confronted with fact?  No. How about the 'fact' of Florence?  A hurricane that was approximately 600 km. across in size. Unbelievable.

Or how about the simultaneous and gigantic  typhoon  Mangkhut  , much larger than Florence, closer to 900 km. across?   Much bigger 'facts' battering the Philippines on the other side of the world?  Or is that event, like other foreign disasters,  just  'out of sight, out of mind?'  Not for millions of people ill-equipped to deal with the aftermath of flooding, landslides, loss of homes and devastating winds.

  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="864"]A map showing Super Typhoon Mangkhut some 900 km. in size Super Typhoon Mangkhut batters the Philippines on the other side of the globe...Sept 15, 2018[/caption]  

Do we 'get it' yet?  

If not, it seems we soon will.  Weather patterns appear to be surreptitiously  creeping northward.  Ask the people of  Ottawa and the surrounding area to Gatineau, Quebec. Ask how they feel about surveying  the shattered remains of their lives,  homes, possessions,  cars, trees, parks, streets and infrastructure. No  fewer than SIX tornadoes struck.  Perhaps shocked residents should be asking themselves if the annual, almost predictable  destruction of  terrifying tornado alley is  moving in from the United States of America. Unwanted imports?  Imagine that possibility.  

*Batten the hatches.  Earthquakes and Tsunamis...right on time... Indonesia was recently  hit by another earthquake, 7.4 magnitude...death tolls in the many hundreds,  and counting...

Connect the dots...will we ever take responsibility for our part in global warming and natural disasters?



Is that Incoming I hear?

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Kim Jong’s New Toy Missiles Can Hit What?

©2017 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee     [caption id="attachment_4096" align="aligncenter" width="300"]N. Korean missile tests Kim Jong-un test-fires missiles[/caption]  

North Korea Stirs the Pot with Kim Jong's New Toy Missiles

We must conclude that  Kim Jong-un  (# 2) , the revered leader of North Korea,  doesn't want any friends. Or thinks he doesn't need any.  North Korea has once again  stirred the pot and raised red flags everywhere with Kim Jong's new toy missiles.  Korean versions of ICBMs  have been once again been  test-fired, successfully, setting the world on edge.  Red flags were raised internationally when Kim Jong announced that long-distance launches on the U.S. territory of Guam were supposed to be his next target, which would precipitate an understandable and in kind response  from U.S. President Donald Trump.

 Kim Jong's new toy missiles can  hit  what?  Really...

The latest test was pushed to an altitude of 3700km and at that steep angle and  altitude, a range of 1,000 km was achieved.   A matter of simple physics, it hasn't taken the world long to do the rest of the math.  Toronto and perhaps half of the continental United States is now within range of Kim Jong's new toy missiles. How concerned should the world be at this time?  Very. Kim has announced that NK is now capable of mounting small nukes on the same missiles.  The resulting hit on any population would be disastrous. Is the world suddenly  at risk of a nuclear war because of this madman? Not impossible.

Kim Jong II  displays instability, a reckless abandonment of responsibility to the world of nations —and disregard for humanity itself.

Have you noticed how Kim claps like an excited child when his  soldiers are paraded past, or his toys  are launched?   **We would not be surprised if Kim  would clap equally enthusiastically sitting  in a sandbox  with Justin in Canada, both dramatically knocking down sand castles, comparing  pee-pee's, and playing with plastic pails, shovels,  toys whilst taking grinning ga-ga selfies.

**It seems Kim and Justin  have much in common; both display childish, unhappy, gigantic egos,  and appear to have equally unstable, unpredictable minds  The only differences is that Kimmy has bad hair,  a million-man standing army, murders uncooperative  relatives,   and  does not have a sock fetish.  Yet, that is. (Oops, yes, we do tend to digress upon occasion. Is it any wonder?)


Kim Jong's new toy missiles can hit what? Where? 

ICBM's can hit a lot. Far away, too.  And do a lot of damage, especially if equipped with nuclear warheads.   They can be used to strike almost anywhere on the globe if trajectory is perfected and both power and accuracy issues are resolved. Innocent populations, cities, and infrastructure can all be destroyed at the push of a button by any madman.    Try these distances from Pyongyang, North Korea,  to North American and major international cities and sites for purposes of comparison:


From: North Korea to Toronto,  it is:                10, 288 km.

From North Korea to Vancouver, it is:                  7733  km

From N. Korea to *Fort MacMurray it is:             7893 km.

From N. Korea to Calgary  it is :                               8,225 km.

*Why is Fort MacMurray included in this list?  The crippling of  major energy sources  and self-sufficiency of an 'enemy'  can be a significantly desirable advantage  in times of international warfare.


To The United States

From N. Korea to Honolulu, Hawaii it is                7,386 km

From N. Korea to Chicago, it is                            10, 205 km

From N. Korea to Washington, it is                    10, 850 km

From N. Korea to New York N. Y.  it is               10, 737 km

From N. Korea to Los Angeles it is                         9,343 km

From N. Korea to Missouri  it is                            10, 425 km



From N. Korea to Seoul, South Korea  it is                  194 km

From N. Korea to  London, England     it is                 8687 km

From N. Korea to Tokyo, Japan,  it is :                               1280 km

From N. Korea to Moscow, Russia,  it is                        6400 km

From N. Korea to Paris, France, it is                               8728 km


The all-important Chinese Factor

Can Kim Jong's new toy missiles gob-smack 'big brother in China'?  Yes.  At these distances? ICBM's  and even shorter-range missiles with modern electronic guidance can now achieve these puny  distances easily:

From N. Korea to Beijing, China, it is                               944 km

From N.Korea to Hong Kong, China, it is                      2358 km

China  is clearly and easily within range of the unstable Kim Jong's new toy missiles.  Traditionally  N. Korea's ally, it seems logical that China, now arguably a major world power,  should take responsibility,  move in and  and  immediately remove the unstable Kim's Jong's new toy missiles from his sandbox before Kim does something really stupid.

Will China act?  Not likely, at least not spank Kim in a public forum.   China and N. Korea have been allies. With Kim Jong's extreme commitment to militarism,  his million-man standing army  could come in handy in any dust-up with the U.S.A., Russia, or other major world powers.   China is unlikely to upset Kim Jong with anything other than ancient words of wisdom: "Keep big NK secrets in  fortune cookie and please, no clapping to look like Canada Trudeau-fool".

China's response, by the way,  was "If Kimmie fires any missiles at Guam that initiate, 14 minutes later,  any scuffle with the U.S. of A.,  he would be on his own. "

Isn't that priceless fortune-cookie slap-down  encouraging? 

Only time will tell if Kim Jong's new toy missiles can or will ever hit anything—or even be used to do anything other than delight fools,  help starve more of the  N. Korean economy —or perhaps shoot the arrogant Kim Jong II  in the foot.  How appropriate.

Justin in Canada must be green with envy...



Is that Incoming I hear? 

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