Bells of Covidology Ring Across the Land


Bells of Covidology Ring Across the Land

©2021 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Covid 19, or a variant thereof

Covid-19, the root of Covidology and the Pandemic of 2020



The Bells of Covidology Ring Once More


Do you hear them? The Bells of Covidology are ringing again, loudly.

The fourth wave,  commandeered by  the Delta variant wasn’t enough. Alarms sound.  Panic. Lockdowns. Business restrictions, visiting no-no’s,  party cancellations, work from home.  Keep the rotten kids at home and attempt to further their education by ensuring they look at a computer screen all day. Every day.

Now there’s a new medical pet.  The ‘new’  Omicron variant out of South Africa.  Already in Europe. That was fast, suggesting Omicron was well established before any alarm was sounded. Hello?  Ding-ding...

It is curious to note that the majority of Covid cases in the process were suddenly  reported to be the Delta variant.  Does that not pique the curiosity, the  imagination? Then it was the Delta variant,…er…now let’s make that the Omicron variant.  The new, fast and ugly kid on the block.   Oops! …

The bells of Covidology are ringing once again. Loudly.  Enough to deafen an army of confused, dull experts exchanging conflicting views on best medical advice, masks, PPE’s,  social distancing, social behaviour,  a list of no-nos very long,  lockdowns, mandated vaccinations, loss of freedoms. Bureaucrats yelling about  business failures, hospitals churning with medical staff burnout,  retiring nurses…cancelled surgeries, availability and costs for  personal protective equipment (PPE)  …you get the idea.

What Happened?

Did the original Covid strain expire, retire, disappear into the sunset, become outgunned  by Delta?  Was Delta the new nasty  kid on the block or just an ugly cousin?   So does it go on, to perpetuity?  No, Covid  just evolved with a predictable pattern as it must.
Viruses must evolve to adapt to new conditions, find new victims, or die off.  ding-ding, that would be the natural progression, wouldn’t it…   Logic suggests that if ALL of the hosts are killed off, the virus dies off entirely too.  Nature dictates survival,  so it’s more fun to ‘evolve’ to a milder form ,  grow a few more spikes and stay  around for the party.  Common sense, isn’t it. 

That logic, however, is not enough for the ‘experts’ of  science,  ‘experts’ of infectious diseases, and law-making, nervous and power-hungry bureaucrats to deal with.  It’s “Omicron”….the experts chatter about…fear-mongering at it’s finest. The Bells of Covidology are ringing loudly. Or is it the cash registers?


Where do we stand?

Vaccinations aren’t enough,  the promised herd immunity factor has been long forgotten.   Now it’s 2 jabs that are essential. to prevent declining efficacy.  Wait,,,  Now a third, it’s a booster.  When will the 4th come out?  Wait, the FOURTH jab is already recommended for immune-compromised persons.What is this, the wild west? How about a fifth, sixth, seventh, mandated by law? Oh, wait, Quebec was already contemplating  levy “a health tax” on the unvaccinated.


The “Health tax” on the Unvaccinated.  Say NO.

We do NOT want to go there. Why? The next “necessary health tax”  will be levied on seniors for requiring additional, so-called disproportionate health care for getting old.   Tax  on young  families for producing more than 1.25  offspring will pay ‘health tax’. Why?  Because of disproportionate health care requirements.
Why?  A slightly larger percentage of Covid patients admitted to ICU  are the “evil” unvaccinated.

Trudeau calls them out regularly as unfriendly, irresponsible, non-believers in science, reckless,  divisive,  thoughtless rogue individuals.  Imagine that.
Don’t forget those children using disproportionate health care  with broken toes from sliding in playgrounds, road rash from skateboarding,  and especially those nasty  sports persons with brain injuries or otherwise  physically damaged  because they play sports and everyone knows that EVIL status requires disproportionate use of health services for concussions, broken bones and other probable conditions.
Again, let’s not go there; universal health care is not perfect, but it’s better than going bankrupt and  selling the private home to pay for disproportionate use of health services to accommodate the chance slip and  broken hip.    Again, let us NOT go there.

What’s Next?

As we head into 2022, the Omicron variant has already clearly taken over.  With the milder but highly infectious, (not as serious variety as) Delta, the public have become almost tone deaf  or hospitalized from the preexisting conditions of boredom , an overload of conflicting data and evolving boredom concentrating on less than expert  experts.
Yes,  Omicron is not clearly as vicious,  does spread more rapidly –but with fewer hospitalizations. As a result  far fewer patients are  ill seriously enough to require  ICU requirements. How about common sense?  ding-ding


Really?  Already? A Sixth Wave?

Canada is now heading into a sixth wave.  Another ‘variant’.  With a forth shot (second booster) now  offered to those 70 years old, those at risk and select groups. .  Isn’t that convenient?  How about letting Covid  struggle as people have done?  BA.1  BA.2  Recombinant XE…oh yes, that would be recombined evolutionary characteristics plucked from previous ‘variants’….and…on and on….

Let us think about it.  This question must be asked…Is the endless “scientific expert” morphing of vaccines actually encouraging the Covid virus to EVOLVE?

Logic suggests that if there are no potential victims remaining in  a population with adaptive herd immunity, Covid as a pandemic must also die off –so of course subsequent ‘variants’ must be ever milder to ASSURE the survival of the virus.  Ding ding ding….the Bells of Covidology are once again ringing.  Which will survive, the vaccine industry, or Covid?


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