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Dishonest Politicians: It is time for Full Disclosure

©2017 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_3981" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The inverted Maple Leaf flag of Canada --a symbol of distress Canada in Distress[/caption]  

The Status Quo  in Canadian Politics is a Failure

It never fails to amaze  the voting public  how  unbelievably dishonest politicians, public figures and leaders can be.  How deceptive. How sneaky.   How blatantly dishonestWithout conscience.  Woefully lacking in accountability and honour —without  consequence. Bloated with unbelievable arrogance. Unrepentant purveyors of corruption. With "Government-defined  truth and fact" reported by the media  instead of the genuine truth.

The status quo in Canadian politics is a failure.  Canada is in distress.  Yes, the inverted flag is an international signal of distress.


Time for Full Disclosure, Accountability, and Legal Consequences.

In North America,  it is long past time for full disclosure.  Voters must begin calling out dishonest politicians who have been misrepresenting their own beliefs, values, and intentions to the detriment of Canada and all Canadians.   It is time to reinvent politics and more clearly DEFINE acceptable terms of leadership.   Housecleaning is required.  In Canada, it is clearly time to root out political deceivers and remove systemic, growing  and dangerous political rot. The latest scandal in the Senate —without remedy— is only one example of many.

It is NOW time for responsibility. Full Disclosure. Serious stuff.   

If  Canada is to survive and humanity  is to advance,  society world-wide can no longer afford political games played by self-serving,  self-aggrandizing, smirking liars , rock stars, narcissists,  and rich ideologues. Games played to fulfill  hidden agendas, manipulate society, practice  self-entitlement, self-appeasement, corruption, corporate influence, and above all, endless deceit of the many-- without consequences— must now be excised from politics and government. To not do so is irresponsible.


Is Mandatory Full Disclosure  for Political Candidates a Solution?

Perhaps more  realistically and accurately, it could be at the very least, a step in the right direction, a  partial solution.   A step in the right direction?  Think about it;  penalties for LYING on a binding public declaration.  The revealing of all facts, full disclosure by candidates—a declaration  of all conflicts of interest,  status,  religious beliefs, and vision for the future of the country.    Perhaps voters could make better-informed decisions about  candidates running for public office.

Much of the current dissatisfaction with bad  governance would have been avoided without the distortion of secretive dealings, social manipulation, stretching the rule of law, and  dishonesty of  so-called "leaders."   For example,  devious foreign agendas, unwanted, dishonest "trade deals" have been signed with  the unacceptable and  the unwanted tampering by  ultra-rich foreign global political and corporate interests. Senators have avoided consequences for borderline unethical corruption.

How about the Liberal government's current and outrageous,  secretive enabling of  the importation of globally-unwanted elements of society; a domineering, distasteful religious/ political mix and  incompatible society steeped in hate for the west and  brutal cultural practices abhorred by  the majority of Canadians? Assisting genuine refugees is one thing;  Trudeau's 'open-border' policy for Muslims  strolling across the border is quite another.  Very few Canadians honestly share Trudeau's  self-serving vision of an Islamic state in Canada.


Would Justin Trudeau EVER have been Elected  by a Fully-informed Canadian Electorate?

Would the demonstrably dishonest Justin Trudeau have been elected Prime Minister of Canada if voters  had not been duped?  If voters had been fully apprised of the  true extent of his religious affiliations, his secretive conversion to Islam,  had understood his globalist UN agenda, and  deceptive tendency to instability, narcissism, and  dictatorship?  How about his arrogance and blatant disdain  —or is it genuine hate —for  Canadians of European descent,  First Nations peoples, Canadian culture and 150 years of  Canadian history?  Not likely.  

Equally, would the incredibly incompetent Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals have been elected Premier of Ontario? No. The Premier of Alberta?  No.   How about the ever-arrogant premier of  B.C.?  No. 

It is time for  political hopefuls  to be REQUIRED to offer no less than a legally-binding affidavit  with  full disclosure, total honesty, a declaration of intent   when running for positions of power in any level of government in Canada. Positions to which they wish to be  entrusted.  Positions in which they now  enjoy, thumbing their noses at Canadians, recklessly abandoning their responsibilities in favour of their private agendas including the destruction of Canada, it's culture, laws, structure and dreams. Canadians are not amused with the status quo.


It is Tough to Face the Truth. Canada needs to do so NOW.

It is time to invoke a legal requirement for true accountability and full disclosure in the electoral process.  Want to be a politician and  lie to Canadians?  Expect  serious consequences. Expect to be recalled and fired by the electorate.   Want to participate in unethical, corrupt practices  in the Senate?  Expect substantial jail time and full consequences, ejection from the Senate and loss of pension.  Would you, Mr. Prime Minister, like to laugh, deceive and treat voters with arrogance, meanwhile inflicting your hidden  religious or ideological agenda upon Canadians?  Expect more than serious consequences. Canadians deserve FAR better.

Collectively, dishonest  politicians  can expect to be criticized in spite of wishful legislation they may introduce, such as M103, the controversial "Islamophobia" motion.  Canadians have NO tolerance for deceptive, self-serving legislation introduced by spineless, devious politicians.

Offenders  who do not live up to the conditions of their sworn affidavits should be subject to  recall, serve prison time,  be run out of town on a rail, ejected from Canadian politics forever, charged with fraud, and with enough reason for bad leadership, be charged with treason. 

It is tough to face the truth. Canada needs to do so now —or face the consequences.  It is about to become much, much tougher.  It is time for electoral change. Canadians are fed up. Anger is growing. Freedom of speech is being challenged. The status quo of Canadian politics is a failure, no longer serving Canadians. Canada  belongs to Canadians. Get it?

  Connect the dots yet?



Is that Incoming I hear?

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Alice visits Justin Trudeau’s La-La Land

©2017 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee [caption id="attachment_4000" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Alice Visits Justin Trudeau's La-la Land...[/caption]    

Walking Across the Border into Justin Trudeau's La-la Land

The Mad Hatter twittered nervously then laughed raucously, having never heard of such a foolish thing. Outrageous.  "How can anyone just walk across a national border and end up, not in a rabbit-hole, but in Justin Trudeau's La-La Land?  Ha-ha" said the Mad Hatter, with glee,  "Various persons just stroll across the border and end up in Canada,  how is that even possible? I have never heard of such foolishness.  He squinted at Alice. "In your travels, have you hit your head upon a white rock ?

"No", replied Alice."

"A black one then... or a stump—are you sure?"

"Quite",  Alice said, "Tea please,  and before you ask, sir, no, I have not walked into a cedar fence-post either.   I have not hit my head on a rock, I assure you. I have just returned.  Illegal migrants and persons claiming refugee status are walking across the Canadian border, right  into Justin Trudeau's La-La Land.

The people, they come by taxi from Trump's America. All bear suitcases full of  silly dreams for a better life in that cold country and  hasten to relate horrid tales of escaping an unforgiving and dangerous homeland, true or not.

The Sad Truth

"And most are not even required to fall into magic rabbit-holes  or crawl through tunnels? All they have to do is simply cross a ditch?" White rabbit asked, nibbling a crumpet.

Alice nodded

"Do tell!" Caterpillar shouted. Scandalous! "Tea?"

"Come now, Alice, surely  that must be a fabrication, child."  The Mad Hatter was angry.  "No responsible leader of a modern sovereign nation allows uncontrolled entry of armies of immigrants, refugees or not.  Nor are persons bearing  ill intent  allowed to merely stroll across an international border as if it were a Sunday stroll." The Mad Hatter banged  a silver spoon upon the white porcelain teapot. "Silence!" 

"Outrageous! Foolishness!" The Cheshire cat smiled as Cheshire cats do.  "Reeks of a rat in the woodpile, it does. Incompetence! The place clearly needs a Queen who would shriek "Off with his head!"

"Certainly a rat!" White Rabbit said, thoughtfully.


Is it The End, or The Beginning of  a Grim Tale of Woe?

"I am sorry to be the bearer of such bad news." Alice said meekly.

"Hush, child, Canadians will flush out the rat. Crumpet? "

"I shall not bother to  finish the  secret north tunnel to Justin Trudeau's La-La land then" White Rabbit said, smiling.


Is that Incoming I hear?

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