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Ex-Prime Minister Lobbying: Opportunism and Corruption?

©2016 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

  [caption id="attachment_3872" align="alignnone" width="688"]Harper leaves a trail of destruction behind him Is Stephen Harper's destruction of Canada Finished, or just Starting?[/caption]      

Resigned Politicos and Lobbying :  Opportunism and Corruption?


Harper Now On Pension —As a  Private "Consultant" Lobbyist?

Is political lobbying opportunism and corruption? If CANADA'S   Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is foolish enough to ratify  the TPP "free trade' deal as it exists, AS it was so "deviously carefully" set up in such a rush by  Conservative ex- Prime Minister Stephen Harper, —foreign national corporations will not only gain control of Canadian resources, but with potential lawsuits and damage claims for "potentially lost profit".  Such threats, lawsuits and claims will essentially dictate, hamstring, and limit Canadian environmental regulations and standards.  Worse yet, the "tribunal" to be used for settling such legal cases is clearly loaded against Canada. 

Having now resigned, and going on *pension, has Stephen Harper set himself up to be Canada's richest and most successful consultant-lobbyist?



Has Harper Resigned  with Opportunism and Corruption  in Mind?


Mr. Stephen Harper recently resigned as an MP,  and is starting his  new "consulting" (read lobbying) business; Canadians have every reason to be skeptical and very concerned.  Is Harper's future  plan opportunism and corruption?  How about a sell-out of Canada, and even treason?  Mr. Harper will 'consult' with foreign corporations and governments.   Why would he bother to do that, you ask? 

Clearly, as a 'private' consultant,  he will be in a position to enable foreign national corporations and states including Communist China  to further take advantage of the Canadian TPP with insider information, timely advice,  choice contactsshady contracts, through questionable "friendships" established during his reign as Prime Minister of Canada.  He will be exploiting working within the massive, sloppy, corporate-enabling  and very questionable  'free' trade deal he himself RUSHED through parliament for approval prior to his resounding election defeat. Imagine how convenient...


A Prime Ministerial Legacy?


Is the T.P.P. a "Prime Ministerial" legacy for Canadians?  We think not.  The T.P.P. is closer to willful destructive entrapment and betrayal of the Canadian economy and loss of sovereignty.  Mr. Harper is all too aware of what he is doing.  Does that potential arrangement encourage kickbacks, sweet deals, or does this deal border upon  bottom-shelf-quality treason?  YOU, loyal reader, must decide. And soon.


The Instantaneous Reward


As a result of Mr. Harper's "resignation" from public office,  there is little doubt there  has been an instantaneous reward,  a  creative, devious and GREAT opportunity established for exploitation and further sell-out of Canada  —an opportunity—created by Mr. Harper himself—*as he collects his $170,000 annual MP PENSION from CANADIANS—AND an additional $58,000 "Prime Minister's Pension"  when he turns 67 years of age.

As an 'aside', we digress,  dear reader, but cannot help but do the math and point out that  Canada Pension for Ordinary Canadian retirees, seniors, all hard-working Canadians —is  less than ONE-TENTH of the greedy, completely unwarranted, excessively FAT pension  for DEFEATED, FAILED politicians,  'ex' Prime Minister or not.  The reality and arrogance of political self-entitlement  never fails to amaze, disgust, and anger ordinary Canadians.


A future Lobbyist at the Expense of Canadians?


Please do tell us if we're wrong, but we suggest any future involvement  or lobbying by Stephen Harper will merely add insult to injury.  Is consulting with foreign national corporate interests  in matters where  the Harper -devised TPP   is involved—nothing but opportunism,  corruption and worse?  

It is a serious potential conflict of interest, overt hypocrisy,  immoral,  and at the very least,  devious, poor ethics and un-Canadian.  Canada CAN and should be able to DO BETTER FOR Canadians!


The Solution

Let us be helpful  —as is our Canadian tradition,  wish everyone the best of luck, —and suggest that  "Canada's friend"  Stephen Harper  be prohibited from "consulting" or lobbying  in any deals  between foreign interests and our government in Ottawa  —which include  any and ALL  resources including but not limited to free trade practices,  the labour market,  the energy sector, mining and minerals, water, food,  transportation, pipeline construction, communications,  or intellectual property   in  provinces or territories of Canada for the COMPLETE DURATION of  Mr. Harper's  shady "free trade deal"—however long it takes.

Are you listening, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

  • A special note......By the way, Americans should be paying serious attention to the T.P.P. as well --President Barack Obama is pro-T.P.P.  The question must be WHY—when it is so clearly NOT for the benefit of average Americans or Canadians either.  So —WHO is the beneficiary of the TPP?   Think, people....


There. That ought to do  it....


Is that Incoming I hear?

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U.S.A. Voters Surrendered to Apathy

©2016 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_3844" align="alignleft" width="276"]The Donald Making America Great Again Donald  Making America Great Again[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3845" align="alignright" width="275"]'It''s only this big" Hillary  Describing the Size of the Great Gender Victory[/caption]      

It is Done, Now Live with It.

It is done, you heard it here first, now live with it.  Voters surrendered to apathy. The nominations for President of the United States are  done.   Finished.  Maybe.  If you can only imagine how foolish it appeared to the world.  For the record, let us, in a civilized manner,  agree.  It is clear that,  —given the  choices offered,   exhausted, misled, and desperate, with few or no other reasonable  or foreseeable options, —voters surrendered to apathy.

The historical event itself  (in the predictable crowning  of H.R.M Queen Hillary Clinton)   lowered the boom on America.  Inexplicably, a 'great gender victory' was  somehow deemed more important than the quality of candidates.  And here we thought Americans rebelled against  royal  self-entitled monarchs in 1776. Feel the burn.  (No Bernie pun intended.)

Not to complain,  you understand, but reported past wrong-doings and the questionable ethics of Hillary , email scandals, curious and unbelievable  rigged  vote numbers  come to mind. Accusations,  truths, half-truths and blatant lies, involvement with the Benghazi affair,  preferential media spin, all raised caution flags for the apathetic voter, but what the hell,  no matter.  She is Teflon Hillary, the ex 'first lady Clinton' who was —and remains, amazingly disliked by the public; so what. Funded by corporate interests for future favours?  No comment.   Bernie was far more popular with a huge following. The old upstart played well but was tossed.    We can all feel warm and fuzzy when Hillary "apologizes" for past big-boo-boos with corporate crocodile tears...and pretend the 'historical gender event' makes up for any shortcomings. Cheer quickly, before you think about it.


What, Oh, No! Not her too, you Say?

Subsequently, with a collective sigh, voters surrendered to apathyFoolishness and a sell-out of democracy comes to mind;  yes, it is done, now live with  it,  nightmare or not.   Because the  Democrat National Three-Ringed Circus Convention, in spite of all issues exposed, believe it or not, approved Hillary Clinton as the official nominee to be elected as the President of the United States. Why? Worth repeating, why?  Questions must be asked.  Was it solely because of her gender? Was it to 'make history, to show how "gender-equalized-socially-advanced"  the DNC has become?  How about  because nobody cares?  A perfect example, once more,  of  'voters surrendered to apathy'...and as if that was not enough...

Republican Voters Surrendered to Apathy and  Voted for Upstart Donaldthe  brash, unpredictable...Republican Candidate

The controversial  'Donald',  the one-and-only big 'Mr.Trump-full of himself', a billionaire businessman outfitted with  a trendy retro orange toupee-  is  now the "official  problematic and unpredictable Presidential nominee" for Republicans.    Are those folks just plain lucky that Donald , the Republican Fixer of all Things  'arose to make America Great again?  —or are they doomed?   Believe it or Not. Smack your head on an oaken desk, eat ice cream fast and get brain freeze, Virginia and Joey-Billie-Bob,  you deserve it,  he's it.

The Big Problem

Whereas the   brash,  bragging,  ever-unpredictable, clearly insulting,  unabashedly racist candidate is  only reportedly unethical and reportedly dishonest,  he is also, according to royal opponent Hillaryreportedly  unstable.  Yes, worth repeating,  reportedly unstableand clearly misspoken, with bad judgement.

In spite of all critics,   'The Donald'  amazingly managed to  out-run, out-wit (if that's possible for someone ballasted down by 'big' thinking  down there) and out-blather  the ever--ultra-righteous whining Ted Cruz.  As if on an X-box mission to destroy, Trump forced out  more than a dozen other unfortunate candidates. Quite a messy process, we observe...  Whereas most White House-bound dreaming opponents quit while ahead only  yelping and bleeding, with tails  between their legs, Ted left in denial of a  basket-ball sized concussion  and a damaged ego requiring a sabbatical from all things political for fifteen, oh,  maybe twenty minutes.


And the Winners are...NOT the Voters

Most noteworthy, the 2016  nomination races  became  reality showsSurvivor 2016: The  Worst Nominee of the Communication-Challenged.    "You're Fired" being shouted from behind  tall walls paid for by Mexicans  proved to be more popular than Big Brother or Sesame Street:You're Fired Too, Bert & Ernie,  Hillary insists..., eyes rolling, to keep up with the Trumpettes.   Viewers became  unstable, brash, outspoken and cranky. Predictably, the winners are...not the voters.


Let the Games Begin

The  Amazing Corporate Race, where a gender-selected winner may also suffer from hot flashes while counting corporate donations,  sipping coconut water  in luxury; do tell.  Blatantly  gushy Clintonesque comes to mind.   Billy and Monica played  in the oval office, too  That image is burned into the exhausted , non-functional brains of  Prozac -numbed voters. Subsequently,  after enduring another fewer than 100 days of political hell all across America,  voters  and zombies alike will undoubtedly be rendered completely catatonic, but let the games begin.


What's Next?

Why do you have to ask?  A  suffocating cacophony  of  Trump Trash TalkClintonesque  gush stuffed with lies and hollow political promises,  flung thickly from the back of Donald and Hillary Happy Hour bus tours is about to engulf the wold. As the tide turns...hold your nose.  Edgy new unknowns  like Evan McMullen will collect in flocks to swear in on the action, vowing to toss Trump.  The pile of hapless cannon fodder will continue to grow...

Unbelievable, isn't it?

 In summary, it IS unbelievable, is it not?  To date, these are the chosen future 'leaders'  of America. Exhausted, apathetic, and uninformed voters  somehow  yield to their fate and admire them.  If the opportunity presents itself, left standing or not with the new regime, they will also blindly cheer, follow, and, sadly,  emulate both of them. Not a pretty picture...

One way or the other, will America be  'made great again —by either of these two?    Not likely.

With that in mind, headache or not, it is done. Live with it. Decide for yourself.  Even better, consider the fate of others.   Think for yourself; ponder the future of your country. Consider the big picture.  Contemplate the world. The future of mankind. Apply brain-power.  Repeat as necessary. Start now.

....and wait...and wait... and wait....Trump may resign yet, a new Saviour may appear,  the sun may explode,  or Ted may  pray that Bernie awakens...


Is that Incoming I hear?

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