Politics: The US Inauguration Day is Heating Up


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A Northern Sunrise

The Sun, Too, Shall Continue to  Rise after Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2017

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**NOTE:  Inauguration Day  January 20th 2017:

  Here at Incomingbytes.com  We choose to comment on controversial issues even when they include the ugly and distasteful. Our readers get to talk back...and we mutually  agree  to respect the opinion of others, dislike human imperfection, scum-tossing, past mistakes, folly, and foolishness.  However—we ALSO get to think...and get to discuss...the good, the bad, AND the ugly... Inauguration day includes all of them. RAK.


January 20th, 2017 is Inauguration Day! ....so...

Congratulations, Donald Trump!   

Let's Comment on  Trump's Inauguration  —Politely

The United States of America is about to get out the Golden  Trumpets. Hail the Chief,  raise Old Glory in a traditional, pompous ceremony; attend in patriotic fashion, or not, —and all that infers.   Inauguration Day  for the 'chosen'.  President-elect Donald Trump is about to become the 45th President,  either unleashed or inflicted upon the world, depending upon who you have been  listening to...


****Wow!..the first American Presidential Inauguration day was held on April 30, 1789,  which is 228 years ago.  Let us  attempt to offer some decorum and dignity to this important and momentous occasion. ****

Let's Comment on  Trump's Inauguration Day

(Continued Politely)_

That's not what  Liberals and the detractors and sore losers think, or intend to allow, under any circumstance.  

"On Inauguration day the world will fall in.  " We won't attend."  The country will blow up."  "We will protest"   "A button-pushing frenzy and nuclear holocaust"  "We will boycott the ceremony"  "America will become isolationist and trash trade agreements"  "Misogyny,'  "Cronyism "  "Racism"  "Disaster" ... are all tossed about.


Trump  supporters and advocates simply fire back (paraphrased) :

"Get stuffed...Anyone's  better than  electing patronizing, crooked  Hillary." "Your own D.N.C. blew the election when you tossed Bernie"  "We won, losers, so...... get over it".

Yes? No? Maybe? No? Never? The days leading to Inauguration Day have certainly been  heating up. Flaming hot. Acidic, visceral hyperbole. 

So.... Trump will Make America great again: Hot Or Not?

Confusion reigns in the land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Trump is a bad boy (reportedly) Russians hacked and interfered with the election, (reportedly)  and bad boy Trump  won the election unfairly, (reportedly) and the United States of America is headed for  imminent disaster ( the Liberal  conclusion, fear, blah, blah... ) (reportedly)

But relax, America....Trump's Electoral College triumph  will retrieve order from chaos and save Inauguration Day and Make America Great Again. Calm gurus insist. The sun, too, shall continue to rise after Inauguration Day.

Inauguration Day Fence-Building, Trade  and Hacking

If Trump immediately isolates America, has a tantrum, starts  border wall-building, nuke button-poking,   ignores traditional, international protocol, irritates the world  and trashes America  entirely— there  she blows...maybe. What would remain of America, nobody knows.

"The mere question: Just how likely is that?" should sway  doubters, in any creatively extreme scenario.

Unfounded rumours smack of political conspiracy...so who has been  smoking what? Was there ever any Russian election-hacking?  Seventeen security agencies knew all about it, —and did nothing?  Advised Pres. Obama  at the time of the election?  Or  did they? Subsequently HE did ...what exactly??  If not, why not?  There 'ya go. Inaction, incompetence, whatever, it was fine while Hillary was higher in the polls.  Golly gee.... That's why Trump won isn't it... Why all the whining NOW, the day before the inauguration? Really...Think about it...any credibility, let's see...were  there ever 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq ?  er....no.  "Mission accomplished ' became an international joke."  Right. So will "Russian Hacking".

So—it's The Donald you're Crowning...  Deal with it.  What is Trump—a  preemptive foreign-affairs genius or a certified loose-cannon? A master of one-upmanship?  A delusional billionaire without direction?  A  worst nightmare in inner circles of the self-entitled?  We can only guess.  One thing for sure, change is inevitable, and  the recent months have hosted  the most confusing, ridiculous,  unpredictable, and for the record, the  ugliest and most putrid and inexplicably shameful  presidential election in history.

We care for our American friends. 

With very, very few exception, they are absolutely great people, so of course we feel their pain, support their  concerns and still comment freely.  We're Canadian We  are not brainwashed conspiracy advocates.  We choose not to believe last-minute frantic media lies,  spinning innuendo, and questionable revelations.

Some of the subliminal  crap  from  untrustworthy, biased media , senile politicos, inner-circle manipulators,  gossips and even once-trusted Hollywood personalities....is genuinely disturbing, misplaced, and sick.  Let us be aware of those comments, concerns, and issues, but do so with peace of mind. "Where is it all coming from?" must have occurred ...or has it?

Before Inauguration Day,  let us think...

Let's touch on, and consider, and be aware of  Political lies,  fabrications, allegations,  questionable international  'friendships', and potentially disastrous political  'appointments'.  Let us studiously be aware of, but cautiously temper allegations of  racism, misogyny, crotch-groping, and deviate behaviour  of all types. Let us forget previous and sticky  Republican-brand soap-on-a-rope lynching,    epic and mindless Twitter battles , and raise our eyebrows at opportunistic, desperate revelations of cronyism and conflicts of interest.  Why?  On Inauguration Day,  all  dirty laundry— belongs in the same trash can—not staining and denigrating forever the Inauguration —a historic, traditional and proud  process.

Is   anything,  sordid and demeaning valid —when coughed up by opponents,  political 'enemies', Republicans and Democrats  alike,  —people intent on simply discrediting  —at any cost — the President-elect?

Keep in mind  that the imperfect President-elect (at an unprecedented  40% approval rating) Trump will stand alone for  Democracy on this Inauguration Day.  Not a single  whiner, loser, political enemy, detractor—or supporter, best friend or family member can take the oath for Donald Trump. He stands alone.

What has  happened TO America?  Is  Truth no longer relevant? Has fact and civil decency been replaced by creative fiction from  ugly and destructive political minds  intent upon painting America  with infidel evil,  filth,  political poison and dirt?

To Liberal doom-seekers we say Inauguration Day  IS  a great day to  wash it off and reflect.  Why?   It is true there is no crystal ball, there can be no promises or predictions made with human imperfection and folly  but — at some point in the future,  what will  YOU say IF YOUR new   President, Mr. Donald Trump —happens to turn out to be  one of your greatest Presidents?

Here at Incomingbytes.com  we  suggest that civilization and freedom itself can only survive with awareness and wisdom—and must remain  solidly  anchored by—truth,  civility, decency,  common sense, common goals, thought, maturity and reason. 

What do YOU think?


Is that Incoming I hear?

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Great Expectations and the Melt-down Back to Reality

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Christmas  2016  photo ©2012   by r.a.kukkee

Christmas 2016         photo ©2012 by r.a.kukkee


Great Expectations for Christmas

It happens every year.  In retrospect, it never fails to amaze me how  many great expectations  are well,  expected  to crystallize magically  in the months, weeks, and days leading up to Christmas, the greatest commercial holiday of the year. Tension grows; it is the great annual spending binge. That might also explain the horror of the rapid melt-down back to reality in mid-January.

The 'holiday' demands  the newest and the  trendiest,  candy-cane dreams, games,  phones, gadgets, tools appliances, and cars.  Presents.  Endless Gifts. The more expensive the better. Problem? For most families, that perfect Christmas is  thousands of  dollars away from  reality and the  paltry pennies in the  all-too thin bank account.

On sale is the hype of the season. Cost is seemingly irrelevant.  Endless  novel devices, computers, multi-thousand-dollar home appliances,  'all compatible with the iPhone,' hot technology and new cars —are advertised and promoted as perfect must-have gift  to be chosen ever so thoughtfully, wrapped-up in huge red ribbons and delivered by Santa himself.  Down the chimney.  Easily-achieved  and financed presents  will meet the insatiable great expectations of the expecting. Maybe.


Great Expectations —and a Big Melt-down?

Great expectations include friendly  commercial advice that you must hurry!   and save $1000.00 buying this or that  even though today's economics  and reality dictate that most struggling families can't afford—in any scenario—to buy that must-have, wonderful device — even if the total price delivered was only $1000.00.


But Wait...there's always a way..."Why can't you buy it?"

Wait, sir...we can make that  $99.95 —or how about  ten bucks. A week? A month?  You choose.  In the 'unrealistic' world of commerce, creative ways to resolve impossible credit,  meet great expectations, fulfill dreams—do the impossible. Let's work together to resolve credit issues, we'll create the ultimate "tailor your purchase" plan at the price YOU want to pay.  Let us get you even further in debt ... let us place dreams of gifts under the tree and that new car covered with big red ribbons out in the driveway, your choice...hell, why not, she'll understand, sir, buy that new pickup truck, for a Christmas present, sir,  it's only $72,000.00, sir, that's only $880.00 a month for the next 84 months...plus delivery plus tax..."Why can't you buy it?"  Doh....In a real life incident,  unbelievably, an eager but surprisingly pushy, inexperienced sales person asked that very question. "You should feel guilty about not buying your wife thatnew car for Christmas, sir, she is worth it isn't she?"  Let us widen the snare further...


The Melt-down to Reality

Melting down  ever closer to reality, maybe  that $10.00/per  gift self-imposed limit for the single-parent mom with two kids  pushed the economic"limit" for dinner down to  mac and cheese...or in Ontario, skimmed  the outrageous electric bill, —but, you say,  commerce has the solution for you?  We give in.  There's always a  sale.  Boxing Day Bonanza. Or The Week After  Sale. You get the idea. Great expectations are seldom achieved.

Back in reality,  single mom sighs and desperately drags the toddlers along to visit the food bank and stops at the Lottery Ticket Office,  where a  budget-killing  $6.00 ticket returns dreams of cool millions and beating the odds and poverty itself.   How promising.

The big melt-down of great expectations, even  hope itself is stirred into the gummy mac and cheese bubbling on the stove... Nothing changed last year, nothing will change this year. Clearly, for the disenfranchised — some things may never change, even in the richest countries on earth.

Anyone want to disconnect from reality yet? Regardless of the unacceptable status quo...

Here at Incomingbytes.com  we  remain optimistic and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a wonderful holiday  and a Happy, Prosperous New Year. Happy 2017 and all that. Make a New Years Resolution to get A lucky lottery ticket. Hope suggests  there's always next year....Let's go for it.

Is that Incoming I hear?

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