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Refugees are Partisan and Dangerous?

©2015 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee [caption id="attachment_3573" align="alignnone" width="640"]Refugees by the thousands Syrian Refugees   Photo by[/caption]    

Do YOU Believe Refugees are Partisan and Dangerous?


Refugees are in the news. Every dayMigrating.  Yes, that is what refugees must do. Being homeless, they migrate, move, illegally challenge borders, search for food and shelter.  In their bid for  a better life,  they either escape to something better, or die.  They are afraid, but are also incredibly  brave.  Refugees are forced to abandon the security and comfort of their homes of a lifetime,   and all familiar surroundings.

Refugees suffer unbelievable hardship, yet observers automatically assume refugees are partisan and dangerous, a threat to individuals and nations alike.

Most refugees were at one time loyal to a country, a political or tribal ideology, and perhaps practiced a severe religion.   Maybe they still do.  Perhaps some are dangerous and have specific agendas to follow.  The question should be asked: In successful relocation, in the comfort and happiness of new, productive and peaceful lives, —would  the same people  necessarily remain partisan and dangerous?   Think.  You decide.

The images of the flood of refugees today, Muslims or not,  is disturbing and unsettling. We are not callous or indifferent to their plight; we are aware refugees flee the mindless destruction of war, rape, murder, beheading, persecution, famine, starvation,  brutal totalitarian regimes like  ISIS, planned  genocide, political or religious cleansing and other factors.

The current exodus of thousands  is predominantly from war-torn Syria. Arriving endlessly from rough seas in overloaded,  flimsy, unstable  rubber boats  with only the clothing on their backs, struggling,  homeless and hungry. Leaving thousands of  life jackets like orphans on shore, they set out, facing  journeys of hundreds of kilometers on foot.  With  lack of water, food,  lack of protection, danger at every turn, disease, death,  uncertainty, foreign borders increasingly hostile, and the unknown, are refugees partisan and dangerous?

The Arm-chair View

From a safe arm-chair observer's point of view, root issues are  fear,  historical prejudgment, bigotry, bias, and distrust.  The expansion of Islam.  The comfort zone, dynamics, demographics, and economics of  receiving nations are inevitably challenged by any influx of strangers, particularly Muslims.  The same countries experience pre-formed conclusions,  express suspicions,  recall historical  wrongs, terrorist attacks,  and dwell on racism and  hate for them. Distrust of Islam is a common factor.  The fact is, fear and the limitations of any comfort zone of humanity ultimately judge the helpless,  with many believing all refugees are partisan and dangerous.  And conclude they shall remain so.

Objections Raised and the 'Perception'

"But they're brainwashed.  Why are there so many young Muslim men, can you not see, it's an invasion, the fanatical  Islamic 'caliphate'  is intent upon invading Europe and destroying North America with terrorists;  the recent Paris attacks prove it, they're sending suicide bombers including women..."  

Let us keep in mind that is the 'perception' of what is happening.  The concept is troublesome. We get it.  Perception is everything.  It is hardly surprising that fear-mongering abounds in Canada and the United States, as well as across most of Europe.


Let us be realistic, or what we are encouraged to believe is realistic. Yes, some individuals have a religious cause,  political, or perhaps even an Islamic expansionist and terrorist agenda,  but careful  vetting, thorough background and security checks should, if handled in a competent manner,  eliminate and identify suspects not desired by any common-sense  nations.  With security, failure is not an option;  security is always an issue. Again, we get it.

Human Nature

Let us now consider the majority and human nature itself.  Do human beings who have been abused, starved, bombed, murdered, and made homeless and helpless,  remain mindless,  loyal  supporters of the same brutal political regimes whatever they may have been?  If accepted and re-settled, does their new, happier, healthier and more hopeful life instantly become irrelevant,  muted or obliterated by foreign influence, their  strange and different  customs,  beliefs, and religion'? "They don't assimilate, they cling to the familiar, to their customs".     Should that be any surprise,  knowing few if any people, learning a new language, and having no choice but to adapt to an entirely new reality?  No.

And yes, their customs are disconcerting and different. Their religion is suspect and foreign.  So is our own.


Logic suggests, as unpopular as it may seem, given existing circumstances it may be reasonable  to question and examine everything and everyone coming across our borders far more carefully than usual. Security is always an issue, so let us NOT  foolishly pretend otherwise just to meet the requirements of whiners and the politically-correct —but are children and young families a threat?  These people clearly need refuge, help, and soon, —politics, security,  and religion aside.

Objections and Reactions

"Muslims will take over North America because we are too politically-correct to keep them out, too weak to resist? North American values are not Muslim values, and they do not respect our values."   "We offer equality, but North Americans are not considered  equal to Muslims in their eyes"

In southern Ontario, a mosque was torched.  There have been personal attacks on Muslims. Fear is everywhere.  Some jurisdictions are requesting the refugee plans be shut down. Whole states are refusing refugees.   Read the daily news.  There is much subliminal anger, justified or not.  Decide for yourself.

Humanity must keep  the welfare of refugees in perspective to maintain our own humanity.  In history, there has always been one exodus or the other in progress;  there have always been migrations of humanity, however small and slow, or huge; it is simply a matter of scale. 

There is no doubt a world-class exodus, a mass migration has been set in motion by the Syrian civil war.  An acute awareness of migration is now in the spotlight and because of the possibility of the inclusion of ISIL terrorists,  a response of fear is hardly surprising.

Evaluate our own Responses

It may help to evaluate our own responses to kindness.  How important food and shelter would be if we were homeless and desperate as these people happen to be at this time.   Yes, refugees clearly must move in, settle  somewhere to survive— to rebuild lives, whatever the sacrifice to achieve that goal may be.  Life itself is a sacrifice, a risk, and a long trek.  A dangerous one. We cannot make it safer, even for ourselves, by closing our minds.

All other considerations aside, let us, at the very least, give these Syrian refugees and others  the benefit of the doubt and  help as much as possible within a framework of common sense and humanity.


Is that Incoming I hear?

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TPP -A New Trade Disaster

©2015 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_908" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Every Canadian's PiggyBank affected by the TPP Every Canadian's PiggyBank affected by the TPP[/caption]

Here at Incoming Bytes we believe  democracy, transparency, open-mindedness, fairness, justice and honesty are all essential requirements for any modern government.  Stephen Harper and the Conservative majority was (were) soundly trounced in the recent federal election, but not before a potential trade disaster was negotiated in a hurry,  in secret, without oversight of any kind  and signed.  A potentially destructive trade disaster looms,  which will affect the economics and very nature of Canada for many decades, if not forever.                                                 

"Did Stephen Harper even have the mandate, the legal and moral right to sign any deal with such long-term, major impacts after he called the election?  We think not."

From NAFTA  Failure to TPP, —a NEW  Trade Disaster?

Canadians have been  forced to suffer the negative impacts and trade lawsuits resulting from the now-dated NAFTA trade deal foisted upon them  by Brian Mulroney and the Conservatives.  Is history about to repeat itself?  Have the rights of Canadians been traded away?

We are about to  enter  into another massive, potentially far-reaching and poison  trade deal,  the Trans-Pacific Partnership ( TPP),  poorly "negotiated" in secret by the incredibly incompetent Stephen Harper, his favourite lobbyists, and his ill-advised, incompetent Conservative minions. The secret deal, kept from the public,  is far-reaching, extremely controversial, and was  signed in a hell-bent hurry for bragging rights  just prior to the federal election.  Go figure.

Did Stephen Harper even have the mandate, the moral  or legal right to sign any deal with such long-term, major impacts after he called the election, which he subsequently lost? We think not.  The TPP is a potential trade disaster.

Are we being led  into yet another political  illusion of   'good deals,  jobs  and prosperity'  —but in fact, being conned into a future of slavery,  loss of control over our own environment, and  foreign national corporate manipulation of Canadian resources?   A never-ending legal morass?  Clearly, a loss of sovereignty over natural resources is at question,  and clearly, potential lawsuits,  ethics, preemptive corporate influence, and the sell-out of Canadian interests in many areas are all  involved. Environmental issues and gutting of important environmental regulations,  climate change programs,  intellectual property, copyrights, patents, the cost of drugs, the auto industry, agriculture,  and many others will also be negatively affected.  The quality of food. Health Care. Privacy. Personal information.  Freedom of Expression.    This is not a good deal for Canadians in spite of  the lies, misrepresentation,  and the political "Harper-hype".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his new, untried Liberal majority, is now in power,  'pro-trade'  and will be required in the near future to examine,  explain, and justify this trade deal to Canadians,  and will shoulder the responsibility of the eventual ratification of the deal  with 12 other nations.

Will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now do the right thing and  re-open the TPP, — and refuse to ratify this incredibly bad deal if the unacceptable content of this potential  trade disaster cannot be re-negotiated or deleted?

Canadians must become informed.  Read the 6,000 pages now made public,  and weep.  Experts suggest this deal will cost Canadians billions —and much, much more.  Think.  You decide, and hold Harper and the Conservatives accountable for once again selling out Canada.

The subjugation of Canada to an unquestionably and  inexcusably bad trade disaster  and secret agreement arranged  by an ousted, narrow-minded, undemocratic, failed  ex-Prime Minister is unreasonable and unacceptable by any stretch of the imagination of this Canadian. To agree to any potentially disastrous deal of this magnitude without transparency, full public consultation and regard for the future of all Canadians  is undemocratic, unthinkable and unacceptable.


Is that Incoming I hear?

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