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Identification of Canadians and the Quebec Ban

©2017 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_555" align="alignnone" width="406"]Full-face coverings including the burqua Women wearing Burkas  -Who ARE You?[/caption]      

Identification of Canadians and Quebec's  Bill 62:  Who Are You?

The Province of Quebec recently passed Bill 62, the ban of full-face covering —for anyone giving or receiving public services.  The controversial ban is criticized  by the 'politically-correct'  as being specifically aimed at Muslim women.  Wrong.   It is not. It is aimed  inclusively  at  all persons in Quebec,  any and all individuals, any citizen, foreign, immigrant, visitor, asylum seeker, fake refugee  or otherwise—any 'person'  receiving or giving services  who  arrogantly insists upon hiding  (his/her/its/gender-neutral, modified, transformed, whatever, your choice) their natural face.  You got it, anyone in Quebec who hides  their faces and identity from other Canadians is now required to conform to a common-sense law.


Who ARE You?  Identification of Canadians... a valid Question of Security


"Who are you?" remains a valid question of security for people world-wide. Around the globe.  Identification of  Quebeckers, in fact any and all Canadians or others  with covered faces in public places  —is a security issue.

Don't like it?  Get used to it.  Join the modern world.  France and other countries including Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands have done the same.   Worth noting, some Muslim countries also recognize that security is paramount and must come firstChad, and even Egypt are doing the same. With good reason.  Terrorists use deception and hide their faces, gender, and intent. Full-face coverings are NOT  an "Islamic" religious requirement contrary to the loudly-expressed opinions of perhaps well-intentioned—but   ill-informed protesters.


Identification of Canadians and the Stigma of Hidden Faces

Here in Canada we are an 'open-faced society' and always have been. Hidden faces have traditionally and correctly borne  the stigma of suspicion and evil. The indeterminate stranger approaches presenting unknown and  potential danger.   Lack of trust is invariably created, regardless of what  lurks behind masks and other forms of face coverings.


Hidden faces have been and will continue to be  associated with persons having something to hide,   criminality,  untrustworthy, evil  intent. Shady individuals, attackers, break and enter artists and car thieves alike do not want their faces revealed before or after being caught.  Terrorists with murder on their minds do not wish to be identified. ISIS 'fighters' and extremists of every kind practice secrecy of  the worst kind.  Hidden intent.  Terrorism.  The past 20 years has demonstrated an automatic correlation between hidden faces and masks, including  "burquas and hijabs".  We cannot help that.  How unfortunate.  But to deny the association between 'hidden faces' of any type and human lack of trust  is to be naive,  uninformed, and foolish.


Benefits of Open Faces and Identification of Canadians

Yes. Benefits. Open faces offer more than simple  visual confirmation of  identification.  Uncovered faces  increase trust between people in daily contact, on passing,  standing  face-to-face, silently, speaking directly to one another or not.  Open faces improve communication via  the inherent  understanding of  natural and unmistakable  language of facial expression.    Faces signal intent, friendship, status, happiness, sadness,  good or evil  —although such an interchange may be subtle, missed entirely,  understood or not.


Why are there Objections to Reasonable and logical Identification of Canadians? Why is this even an issue?

Open, honest and uncovered faces improve tolerance, inclusion, and acceptance above all.   Worth repeating, uncovered faces  offer inclusion, acceptance, and even potential friendship to strangers. Open faces reduce concerns for personal  safety— by honestly addressing, reducing or completely eliminating  suspicion. 

Canadians naturally object to covered faces for all of the above reasons. Canadians are, by our very identity, history  and  nature, friendly, open-faced, inclusive and tolerant of those who dress 'strangely' and those who may be  'different'. We want to know who specifically stands before us for any purpose.


On the Other Hand...

Want to be looked upon with suspicion by all? Try it. Cover your face fully. Hide your face from any and all observers and passers-by. Lurk in public places,  courts of law, lineups at bus stops, at the mall, in lineups at the show, ceremonies,  events, schools,  the supermarket,  the welfare office, or your neighbourhood community center. Try entering an airport wearing a balaclava—and see what happens.  Expect to be confronted and identified.

While you're at it, protest  Canadian social life, Canadian traditions,  and whine loudly.  Scream racism!    Hide your face so nobody can determine who you are, what you are  protesting and  whining loudly for, or screaming dissent.

How about let's sneak about like it's Hallowe'en. Close enough.  Pretend you're practicing  "it's a woman's choice' ,  imagine you are a different gender and supporting "women's issues."  Pretend that you're a 'feminist',  as certain out-of-touch,  ill-informed, confused and incompetent politicians posing as 'leaders'  seem to be prone to encourage. Does a  full-face covering make your voiced opinion any braver, any  more valid?  No.  In fact, the opposite;  the hidden face  demonstrates cowardice.

One may use the excuse  that a burqua, Lone Ranger mask,  niquab, rubber Grinch-face,  wooden voodoo mask, head-scarf,  extreme-weather face-cover-hoodie, ski-mask, hollowed-out pumpkin-head, rubber duck costume,  toque,  or northern balaclava — is somehow  justified by  a "religious requirement" and a 'religion'.   It is not. They are not. None of the above face coverings qualify for exemption or eliminate, dismiss, or trump the logical and reasonable quest for security for ALL Canadians. 

Walk into a bank or jewelry store or bank—or  any other civilized workplace with a full-face covering  and try withdrawing money or inciting a  nasty public demonstration— and discover why full face covering are a bad idea.  

This is Canada. It is time for politicians of all stripes to remind themselves why the essential   tradition of  open-faced  identification of Canadians IS the essence of Canada.  



Is that Incoming I hear?

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Government Radicalization of Canadians

©2017 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee     [caption id="attachment_4032" align="aligncenter" width="596"] Canada in Distress 2  The Lifeblood of Canada is Dripping Away[/caption]      

How Can we put this Politely?  —The Government Radicalization of Canadians


     Being  a responsible  Canadian demands  honesty and polite response(s) under duress.  Let us keep that restraint in mind while addressing the newest Liberal plan which appears to be the willful angering and radicalization of CanadiansYes. The Government radicalization of Canadians;  a plan  diabolical,  unbelievable —and strangely  predictable.

     Should Liberals  anyone out there choose to agree or disagree,   tread bravely. Go for it. Speak up.    Those all-essential 4-letter Canadian words  'cool', 'beerand 'tube' (as in cool it,  have a beer and 'watch hockey on the tube instead of whining) are exempt from censorship,  being— like hockey sticks,  prized Canadian tools necessary to distract from the willful government radicalization of Canadians  by  unrealistic, prancing Prime Ministers and his  "politically-correct", dishonest, gullible, out-of-touch, —and now almost irrelevant government.

Got the rules straight?   Well, okay, that was the fun part.


"Logic and reality painfully dictates (no pun intended) that if a gift is given, it can also be taken away."


 Now, Seriously...Let's get to it:

      Government radicalization of Canadians is all too real. 'Trendy' government policy  angers millions of Canadians, even if we're modernized old-school hacks and scribblers ...  Revelations of social manipulation without consent of  (small 'c') conservative-minded  Canadians is raising hackles? You bet.    Such as approval of  trendy, ugly, distasteful  decisions by slick, self-absorbed 'leaders' —under the guise of  inclusion, diversity, and tolerant' elitists who undoubtedly smirk arrogant racist epithets in private but advise Canadians should not be racist,  criticize, offer  alternative comment, reason, logic, or  opinion in dissent.   As an individual,  "one can do nothing" about aberrations, stupidity  thrust upon beautiful, peaceful Canada by arrogant Justin and his gullible majority government.    After all, we are to be polite, peaceful  Canadians.

The Liberal Dictatorship is a Majority out of Control

*No questioning or  lip-reading of Liberal puppets by the opposition is permitted in Parliament.  Smart-ass  quotations from Justin's  slick drama book may be repeated by all members of the house by  rote, if pre-approved.  Parliamentarians (all) are encouraged to be diverse,  tolerant of  unstable drama teachers, be inclusive and share publicly,  but please—observe decorum required. No  direct personal opinions may be offered. Ass-kissing in public, lip-service and quoting from Justin's custom-written  dictator cheat-sheets are allowed if pre-approved, and you are a member of the right hand of the Liberal party, hereafter known as the ''Conservative" official opposition.'  After all, we the Liberal Party of Canada, are the majority. Non-compliance will not be tolerated by our revered  Deceiver leader."

Have You Noticed?

      It  is impossible to get a direct, honest answer from Justin in question period.  Have you noticed?   He grandly and magnanimously "allows" his  'visible minority'  immigrant female "appointee" House leader to speak for him, while he sits, with hackle-raising, ignorant  smugness as the  egomaniac director and owner of Canada, feminism,  subversion, selfies and the three-act play always in progress in his mind.

     Even experienced government Liberal slicks  are offered the opportunity to look  like amateur fools,  voting for manufactured, trendy   phobias and advancing motions of deceit. Liberals may not vote against lies made to look like "truth".   They do clap, lip sync  and nod happily at Trudeau's   parrot platitudes —all of which are  misleading rhetoric.  Let's pretend we have "*Freedom of Speech".  (see note*)

*Freedom of Speech may be  hereafter stifled  without prior notice,   (subject to Section 33, the Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms "notwithstanding clause")  as inflicted upon Canadians by Pierre Elliot Trudeau.  (The  old Trudeau Daddy-dictator, remember him? Imagine that.  Connect the dots yet?

Interpret that as you will, but the bottom line of reality  clearly shows that    "Some sneaky, arrogant politician (Pierre  who may not be named?)  grandly "gave" Canadians  "rights and freedoms" in 1982  (The Constitution Act,  The Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms ) to accomplish his own agenda.  Logic and reality painfully dictates (no pun intended) that if a gift is given, it can also be taken away.

"Rights and Freedoms" can be overridden or 'just as easily be taken away' by any  future   child dictator. "  P.E.T.'s  long-term planning for the betrayal of Canadians certainly approximates today's reality. NO legal  recourse is offered to Canadians other than 'authorized political action', or unapproved protest,  flag-burning,  dissent.  (Whatever that may involve— even violent revolution a.k.a.  radicalization.)

   Will Trudeau ultimately  invoke the War Measures Act?  Grave mistakes are invariably repeated in history.

Get it yet?   "Rights" issued by one dishonest, radicalized globalist with a 'notwithstanding clause' —  can be virtually worthless—when available to converted,   unstable and narcissistic  wannabe dictators.


So? What are Canadians to think? Are they allowed to think now?  Are Liberal thought police next?

     Just watch Canadians —  as  they predictably become increasingly angrier,  eventually  even radicalized to a point where they may indeed lash out militarily... Home-grown 'terrorists' in the making.  Was  the  recent Quebec mosque attack  a backlash to outrageous, thoughtless, callous government?

      Alert Canadians should connect the dots and yes,  recognize they may  become  increasingly angry with no recourse.   Unwanted social change to Canada has been  willfully generated and inflicted upon Canadians  by this arguably foolish —and clearly irresponsible, completely untrustworthy "leader".  Some would even suggest the Trudeau dynasty has knowingly and willfully betrayed all Canadians.

Potential Government Radicalization of Canadians: How?

     *Who in Canada would NOT become angry, frustrated  or even radicalized after recognizing the Liberal government 'led' by Trudeau and the incompetent Liberals appears to be doing everything in its power to generate fear, divide, create anxiety, anger, generate predictable dissent?—Exacerbating  talk of separation, regionalism,  and  potentially radicalization  and violence, even civil war at every turn?

     *Who in Canada would NOT become angry at the recent hypocrisy, deception and manipulation of Liberal 'anti-Islamophobia'  Motion 103 making "Islamophobia" a special  crime. A foolish fabrication, a  meaningless term —it  is intended to segregate Islam as a class of religion which cannot be"criticized",  generates hate, divides Canadians, and  deceived non-thinking  parliamentarians.  It clearly did so.

      Is this  subterfuge an undeclared conflict of interest —since Trudeau himself has converted to Islam?   M103,  the motion was  "supposedly thought up and put forward" by  Trudeau's dispensable, naieve "backbencher Liberal" hypocrite Khalid, a  deceivingly smug young woman of Pakistani origin —who clearly demonstrated  that she desires the establishment of the homeland's  brutal, archaic, misogynistic and institution of Sharia Law in Canada.  This woman—an "elected" Member of the Parliament of Canada, unbelievably,  cannot be trusted. Encouraged by Trudeau,  she presented a purely evil, deceitful  motion with intent —that does not comply with the Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms,  but was  passed by a government which clearly either did not bother to  think about repercussions,  or has purposefully deceived Canadians.    The arrogant Trudeau must be taken to task  for this betrayal of Canada.  

     Shall Canadians simply  radicalize in anger,   build militias,   and prepare for an inevitable, bloody revolution and battle for Canada?   The likelihood is growing.    Shall Canadians remain silent and  exchange fair  logic, peace and reason  for  senseless, bloody, Mid-East ideology and civil war  because of  the irresponsible actions of  a few lying deceivers?

     Shall Canadians close our eyes to the deceit, the collusion of Trudeau  and   less-than-astute parliamentarians  of all stripes who have become so  unbelievably gullible —that they  have unwittingly guaranteed  the exponential growth of terrorism  — and the rise of a brutal foreign religious ideology —considered by many to be not a religion of peace, but a cult of death?  Have Canadians learned nothing from Europe's serious problems?  You, dear readers, are free to   believe what you will —as you try to explain the erratic behaviour and direction of this 'government'.

Please explain  —for  I cannot. The lifeblood of Canada is slowly draining  away, seemingly  with the tacit approval of Justin Trudeau, who willingly no longer represents the common interests of Canadians.


Anger Justified:  the Economy

    Bombardier executives managed to award themselves self-entitlements of  some $32 MILLIONS of dollars in bonuses while laying off 14,500 workers.  Trudeau  arrogantly defended Bombardier's executive self-entitlements,  offering naive declarations of approval of 'corporate choices'  which  "make jobs."  ah-ah-blah blah blah  ....Jobs—in the mind of whom?  Yes, Canadians dare to ask.  Why should we NOT be angry?

     Shall Canadians follow the money? Clearly there is a corrupt Canadian  swamp to drain, rife with devious politicians and corporate executives who are  dishonest, corrupt, greedy,  and incompetent.


Electoral Reform Failure and other Gaffes

     *Who in Canada would NOT become angry and  radicalized when Trudeau the slick arbitrarily and unilaterally cancelled essential electoral reform? The change MOST wanted by Canadians?

     *Who in Canada would not be angry  with Trudeau's lies, deception, political reversals,  approval of CETA,  the TPP,  trade agreements which are bad deals,  sell-offs of Canadian sovereignty, enabling corporate and foreign control of Canadian resources and  energy sources for little other than paltry 'jobs'  and, depletion of resources, and pollution?  Justin clearly relishes the  self-aggrandizing approval of  world-class environmental disasters in the making to satisfy his foreign masters—and has demonstrated he is willing to sacrifice  Canada and Canadians—at any cost

     Putting town hall audiences and provinces at odds when convenient, Justin  relishes making arrogant, fatal gaffes and decisions for the benefit of foreign, global  interests and corporate profit, while sacrificing the interests of Canadians.   Willful destruction of   the global environment and the institution of Canada itself have already become  the potential  legacy of  Trudeau and his one-act drama of betrayal and treason.

     Struggling Canadians 'wondered' as Trudeau foolishly  appointed 14 more non-elected  friends,  self-entitled lifetime "Senators".  More corruption, enabled by stretchy self-applied "rubber Senate rules."  Senators  collectively continue to pay themselves  salaries and lifetime pensions ten times the amount of average Canadian pensions, making up 'rules'  to justify corruption and 'mollify' Canadians.  Right.


Security and Immigration Gaffes

    Justin Trudeau  'declared the border open"to unvetted economic, ideological opportunists, drug dealers, gun-runners, terrorists  and illegals alike, 'walking across the border'.  Trudeau  calls them "refugees" —who collect welfare and disappear

     The Liberal government continues to avoid answering questions about this security breach and continues to do nothing.   Like Trudeau, MP Ralph Goodale is looking completely  incompetent, most recently  blathering excuses and now questioning 'whether these 'refugees' "intended to go to the USA in the first place."  Wow...Let us make MORE excuses!  That's justification for  Trudeau's foolishness at any cost!  How much  more embarrassing and idiotic does this government wish to appear?)  Clearly there is a problem ...

    *Who in Canada would NOT become angry and radicalized as Trudeau publicly defined  Canada  as  a country without a core identity?   His apparent submission to his new masters  is clear in his appointments, decisions and actions —and demonstrate his blatant disregard  for  all other Canadians.   

     Dark clouds gather.  Why?   Mr. Trudeau has clearly deceived Canadians and continues to do so.


 Conclude This...

     We  may  logically conclude  this is devious, but  intentional government radicalization of Canadians .  Is it a heinous  way to 'justify' the declaration of  the War Measures Act?  at some time in the future?   As Daddy Pierre did in the past  (The October Crisis)?  A stretch, you say? 'Won't ever happen' you insist?  We suggest everyone think again. Canadians cannot claim immunity to evil and deception by "leaders" however 'attractive' they may appear to be.

     Wonder how it works? The end game? Think about it.  To instigate enough anger, push a peaceful society beyond reason,  to outrage, without recourse —into  eventual  revolution. Push far enough to incite riots. Call out the troops to 'maintain law and order'  and justify "control" by a devious, lying dictator. That's how.

      "Well, just watch me" —is the egotistical Trudeau mantra. Government radicalization of Canadians  and incitement  of enough anger for a serious backlash IS indeed a predictable model.  Think again. And again.  We stand on guard for thee...

         Will  Justin Trudeau and this  delusional, incompetent and untrustworthy  'government"  ever come to understand the   incredible worth of the core values and identity of 150 years of Canada? Not likely.  

     Readers must decide if Trudeau is grounded enough in reality to realize how angry and potentially radicalized  ordinary, peaceful Canadians have already become. Governance is not a game. Sorry.


     Let us send Justin a  note of concern. Politely, of course.

            "Dear Justin:

"Hello, Justin.... is anyone home, or are you on vacation? (Again?)

WE the people of Canada are wondering....

Are you still Prime Minister of Canada?   No disrespect intended, but...we're mad as hell.   Again, no disrespect intended, but have YOU, by any chance, lost touch with reality  because of  foreign influence, the confusion  of your own personal religious agenda, too many photo ops,  fate, life in Canada, or the ongoing drama of  life? 

Not to trouble you, Justin, but it seems your daily performance is harmful and detrimental to Canada, and  appearing to be  increasingly unstable.   You have been leading parades, taking  selfies, and going on vacation.  You have lost touch  with Canadians who would prefer traditions of 150 years of  CANADA be honoured.  Honesty is the best policy and Canadians, to the CORE, believe both trust and respect are earned.

                                                    Yours Sincerely....

                                                                35M Voting Canadians

P.S. : Do not blame  Trump, Daesh, Isis, Dawa,  closeted lone-wolf lunatics,  your personal spiritual demons or  imaginary enemies for the apparently ongoing government radicalization of Canadians...

The buck stops right in front of you.  Just so you know,  inciting of anger and the subsequent government radicalization of Canadians  —intentional or not, is irresponsible, dangerous, and is completely unacceptable. Either you are a Canadian devoted to traditional Canada or you are not.  We all must make choices.

We suggest it is time to  rethink  the dramatic elements of what YOU have  been doing to Canada without the permission of Canadians to do so.   

As a drama teacher, you may be blissfully unaware, but rest assured that all students of history understand and acknowledge  it  is  blatant abuse of power, corruption and arrogance  which ultimately causes the fall of smug  politicians,  ideologues and ideology itself, —political, religious, whatever it may be —but  also the decline and fall of nations.



Is that Incoming I hear?

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