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Issues: Destruction of Traditions

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A Sense of  Unease comes with the Destruction of Traditions

Do you feel it?  The kid at the electronics store says "Happy 'Holidays', Sir"   I reply quite seriously,  "Merry Christmas to you too."  He looks at me with the strangest look, like I am wrong, somehow. Do you feel it? With Christmas just around the corner once again, It is no small feat to accept the fact that our traditions  as we know them — as WE know them —are  being surreptitiously nibbled away, altered and challenged, perhaps even permanently damaged in ways unacceptable to our culture, faith, our very sense of identity, and perhaps even our very existence as an established society.  A sense of unease comes with the destruction of traditions. Our traditions. North American traditions. Christian traditions. Christmas traditions. Our culture. Let's face it, smiling  'politically-correct' hypocrites, political activists, social manipulators all, — including the uninformed,  would have Canada appeasing, and sucking up  kow-towing,  —yes, even actively destroying our culture and requiring  all people in North America to say  "Happy Holidays" to everyone because they somehow imagine it 'insults' visible minorities from all other cultures to say "Merry Christmas" in the Christian tradition. —Tradition we have come to know and love. Traditions that rightfully belong to us. These "feel good" social manipulators  attempt to appease dissatisfied, arrogant whiners and complainers people who, yes, may be immigrants, and yes, may be sorely missing their homelands and their  own culture —regardless of their country of origin, colour, religion, and traditions. The 'manipulators' coyly  suggest and infer that the  complainants and  'whiners', all visible minorites, of course are somehow "insulted" by our Christmas traditions practiced for hundreds of years,   and imply that  it is the duty of Canadians  to accept change and mollify hurt  feelings. The truth IS, the "insult" itself is a half-truth at best,  a delusion fabricated  by social manipulators with an agenda of their own. Let us not  misconstrue or  misunderstand;  some  individuals who might "be insulted" by our wishing them a "Merry Christmas"   are certainly NOT  typical or the majority.  Why?  The majority of immigrants are very happy to be in a new country offering better economic opportunities and lives free of fear and being free to practice their own religion and tradition as they see fit. They are not cut from the same cloth typified by  bitter, archaic delusion. The specific individuals from "other countries " quite happily take  advantage of the freedom and benefits of the North American way of life, use the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms against Canadians themselves. They also wish, and in some cases, deviously and fully plan, even with violence, —to change Canada and all of  North America to their own interpretation of laws, religion, faith, beliefs, culture and traditions. Make no mistake about it.  Those individuals do exist, but they are few and far between. Worth repeating,  trouble-makers DO  exist, and that is the typical complainant, but let us NOT stereotype and tar and feather all immigrants. Please. How about applying common sense? Some individuals do come to Canada from other lands to angrily USE Canada's passports, legal system, generous refugee and social support systems, and reputation of global trust—with seeds of hate and treason planted in their minds, and  with destruction of traditions and other belief systems  in their hearts and souls. Their intention is to destroy all other traditions, including their own, at any cost.  Make sense? Of course not. How can that be?

What's the problem?

Just as 'lone wolves' in recent terrorist attacks in Canada  arbitrarily converted to their own interpretation of  Islam,  they equally decided Canada and it's structure, civilization and Christian values were no longer acceptable, and  no longer "suited" them.   Let us be clear on that point and emphasize the fact that Canadian values DO NOT suit them.  Does that mean those individuals could go live happily exiled in some Mid-Eastern country? Not necessarily. Should Canada or the USA or other civilized nations tolerate these individuals as a clear and present danger to innocent lives everywhere?  Clearly not. Will the same individuals  be accepted by brutal, self-aggrandizing organizations like ISIL, the murderous Taliban or Boko Haram?  Of course, because those organizations, too, are not restrained by civilized values.  But...wait....what, you ask, does this all have to do with the destruction of traditions?

Catering to Lunatics

Think, dear readers. If you do not respect and protect your OWN  culture, faith, values, and  belief system  enough to keep and protect it, how can you expect others to respect your values, tradition and culture?  Our "politically-correct" element is happily denigrating, reducing, and destroying our culture in an attempt to cater to lunatics, who  we have already demonstrated, are satisfied with NOTHING.  Surprised?  Really surprised?  The politically-correct are catering endlessly to whiners and lunatics at a cost too great to quantify.

What's the fix?

Hypocrites, social manipulators and the politically asleep in their naivety and by their own hands,  are virtually begging  that your faith, religion, your beliefs,  your culture, your celebrations, your education, and your traditional way of life, your very country— be ignored, flouted, and taken advantage of, even destroyed entirely by fringe elements.  All under the pretense of  "generating respect and 'promoting inclusive social policy' and 'tolerance' .

Think, people. You ARE entitled to your own traditions; and you do not have to change Canadian laws or reduce, change or denigrate Canadian values—to avoid "insulting" dissatisfied, unhappy people from other countries. Canadians  do NOT have to give away OUR culture —to be respectful  of OTHER cultures.  Get it? What's the fix? It's plain as day isn't it?   Smarten up, and think... Say "Merry Christmas" to the kid at the electronics shop...  That ought to be a good start. Tell haughty, self-righteous politically-correct manipulators  to get stuffed. That's even better. Merry Christmas, everyone.  Happy New Year and all the best for 2015 too.     Is that Incoming I hear?      
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Issues: The Ferguson Syndrome

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Here at Incoming Bytes we have reluctantly  but studiously refrained from immediately  'jumping on the bandwagon' about the mayhem, arson, destruction and anger observed at the Ferguson, MO  Mike Brown tragedy  simply because it is seemingly impossible to be perceived as 'fair'.   (**Disclosure:  I am a white man. Always have been, but that's an aside.)  Clearly, there are more issues than one. There is no winning side in the Ferguson tragedy;  there is no palpable conciliation, no consolation for Mike's mother, and no immediate solution to the Ferguson Syndrome.

The Ferguson syndrome, a malignant, deep-seated problem or  more likely a derivative of a historical collection of problems, bites and picks at the thin skin of civility at every opportunity. It ignites flaming oratory at every turn. It festers and causes rot under the surface regardless of social programs, promising meds,  soothing ointments or political oratory.   Call it disrespect for authority, call it ignorance on all levels, call it disenfranchisement, call it discrimination, racial segregation-- whatever you call it will be considered wrong by one side or the other--or perhaps even both, but particularly stomped upon and damned by the 'politically-correct' manipulators of society, feel-good whiners and complainers.  Let us  just suggest the 'Ferguson Syndrome'  is a fact, whether acknowledged or not.  If you don't think it's a problem, tell me why.

The fact is, with the Ferguson Syndrome, no matter how "politically-correct" one might attempt to be, regardless of  'neutral or analytical ' opinion expressed,  again, there can be no winning side.  Right vs.wrong, blacks.vs whites,  police brutality and authority vs. civil disobedience,  murder vs justified defensive killing,  justice vs. injustice,  innocent vs. guilty,  'outsiders vs. locals,   'protesting peacefully' vs.' inciting riots'--there is clearly NO winning side.  There is little if any comfort in being "right" when blood is spilled.  The 'answer of choice' apparently is to use violence as a solution for injustice. Or perceived injustice, depending on what colour you happen to be. How sad is that?

In  place of logic and common sense which seems to be demonstrably absent, resides mass confusion, emotional pain, fear, distrust, and  the exacerbation of hate. Worse yet, the repetition of the cycle of ignorance is being demonstrated, taught, and driven deeply  into the psyche of children black, brown or white,  whether they are local, "outsiders" or sitting drop-jawed watching the foolishness on television  across North America. Children, for hundreds of years, have become adults who in turn teach their children the same defective, mindless values.

Regardless of any decision put forth by any  jury investigating the Mike Brown incident or any similar incident, peace is unlikely to be achieved simply because of  blatant prejudice  perceived bias in the majority --bias  being the common enemy of all participants and  a concern in the community at large, regardless of colour.

The  Ferguson syndrome includes a malicious and perpetual undercurrent of distrust of authority unjustified or not,  racial disparity, racial discrimination, home-taught hate and exacerbated ignorance. Economic disparities, intolerance, a mind-boggling us-vs.-them mentality perpetuates itself through the wanton and willful lack of reason, and  yes, a lack of reasonable and decent human values.

What is the answer to the Ferguson syndrome?  Let us 'feel good' and reflect. Quietly.  Practice humanity. Educate.  Practice genuine justice and society without bias. Eliminate systemic discrimination and poverty. Stop hating. Start thinking.  Blah, blah. It's endless. 

Nice try, but the fact remains, if we think of others as "them" we are part of the problem. Hollow words—without the recognition that although we may be 'colored' one way or the other both physically or in our minds, each differently, —blood is always red, and tears are colourless.  Think about it. Common ground. Let's work on that.

Is that Incoming I hear?


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